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Surpringly, Daniel Larson has undertaken several athletic pastimes, and is (mostly) surprisingly decent at many of them. This list cannot possibly document everything he has been involved in, but can discuss some of what has been posted online.

Bowling[edit | edit source]

As discussed in another article here, Daniel is actually quite good at bowling. It is unclear where he learned to do this, but he consistently gets strikes and scores high compared to the people he is around. A few videos of him bowling can be found online.

Denver Marathon[edit | edit source]

On May 15, 2022, Daniel completed a marathon in Denver. While he was not entirely exceptional at this (he scored 2nd to last out of over 150 people) it is still a feat to run such a distance, He supposedly spent most of it interacting with fans, as his phone was in his hand in every photo taken of him.

Pool Table/Mixed Games[edit | edit source]

Daniel Larson is actually a pool table whiz. It was unclear he had such an ability until he posted a video on his YouTube channel "Daniel Larson 2023" on March 1, 2023. The video shows Daniel & co playing around a table, and Daniel is interestingly good. It is still unclear where he learned, if he learned, or if he is naturally gifted.

Another "Mixed Game" is Daniel's famous jumping jacks. Though he has not done these in a long time, they are, of course, something minorly athletic.

Track and Field[edit | edit source]

Old footage of Daniel reportedly exists from around 2019, showing him doing the long jump and some type foot of race.

Long jump[edit | edit source]

Foot race[edit | edit source]

Walking[edit | edit source]

Daniel Larson, being homeless, walks around pretty much all day long most days, and is somewhat able to run though he is in poor shape- in a recent 2 minute long video Daniel is running to make a bus, and is out of breath and sweating by the end. That being said, Daniel does walk long distances some days due to his lack of a car and often his lack of money for the Subway. This homelessness, lack of changing socks, and walking this much is what eventually lead to Daniel's trench foot.

Hiking[edit | edit source]

In June 2023, Daniel began frequently hiking for hours, almost every day. Most of these videos seemed to be filmed on mountains, presumably near Denver, where Daniel was/is staying at the time. Such an example can be found on the Daniel Larson NYC 13 channel here.

Planet Fitness[edit | edit source]

Daniel Larson has had Planet Fitness memberships in the past, but they seem to have been used for showers and a place to sleep rather than to exercise. This membership later lead to the famous Planet Fitness Incident.