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IWishIHadADad operated a server, "Daniel Larson QnA", in which Daniel Larson would participate in a Q&A in April of 2023. This server briefly became the main source of updates and engagement in regards to and with Daniel, but was quickly shut down on April 3rd.

Daniel Larson QnA

IWishIHadADad would advertise his Discord server across the Daniel Larson community, in r/Daniellarson, and other Daniel-oriented Discord servers. The first Q&A was hosted on April 1, at 8:00 PM EST. Management would require donations in order to ask questions, and did not allow for inappropriate or accusatory questions. Any kind of violation would result in an immediate ban. Ultimately, nothing especially noteworthy came of the Q&A. Subsequent Q&As would be hosted, but these too would prove to be just as uneventful as the first had been.

The Discord server was taken down on the evening of April 3.

The Plane Ticket

A third party in the Discord proposed flying from Houston to New York City. IWishIHadADad liked this idea, and subsequently purchased a plane ticket for Daniel.

They claimed that Daniel bought the ticket himself, though it is unclear how he would have paid for such an expense, seeing as he had only made around $68 in donations, and the server admin took a portion of this sum.

On the night of April 2, Daniel was located in the Airport's Marriott conference room, and later, Denny’s. He later informed the Discord server that he had went to the wrong airport. In an effort to slow down the information leaks, IWishIHadADad implemented a cool-down and set censors, until he was doxxed.

His response to the allegations.
One of two charges against IWishIHadADad.

Child Abuse/Dox

On April 2, IWishIHadADad was doxxed, which resulted in his criminal record being exposed. It was discovered that he had charges of child abuse against him, to which he admitted to having served time for. While he claims the mother of his children was physically/sexually abusive and he simply took the fall for the abuse, a Facebook post from her disputes this claim. IWishIHadADad says he is sober, living with another man, and trying to be a good parent, despite the fact he supports Daniel, who is a known pedophile.