Häagen-Dazs Incident

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Daniel in his combat stance.
Daniel in his combat stance.

On May 25, 2023, Daniel had a public meltdown across multiple stores, most notably a Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop after Daniel was kicked out. Daniel's subsequent freak out was recorded by some fans and uploaded to Reddit by user "Dlarstv".


Daniel was being filmed by a couple of fans in the store before he was kicked out. According to Reddit User, Dlarstv, Daniel was talking to children inside the store before the incident had occurred. After this, Dlarstv immediately jumped to recording Daniel to dissuade him from talking to these aforementioned children.

In the first video uploaded by Reddit user, Adayapan, a fan asks for, "John Summit," the same man referenced in the Fake Security Incident, and if Daniel had showered recently. Daniel continuously asks them to leave, further claiming that "the police are on their way," but this did little to dissuade them. Another video, uploaded by Adayapan, which shows Daniel being filmed from outside the store and an employee approaches and asks why they are filming him. At first, he claimed that they are his security, but after being pressed, he answers that he is a pedophile.


[first video]

[troll walks up to window, Daniel is inside, who is on the phone. He notices and looks at the troll in disbelief.]

Employee: Who are y'all filming?

Cameraman: I am security.

Employee: [comes up to troll] No, I'm serious. Why are you taking pictures of this man? Leave him alone.

Cameraman: I'm security. He's a (whispers) pedophile.

Employee: How do you know that?

Cameraman: Do you want me to show you?

Employee: What?

Cameraman: Want me to show you?

Employee: Yeah, show me. [Daniel puts his hand out]

[second video, inside the store]]

Cameraman: John Summit...

Daniel: The police are on their way. I'm going to need to ask you to leave.

Cameraman: Daniel, John Summit told me to ask you if you've showered anytime recently.

Daniel: (firmly) OK, I'm going to need to ask you guys to LEAVE.

Cameraman: You still smell like poop. [Daniel gets up and grabs his stuff] Hey don't charge me, Daniel.

[Daniel grabs his backpack and walks toward the door]

Cameraman: Sir, he's leaving the premises.

Upon hearing this, the female employee took it upon herself to kick him out. As reported by Dlarstv, Daniel responded by physically assaulting her. This prompted the male employee to step in, leading to the events of the video, in which Daniel is being tossed out of the ice cream store.

After being kicked down the stairs, Daniel's meltdown got worse, culminating in him screaming the n word. This eventually progressed to self harm, and finally, destruction of property.

Daniel gets thrown out of the store.
Daniel unleashes his infamous "tactical slur."
Daniel begins to punch himself out of anger.
Daniel takes out his rage on a mirror.

[Daniel gets thrown out]

[Daniel is walking out of the store after being kicked out and assaulting the female employee]

Male Employee: HEY! [pushes Daniel, who stumbles and drops his backpack] You wanna start something, bring it!

Daniel: OK, I'm on the phone with the fucking police!

Male Employee: Get out! NOW!

Fan 2: You have a warrant for your fucking arrest.

[Daniel lunges at Male Employee and raises a fist, Male Employee holds out his hand to block his attack]

Bystanders: Ooh! OH!!

Female Employee: Cuz you're a big assclown!

Bystander: Call the police on him. Call the police on him.

Cameraman: Alright.

Daniel: [retrieves his backpack and starts walking] Because you guys are lying! You guys are fucking liars! JUST BECAUSE I'M FUCKING FAMOUS, BITCH!!

[second video, a continuation from above]

Daniel: ...showed up and just taking goddamn pictures!! Fuck you, n****rs!!

[bystanders exclaim in shock]

Cameraman: WOAH!!

Fan 2: I just got that on video!

[both laughing]

[Daniel in a store, having a meltdown]

[Daniel is punching himself in the head]

Cameraman: Hey... Daniel, stop. Daniel, stop.

Daniel: No!

Cameraman: Daniel, just get out of the store. Come on.

Daniel: I will...

[last video, continuation from above]

Daniel: ...FUCKING RUDE!!!!!

Fan 2: We have the fucking...

[Daniel gets up, and runs toward a mirror]

Cameraman: HEY!!! Daniel...

[Daniel slams his head into the mirror]

Cameraman: Oh my...

Fan 2: Oh my god!


After things had calmed down, Daniel was approached by more fans who wanted to know what happened, to which he gave his side of the story.

Daniel explaining his side of the story.

Show transcript

Daniel: We called police, we called security, no one was coming out. So the police literally said, well, we're not coming out because no crime is committed.

Videographer: Huh...

Daniel: So I didn't know what to do, so I literally on public air pretty much, you know, like on the media. Literally, because I had to do something, right?

Videographer: Yeah.

Daniel: To knock everything down and get everybody to stop. People were following me blocked.

Videographer: I bet

Daniel: I mean, that's still going on. You're the, I want to say in 10 minutes, you're the sixth person that spotted me.

Videographer: Holy shit. That's a lot.

Daniel: I'm up there now.

Videographer: I see.

Daniel: I ain't coming down.

Videographer: I see.

Daniel: We are going media silent.

Videographer: I see. I do not blame you at all.

Daniel: But even if I go media silent, that's not going to help.

Videographer: No. Those Reddit, crazy Redditors always fucking find it.

Daniel: So the issue is, I ended up basically, because we had two people in the area that yelled, we have guns. I literally screamed, I will murder everybody in this area.

Videographer: Holy shit Daniel you can't be saying that stuff, man.

Daniel: But here's the thing. What am I supposed to do if somebody says they have a gun?

Videographer: I mean...

Daniel: I had to, you see what I mean? I had to protect myself.

Videographer: Yeah.

Daniel: The police we were on the phone with, because we called 911. They literally said there's still no crime committed if the fans stop now. Good.

Videographer: I see.

Daniel: I'm sitting there going like, did I just get the, like, the fact that people are yelling guns and all this stuff, and yet I'm like threatening murder. That's on public media and they're saying no crime is committed. What am I supposed to do?

Videographer: Yeah, its not yeah...

Daniel: Like, it's of that level now that like, nobody, not even the label, the label's just learning my fanbase.

Videographer: Really? Just now?

Daniel: Just now. And they're...

Early the next day, Daniel posted a series of TikToks in which he denied the claim made by Dlarstv that he had hit the female employee. He also claimed that since the event took place on May 25, the event tainted his late grandmother's birthday.

The following day, Daniel uploaded his recounting of events.

So, this is why yesterday I said what I said in public. I raised my fist, and I knocked over those things in public inside the store. So those trolls that were videotaping me were trying to get me kicked out of the restaurant for something that I didn't do. They were asking me very, very inappropriate questions. They were also impersonating to be my security when I said I don't have security and I don't know their company, so they need to please leave. They refused to leave, and they basically started creating a scene to where other people in the location started watching. It caught the attention of the restaurant manager. The restaurant manager then got involved, went over, you can see it on video, went over to the trolls that were claiming they were, aka, security, which is not true, and asked them to leave me alone. They refused to leave me alone, and they said that I touched children. There's not proof of that. There's never been proof of that. It's all a lie. Okay? So what they did was they got on their phone. They showed this person, literally the subreddit, the Daniel Larson subreddit, this manager at this restaurant. The manager believed it, came back in, asked me to leave. When I said why, I didn't do anything, they said that I was a pedophile and that I touched children live, like publicly, to where everybody in the entire location could hear. Okay? At that point of time, there was about 10 cameras from people in the location, 10 cameras on me. I overheard one of the people from the other side of the restaurant say, "I have a gun on me". And that is what escalated everything. Okay? Because I don't mess around with threats like that. I don't. So I said, okay, I will leave. Okay? They basically got aggressive. You can't see it very clear, but when I was coming out of the restaurant door, pretty much the front door, when I was leaving, that guy that is in the picture, in the video, pushed me out the door. Okay? My backpack went flying. It fell on the ground. Okay? And I overheard, you can't really hear it on the video because it came from like the other end of the courtyard area, you know, the street. So you can't hear this person, but the same guy, I'm guessing that was inside, was once again outside, claimed he had a gun. And at that point I started escalating because it was like, you know, it was just a really bad situation that I was blackmailed to be in. I called the police. The police never showed up and they said no crime was committed. So what am I supposed to do if the police don't show up? If they're saying that there's no crime committed and yet I'm being completely blackmailed by these fans, these trolls, until I get permanently banned for life from these places. It's not okay. Story short, that's what happened. And I panicked and I felt like I had to defend myself. I'm a celebrity and people shouldn't come up to me and try to put hands on me 24-7. That's what security is for. You know, like I put up with too much and that's the hard truth right now is this needs to, people need to understand now what I'm going through and what I've been trying to say and what I've been trying to get heard that I've been getting called a liar about because it's not okay. So I hope this, all these Reddit trolls, everybody from past management, I hope they all get exposed and they get arrested. And I hope my court cases get lifted because it's ruined my life. It's ruined my friendship with my family and it's ruined so much of my life. It pisses me off.