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Robert Proctor
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A picture of Bob, taken by Daniel.
Name: Robert Proctor
Aliases: Bob, Fuck Ass Bob [2]
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Alignment: Daniel's (Former) Friend
DOB: Unknown (70s, according to Daniel)
Gender: Male
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Robert "Bob" Proctor was one of the most important figures in Daniel Larson's life, having known him since childhood. Bob has been Daniel's mentor, and one of his greatest financial enablers. Bob took on the impossible task of becoming Daniel's guardian, an undertaking which exposed him to the full force of Daniel's anger management issues, and poor financial habits. Bob is also known for being involved in some of the most infamous incidents in Daniel's life, most notably the December 10th incident and August 31st Incident. He also served as a convenient scapegoat to blame whenever Daniel needed one, as well as a player in Daniel's delusions, as trolls would constantly impersonate him to gain influence over him.

Bob has served as a patron for Daniel's music career, paying for the production of his most famous song, "Roaring Thunder," and encouraged his further musical endeavors. Even so, Daniel has done nothing but take his generosity for granted by frequently getting into arguments with him, assaulting him, and wasting away the money that Bob gave him (at one point even buying a fleshlight with money Bob had given him to spend on essentials).

Bob is keenly aware of Daniel's social media activity and, consequently, has repeatedly requested Daniel not to film or record him, citing concerns about potential harassment from trolls. At one point, Bob even asked Daniel to refrain from using his phone altogether due to Daniel's irresponsible behavior on social media. Obviously, Daniel has not respected these wishes, once even getting into a physical altercation with Bob which ended up in the authorities having to be called.[3]

As of Christmas 2023, Bob has ceased providing financial support to Daniel and has effectively severed ties with him. Despite this, Daniel persistently attempts to reconnect with Bob, seeking to exploit him for support and a convenient scapegoat.


Not much is known about Bob's personal life.



As mentioned before, not much is known about Bob's personal life, much less where he works, or worked. According to Daniel, Bob works, or at the very least has worked, in the medical field. While it is unclear if this is where Bob actually works, considering Bob's age and ability to sponsor Daniel the way he did, it is fair to say that Bob seems to have (or at least, had) a good enough job to be dropping over $1,000 on Daniel every month.

While the validity of these claims remain unclear, Daniel has claimed that people have called Bob's worked and doxed him. This is most likely untrue, but is a very reasonable claim, considering the people that have tried to associate themselves with Daniel have been doxed.

Daniel has also claimed that Bob has a bad reputation at his workplace due to their relationship, and at one point, was threatened with termination if he did not stop communicating with Daniel.[4]

Poor Health/Speculated Cancer

Bob Proctor in his car with Daniel Larson.
Bob in his car.

It is speculated that Bob has cancer, although what type of cancer is unknown, and the validity of him having the illness at all is debated extensively. Daniel, in a YouTube comment, claims that Bob was, "...confirmed to not have cancer or if he did he is using that now as a way to manipulate". Daniel, like with many things, likes to go back and forth on whether Bobs cancer is true or not. And the fact he thinks that even if Bob was manipulating him if he truly did have cancer speaks to how much he truly respects Bob.

However, it should be noted that Daniel has a record of saying extremities and various ridiculous things to gain attention. But, if this is true, it also confirms that for the majority of their interactions, Daniel has been harassing a man dying of cancer for money and various other items, utterly uncaring of his illness.


Previous Family

Bobs previous family, let alone his relationship, is shrouded in mystery. While it's likely that Bob may have a wife or significant other, they have not made any sort of appearance. However, Daniel had claimed that Bob has a son named Jason, who fought in the army. Daniel has claimed that Jason fought in the Iraq war. There is no proof of this son existing, and even though many trolls have tried to dox Bob, no traces of a wife or any type of extended family related to Bob can be found.

Further, even if Bob had any children, they are likely over 20 years old, and have most definitely moved out by now. If Bob had a wife, she would most likely have made an appearance, put a stop to Bob's relationship with Daniel, or have been referenced by either Bob or Daniel.


Main Article: Nancy Shimer

While not much is known about their relationship, Daniel's grandmother, Nancy Shimer, developed a friendship with Bob. It is theorized that Nancy and Bob could have had a romantic relationship, however, this claim is unsubstantiated and is most likely not true. Their friendship grew during the time Bob would play board games and spend time with Daniel, so much so that when Nancy was on her inevitable deathbed due to cancer, one of her last wishes was for Bob to take care of Daniel when she wasn't there.

It is also theorized that Nancy put Bob in charge of some sort of bank account or trust fund that she'd left Daniel after she passed. This is speculated as a reason by Bob did not leave Daniel almost immediately after his violent outbursts, although, this is most likely false until further confirmation.


Main Article: Daniel Larson

Bob has been acquainted with Daniel since his formative years, and it is likely that he is the only genuine father figure Daniel has ever had, especially after Daniel's his own father disowned him due to his outbursts and given the alleged abuse Daniel suffered at the hands of Travis.

Daniel and Bob first came into contact through a reading buddy program at the Tennyson Center, a facility Daniel went for schooling and living in his teens, during a time when he was still recovering from abuse from his parents. While living at the Tennyson Center (at the time of an ongoing custody battle), Daniel had the opportunity to attend a reading buddy program once a week. Daniel reports that he and Bob, "...really hit it off," enough that the Tennyson Center permitted them to have a relationship outside their program. Ever since their initial meeting, Bob became a "mentor" to Daniel, although his abilities at mentoring Daniel are debatable.

A conversation between Daniel and Bob.

Despite his alleged profession in the medical field, Bob obviously has no idea how to handle a very mentally ill person such as Daniel. As mentioned in the Caretaker Call (even while considering its questionable validity), while Bob obviously has lots of care for Daniel, he has no idea how to care for a person with as many mental issues as Daniel. This has, obviously, not been in his favor, because as a result of Daniel's schizophrenia and autism, they have had many fights that have resulted in Bob having to call the police to de-escalate the situation. However, one of the most notable incidents between them where they don't have any sort of physical altercation is the Big Dick Muscle Man Incident where Bob refers to American social media personality Jacob Sartorius as "Big Dick Muscle Man", in between Daniel arguing with Bob about the validity of his delusions, and oddly, the size of his own penis.

Despite Bob’s issues with Daniel, he has continued to support him. After Daniel broke his phone during his world tour in Texas, Bob bought Daniel a new one. However, Daniel has remained consistently ungrateful, treating Bob as more of a paypig than a person. Bob has funded many of Daniels endeavors, most notably his career as a singer-songwriter, funding studio sessions to record songs such as Roaring Thunder and Something More.

Prior to this, it was unknown as to how much money Bob was giving Daniel. On November 27th, it was revealed that Bob was giving Daniel nearly 1000 dollars per month, which left him in a position where he only had the income leftover in his retirement account, along with having to figure out how to live while on social security.

Alleged Death

"May Robert rest peacefully now. He is survived by his son Jason Proctor and his friend Daniel Larson"

On December 11, 2023, a troll pretending to be a nurse under the name Lucy commented in the community tab under Daniel's account that Bob had suffered a heart attack and died at 2:03 AM.[6] Daniel seemed to believe this for the most part. In his "grief", Daniel had also posted a memorial of Bob on his community tab.[7]

Despite this being the first instance of Daniel calling him a godfather, just like his grandmother, Daniel obviously did not care very much about the supposed passing of his friend. Bob, if anything, was nothing more than a wallet to Daniel, who was there to give him money and nothing more.

The End?

From late November 2023, Bob appeared to have finally cut off Daniel for good, following years of abusive behavior from him, the driving influence behind his decision being his contiuing lack of money, causing an inability to support Daniel any longer.

Christmas 2023

Main article: Christmas Day Meltdown

Unsurprisingly, Daniel's antics would leave him on the streets for Christmas once again. On December 25, 2023, Daniel, "wishing to take bob out to dinner",[8] called a wellness check on Bob. The officer confirmed to Daniel that Bob was, in fact, still alive and not dead. [9]

Bob is "on sight"

Later, Daniel uploaded another video explaining that the officer told him that Bob wanted zero contact.

Bob is done
Daniel is doing nothing
Zero celebration and on the streets
"How can I give my present to Bob if he isn't meeting up with me for Christmas"

Daniel tried to get Bob to talk to him in various ways, but as the night progressed it became clear that Bob would not give in. Daniel grew angrier at Bob, partially fueled with how cold it was and being forced on the streets after being trespassed from another motel. Daniel would continue to post many frantic videos that were quickly removed / deleted. The removal of the videos made archival more difficult.

Emotions are being played with
Freezing anger

Fake Bob interaction

On December 26, 2023 Daniel falls for a troll pretending to be Bob in his YouTube community comments after the troll apologizes for everything. Most of the conversation is Daniel attempting to get "Bob" to call or text him as well as pleads for help. After many comments going back and forth and Daniel growing more frustrated, Daniel eventually caught on to something being wrong and deleted all of the threads.