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Travis Larson
Travis, and Daniels half-sister, Aurora
Name: James Travis Larson
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Alignment: Daniel Larson's father
DOB: September, 1978 (Age 45)
Gender: Male
Race: White
Nationality: American
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James “Travis” Larson is the father of Daniel Larson, Joyetta Larson, Olivia Larson, and Aurora Larson, ex-lover of Elisabeth Shimer, and son-in-law of Nancy Shimer.

Not much is known about Travis' involvement in Daniel's life, making him the most unpopular out of his parents. However, based on the interview with him, it can be assumed that the relationship between the two deteriorated long before he was an adult. This can also be said for his relationship with Daniel's mother, Elisabeth, as well.

Just like Elisabeth, there are also extremely tenuous claims of Travis abusing Daniel, with Daniel even claiming that Travis made him smoke cigars at a young age.[2] Though, like many of Daniel's other claims, this should be taken with a grain of salt due to him being an unreliable narrator. Suffice to say, Travis officially distanced himself from Daniel and his mother long ago, wishing to be left alone.

After leaving his first family, Travis started up another with an unknown woman, giving birth to Daniel's half-sister, Aurora Larson.

As of 2024, Travis has no contact with Daniel and advises anyone who comes across him to call the police and report him.


Travis Larson was born in September 1978 in Lancaster, California to parents James Ted Larson (April 22nd, 1930 – July 13th 2009) and Joan Beverly Lloyd (May 23rd, 1937 – April 30th, 2013), who got married on the 28th of September 1963, in Nevada.[3][4] He currently lives in Lancaster, California, which is him and Daniel's hometown.[5] Just like Elisabeth, it is speculated that Travis suffers from some sort of mental and/or physical disability that passed onto Daniel. This can be assumed from Travis' appearance, in addition to his children (even after leaving Elisabeth), which are traits generally not seen in able-bodied individuals. However, until further information comes out, it will remain unknown what condition he suffers from.

It is rumored that both his mom and Travis were extremely abusive to Daniel, which eventually led to Daniel being taken away by social services. Daniel, at one time, even claimed that his father made him smoke cigars as punishment, and even more, beat him with belts for "15 years". Though, it is worth mentioning that these claims cannot be substantiated, and it should be noted that Travis left Daniel's life well before he was taken away by social services.[6]

Travis, and his new family. Date unknown.

In 2010, Travis left Elisabeth, not long after Daniel was taken away by social services. According to posts made on Elisabeth's Facebook account, it can be inferred that his reason for leaving Elisabeth had to do with him not being able to put up with Daniel's behavioral issues. Additionally, in a text message to Daniel, Travis states, "I am not your grandma. I will not lie to you or except bull crap. I tell you the way it is,"[7] which reaffirms claims of Daniel's grandmother, Nancy, enabling his problematic behavior.

Due to this combination of Daniel's behavioral issues, and no longer being compatible with Elisabeth, Travis and her split sometime around the early parts of 2010, coinciding with him being rehoused into the Tennyson Center. Though, it appears they were never married, evidenced by a Facebook post Elisabeth made where she refers to him as a "boyfriend" opposed to a husband. Afterward, Travis started up a family with an unknown woman, to which he had at least one daughter, Aurora Larson, with his new partner.


Elisabeth's Facebook post regarding Travis.


Main article: Elisabeth Shimer

It is not unreasonable to say that Elisabeth and Travis's relationship was, to say the least, not the best. In a Facebook post, Elisabeth describes Travis as, "a person whom is so obsessed in sex that he can't even care about other people's feelings,". While the validity of this is questionable, this is somewhat substantiated by how many children Travis and Elisabeth had. Even given Joyetta and Olivia's deaths, it still calls in question how much intercourse they were having to a point where Elisabeth was pregnant with twins.

In the wake of Daniel's behavioral and mental health issues (and him being relocated to the Tennyson Center), Travis decided to cut his losses and leave the mother of his child, telling Elisabeth to stay away from Daniel, as in her words, he'd "never get better".

Given that both Elisabeth and Travis have remarried, it can be inferred that they've since moved on from each other.


Main Article: Daniel Larson

Daniel and his fathers' relationship is strained, to say the least. In an interview conducted by LarsonLeak, his father says that he is aware of the allegations of pedophilia against him. Additionally, he states that Daniel has gotten in physical altercations with less than 10 care providers and people close to him. In a text sent to Daniel, Travis notes that he won't lie and enable Daniel's behavior like his grandmother had done in the past. Unlike Elisabeth, he insists on reporting Daniel to the police if people were to ever come in contact with him.


Main Article: Nancy Shimer

It can be assumed that Travis and Nancy have a less than positive relationship. In the Spiddlekick Interview, Daniel notes that Travis called his grandmother, "a bitch", due to her gaining custody of Daniel after he was removed from his mother's care. Though, outside of this, not much else is known.


In November 2022, LarsonLeak, a YouTube channel dedicated to leaking information about Daniel, uploaded a video where he briefly interviews Travis, though he gets angry and hangs up on him, which is understandable.


Q: Hey, is this Travis?

A: "Who the hell is this?" (in an angry / confused tone)

(Things got a little heated... so we caught him on another day.)

Q: Do you know who Daniel Larson is?

A: "I'm not gonna reveal any information at this point."

Q: Are you aware of his social media presence?

A: "Yes."

Q: Is he big? Like celebrity level?

A: "In the thousands of followers."

Q: Do you know about him using the N-Word online?

A: "Nothing racial, before this."

Q: What's exactly wrong with him?

A: "He has several mental disabilities."

Q: Which ones?

A: "I'm not gonna give any further information."

Q: You are aware of the rumors of him being a pedo, right?

A: "Correct".

Q: What do you have to say about them? Especially with all the evidence online?

A: "My advice is literally call the cops and report him."

Q: There are videos of him breaking things, etc. Has he gotten in any physical fights with caretakers or family members? If so... how many?

A: "Less than ten."

(We asked him about how his life was in California. For some reason he didn't like that creshtin.)

Travis (angry): "...cause I'm in fucking California, you got the wrong number!"

Travis: "Bye."


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