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This is the documentation for the mainpage navbox.

Adding to "Articles for Beginners"

What articles go on "Articles for Beginners" is decently tightly regulated. Keep in mind that "Articles for Beginners" is, by the name, important/relevant articles primarily targeted towards people unfamiliar with Daniel. Adding obscure articles that are irrelevant to the overall lore is not necessary. Before you add an article to this navbox, make sure the article in question:

  • Is relevant to the category you put it in
    • E.G., Flexburger wouldn't go in "Arcs"
  • Is relevant to the overall lore of Daniel Larson
    • Green9Racer wouldn't go on "Articles for Beginners," as his affects on Daniel's life are exceptionally minro
    • Flexburger would go on "Articles for Beginners," as he's had major affects on Daniel's life

Adding to "More Articles!"

The point of "More Articles" is not primarily for new people but for navigation to people who want to further learn about Daniel or for editors to find pages to add to. Add as many articles as you like! Just make sure they are relevant to the subsection you add them to.

Adding Icons

Add icons to whatever article links you want, whenever you want! The only stipulations with this is that they have to be:

  • 20x20px, for consistency's sake
  • Appropriate, safe for work, and represent the linked article accurately

Besides that, have fun! You can make them silly too; just make sure they're relevant to the article.