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Surprisingly, Daniel Larson has undertaken several athletic pastimes, and is decent at many of them. This list cannot possibly document everything he has been involved in, but can discuss some of what has been posted online. It should be noted that as Daniel's health declined due to his living situation, this would affect his athletic abilities.

Special Olympics

Daniel would participate in the Special Olympics presumably at a local level; participating in sports such as bowling, swimming and more.[1]



Daniel is a surprisingly great bowler, being able to consistently get strikes and spares on bowling games despite his eccentric, fairy-like throwing form. Whether or not this is natural talent or he is just an experienced bowler is not known, but it wouldn't be shocking if Bob Proctor, Nancy Shimer, or any other caretaker took him bowling on a regular basis.




He has even posted a video where he claims he was in a bowling tournament.


While his bowling activities might seem harmless and even positive due to the potential career opportunities, it becomes quickly apparent it is not due to him spending over $100 on bowling... somehow.[citation needed] Daniel had not completely given up bowling, having gone occasionally as recent as late 2023.[2]

Denver Marathon


On May 15, 2022, Daniel completed a marathon in Denver, a ~26 mile / ~42 kilometer foot race. While he was not entirely exceptional at this (he scored second-to-last out of over 150 people) it is still a feat to run such a distance. Clearly, Daniel spent most of it interacting with fans, or otherwise focusing on his phone, as it was in his hand in every photo taken of him.

Pool table / Mixed games

Daniel Larson is actually a pool table whiz. It was unclear he had such an ability until he posted a video on his YouTube channel "Daniel Larson 2023" on March 1, 2023. The video shows Daniel & co playing around a table, and Daniel is interestingly good. It is still unclear where he learned, if he learned, or if he is naturally gifted.

Another "Mixed Game" is Daniel's famous jumping jacks. Though he has not done these in a long time, they are, of course, something minorly athletic.

Track and field

Old footage of Daniel reportedly exists from around 2019, showing him doing the long jump and some type foot of race.

Long jump

Foot race

General jogging and running


Alrighty, so back around the year 2020 and 2021, I used to live all the way up on this part of town, kind of near Buckley Air Force Base, which I will show here shortly, but back when I used to do a lot of jogging and running and I was doing marathons and 5Ks, which is like 3 miles and a quarter is like 5K races, I used to run all the way up here day and night, day or night, and I would spend like all night long out here running, like in the middle of snow, when the snow was like a foot back then, it doesn't happen very much in Colorado anymore because of global warming, but back when it used to be snow like an actual foot of snow, I would come all the way out here, so I'm gonna show you guys kind of where I am, but yeah, I used to run along here, and that was back when I was doing like 15 miles, 15 mile runs, and I would be gone like 5 hours, which by the way, my old care providers hated, but that's besides the point, that's part of the reason why they decided to kick me out of so many care provider homes, is because I would run and practice my jogging for like 5-6 hours at a time, and they said that was against the rules, but it doesn't matter anymore, they pissed me off enough, but yeah, once again, this is kind of the area, and I would come all the way up here, and I would run like crazy, practicing for my marathons.

General walking & running

Daniel Larson, being homeless, walks around pretty much all day long most days, and is somewhat able to run though he is in poor shape- in a recent 2 minute long video Daniel is running to make a bus, and is out of breath and sweating by the end. This is a far cry from him apparently being able to comfortably walk/jog 12 miles in 2020.[3] That being said, Daniel does walk long distances some days due to his lack of a car and often his lack of money for the Subway. This homelessness, lack of changing socks, and walking this much is what eventually lead to Daniel's trench foot.


In June 2023, Daniel began frequently hiking for hours, almost every day. Most of these videos seemed to be filmed on mountains, presumably near Denver, where Daniel was/is staying at the time. Such an example can be found on the Daniel Larson NYC 13 channel here. This was not new; it can be safe to assume that Daniel had gone on hikes even prior to his TikTok chronicles.

Planet Fitness

Daniel Larson has had Planet Fitness memberships in the past, but they seem to have been used for showers and a place to sleep rather than to exercise. This membership later led to the famous Planet Fitness Incident.