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An image of Music from the Longmont Humane Society's Facebook page.

On July 9, 2023, Daniel adopted a dog from Longmont Humane Society in Longmont, Colorado, naming her Music (formerly Zola). Daniel's reasoning for adopting this dog was his want for "security". He repeatedly claimed Music to be a "guard dog", when all the dog was, in fact, a regular housepet. Daniel's announcement of the adoption sparked intense outrage in the Daniel Larson subreddit and other respective communities, with many users demanding the dog to be returned to the shelter due to Daniel's inability to financially support himself, let alone an animal. And was was more concerning, Daniel's violent tendencies towards people, property, and many other other things made Music a potential target in Daniel's next meltdown.

Not long after, a rescue mission was conducted in a Discord server ran by the user Goated Mines and many other members of the R/Daniellarson subreddit. Thankfully, two days later, on July 11th, WeenWeenMusic, or Ween, rescued Music from Daniel.

Since the rescue, Daniel has expressed a desire to adopt a new animal several times. Despite this, he has either not tried or has been unsuccessful.

Background[edit | edit source]

Many weeks before this incident occurred, Daniel stated that he wanted to adopt a dog, though, this was easily shrugged off as Daniel's usual rambling. This was mostly due to the odds of Daniel ever adopting any sort of animal being very slim, considering his appearance and obvious homelessness. On many occasions, he has said that he has security and a team of people dedicated to protecting him. him wanting to adopt a dog to protect him fell in line with these delusions. During this time, Daniel had a manager by the name of Warren, although at the time little was known about this person. Warren seemed to have influenced Daniel to keep his location a secret, mostly. This can be inferred from the amount of times Daniel was found lying about his location to throw people off of his scent, which he was most likely told to do by his manager, as well as more advanced gatekeeping. Additionally, Daniel was still using Cameo, which gave him plenty of money to adopt a dog. Now, with the ambition to adopt a dog for himself, and the funds secured, he went out to get one.

A long Reddit post made by a worker of the Longmont Humane Society.

On July 9th, 2023, Daniel adopted Music, a German Shepard mix, from the Longmont Humane Society, an animal shelter he was nearby at the time as he was in Longmont, Colorado (although the amount of time he was there remains unknown). From what Daniel had stated, his main reason for getting a dog was for it to act as security, or more specifically, a "guard dog", which eventually led him to selecting her. While Daniel was allowed to adopt and walk out of the shelter with her, workers and bystanders were concerned about Daniel getting a dog.

A concerned bystanders comment who claims to have seen Daniel whilst adopting Music.

Which resulted in them attempting to slow down the process, but in the end, they ultimately allowed Daniel to take Music with him. In a Reddit post published on July 11th, 2023, a worker at the Longmont Humane Society, admits that the center did not do any sort of background check on Daniel, let alone any of its customers, and that adopters lying about their living conditions was a common occurrence at the shelter. They were horrified to find out who Daniel really was, presumably finding out about his colorful history online. Although, they were disgusted with the way many members of the subreddit treated the workers and Longmont Humane Society as a whole, as most of the workers received low pay (or no pay at all) and only chose to stay there out of genuine love for animals, who now had to deal with several emergency service calls which resulted in first responders allegedly showing up because of swatting attempts or false bomb threats. Although, this is unconfirmed. The worker urged people to stop harassing the Humane Society, as they were actively working to fix the situation and initially were not aware of who Daniel even was at the time of Music's adoption. However, the upside to all of this was that following the incident with Daniel, the society firmly states that background checks are now under serious review and additionally, Daniel had been permanently banned. From what the shelter claimed later on, many people of Daniel's stature passed through and are perfectly capable of caring for dogs.

No, no background checks. There have been issues in the past with people lying about their living circumstances, but with more minor things (like whether their landlord allowed the specific dog breed, or the amount of space in the home) and the result was only that the dog was eventually returned when the adoptee belatedly realized that you can't accommodate a hundred-pound dog in a studio apartment. As far as I know, no one has yet had the audacity to just straight-up lie about having a home when they're homeless.

Additionally, if it turns out that a "stray" brought to the shelter is owned and doesn't show any physiological signs of mistreatment or neglect, the animal must be returned to the owner after the recovery fee is paid. That unfortunately includes cases where the owner is homeless, living in their car, senile, etc. Remember that in the United States, companion animals are chattel. An animal doesn't legally belong to the shelter until they've been living there for a certain amount of time. When an animal finishes that wait period, they become "emancipated" and are then in the shelter's custody.

I can assure you that the procedure is now under serious review. Also, the fact that Larson lied on his adoption form could potentially be grounds to dissolve the contract under which Zola was adopted to him.[1]

The adoption fee was likely around $100, which Daniel was easily able to afford due to his Cameo. While the shelter did not allow homeless people to adopt, Daniel lied on his application saying that he lived in an RV, which allowed him to almost instantly adopt Music as they took Daniel's word for it- choosing to look no further than that. Even more confusingly, Music was later found to have Giardia, which is a parasitic infection that affects the digestive system. Daniel would later claim that he got dry food for her, but no video or photo evidence of this would ever surface, which lead community members to question the validity of this. Daniel initially did not post about Music at all, only having her posted when a fan named Keith, who was in the area. He had taken a video while Daniel was seated at a Jimmy Johns, where he's seen talking to Daniel about his new "guard dog" , while taunting Joshua Block. After this fan interaction, Daniel would start posting video's of Music himself, which immediately sparked outrage within the community when they realized that this was not someone else's dog, but a dog he had attained himself.

Goated Mines, who would later play an integral part in this arc, would manage to get a hold of Keith about why he hadn't said anything or shown any concern at all about the dog. He had been urged to snatch Music, even offered to be paid, although, Keith never took this deal and shortly after blocked him.[2]

Following this, multiple members of the subreddit banded together to return Music back to the Humane Society as they believed Daniel to be extremely unfit for taking care of a dog due to his previous outbursts. Many members also feared that he would potentially hurt this dog in a situation in which he would have ameltdown

This sparked immediate calls to action to collect Music and bring her back to the Longmont Humane Society. However, Despite the fact it was likely illegal to take the dog from him, an important factor to consider was that Daniel had lied about his living arrangements to adopt her, therefore obtaining her fraudulently. Secondly, Daniel was a frequent caller of the Denver police, so the odds of him being taken seriously when calling in were ultimately slim. Third, Daniel has little idea of how the legal system actually works and no matter how many threats he would make, no charges would be pressed.

"Oh so why did you say you lived in an RV on the adoption form?"

This call to action reached the ears of many people, most notably one of Daniel's older managers, Ivan, who is better known as Ox. Even though the opinion of Ivan in the community is largely negative, him posting in the subreddit about his attempts to rescue Daniel's dog lead people to be hopeful that he could maybe redeem himself and return with Music safely. In the time it took Ox to arrive from Wyoming, Goated Mines and many others called Longmont Animal Control and the Longmont Humane Society. while the society would not pick up due to the increased number of calls, animal control was made aware of the situation. This would later be corroborated by Ox, who said he'd seen animal control checking the Longmont area when he finally arrived in Colorado.

A public statement issued by Longmont Humane Society.

Not long after, Daniel began to post more videos of Music. In these videos, she looked incredibly hot and anxious, and could be heard whimpering which only provoked the growing rage of many.

This rage eventually grew so powerful that the Longmont Humane Society saw fit to issue a public statement regarding the situation, only a day after the adoption. In their statement, the Longmont Humane Society acknowledged the situation and informed the public that they were doing everything in their power to get Music away from Daniel.

A Facebook post asking for people's help in locating Music, and Daniel.

In the meantime, other people who were out of state or unable to reach Daniel were trying to spread awareness of the situation, such as Goated Mines and SmokeyMcc, who made videos explaining the situation. There were also members of the community who were making Facebook posts, trying to spread the word so Music could be found.

Daniel spotting in Union Square.

While people were working to rescue Music, concerns grew as the forecast predicted heat over 90 degrees, which would be very stressful to a dog without proper cooling or water. Daniel is known to walk multiple miles for things, and something like that could be potentially fatal to a dog of Music's size without water, shade and rest. Daniel would become very quiet online, eventually travelling to Union Station in Denver and meeting with a group of young men. These people were exposed for belonging to a group called "EXPO PRODUCTIONS", who made music videos. They'd hung with Daniel before, making people believe that they were aware of the situation and who Daniel was, and were not helping in any way for their own personal gain.

After meeting at Union Station, they would make their way to a bridge along Riverway, where they would try to film another music video.[3] Daniel would soon start live streaming on his YouTube page, Daniel Larson NYC 13. While he was live, people starting working diligently to try and find his location so animal control could successfully move in and seize the dog from his possession. Because doxxing was not allowed on the subreddit, many, including Goated Mines, created Discord servers where people could work together to try and find him. In these servers, some members made posts to Longmont and Denver pages, urging people to look out for Daniel and to immediately report him when seen. Some people even claimed to have seen Daniel in the area, having been worried about his mental state.

Worried Facebook comments, posted under a warning about Daniel.

While the live stream went on, it seemed as though Music was mostly ignoring Daniel. He had repeatedly tried to call her name to get her attention, though she did not listen to Daniel. Additionally, he would constantly refer to Music as a "he", which showed how little he cared or knew about her. She would also frequently bark at the people around Daniel, which was most likely a sign of stress. Regardless of this, Daniel said this was because of her "guard dog nature", and continued on about how he'd gotten Music so she could act as a guard dog for him. Even so, the stream was mostly uneventful as the members of Expo Productions continued to film their music video. Eventually, Daniel's location was found- under Cherry Creek, on Lake Street. As soon as this was found out, animal control was reached out to, where they were promptly informed of Daniel's location and abusive past. Animal control said they'd send over someone to the area, but as the live stream came to a close with Daniel announcing he was going to Starbucks, they had missed their window of opportunity.

Before ending the stream, Daniel would say he was going to go live again in around half an hour. Members of both the subreddit and Discord waited for him to go live once more before calling again, as to not make animal control suspicious of anyone. While the Starbucks Daniel stayed at was found extremely quickly, he was not found there. But while Daniel was there, he posted a few videos of him giving Music a heartbreakingly small amount of water in what was later found to be a bowl made for cats and puppies.

before heading back to Union Station, He took a video of him and Music in a car while on their way back, it was clear that she was extremely tired and anxious. At the very least, Music received some AC, but not enough to truly help her.

Goated Mines message to a member of Expo Productions.

While Daniel was located at a train station, animal control was called once more, although they once again missed him. Around this time, Goated Mines would create a Discord server entitled "Ceel Team 6", which would eventually go on to successfully save Music.

Treatment of Music[edit | edit source]

Daniel is obviously not fit to take care of himself, let alone a dog. While Daniel had Music, he demonstrated multiple times why he was unfit to care for her, and that he should never be trusted to take care of animals.

Daniel cited that his reason for adopting Music was for her to act “As a guard dog”, seemingly believing that she was trained as such and would protect him. Daniel also frequently misgendered Music, sometimes accidentally referring to her as a male. This may seem like an insignificant error, however a dog's gender is actually important information, mostly for medical reasons such as if it has to receive shots or any significant medical treatment.[4]

Daniel severely underfed Music, only giving her small amounts of food and water. In a reply to a comment on his YouTube channel, Daniel had noted that Music was not an, "...extreme cuddle bug," referencing that she had presumably not wanted to touch or be near him, which is extremely justified considering the conditions she was in. Note that Daniel's writing style produces many grammatical errors.

Yes he [sic] has[.] I have [purchased] a water bowl [for her] yesterday for $4 from PetSmart and I got her everything we need right now[.] I was watching [her] last night and [sic] just [to see] how she was acting[.] I am thinking [about] getting [her] like a small blanket to use as like a [sic] extra type of cover so things don't get in her eyes[.]

Also last night she wasn't an extreme cuddle bug[.]

-Daniel Larson, July 10, 2023

A listing for the "dog bowl" Daniel had purchased for Music

On July 10, 2023, Daniel purchased a water bowl for $4, despite the fact it was visibly way too small for a dog of Music's size.[5] When the members of the subreddit dug further, they uncovered that the bowl Daniel had gotten was meant for cats, implying that Daniel had bought the cheapest bowl he could find at PetSmart.[6] The only water Daniel had gotten for Music consisted of small cups of water from various fast food chains, such as Starbucks and McDonald's, which is not nearly enough water for a dog as big as an adult German Shepard.

Daniel, believing that a Puppacino and nachos are appropriate dog food.

I'm heading over right now to the McDonald's and I'm going to get her some water

I've been giving her water about every 2 hours. I give her like a full cup of water sometimes even two or three like every every hour or two

I also have a full bag of dog food she won't eat yet but I have tried to feed her I'm just making sure that she's like getting something right now

Regarding food, Daniel failed to provide for Music. Daniel claimed to have had a bag of dry food for her, which is actually most likely the truth considering that the Longmont Humane Society gives all people who adopt animals food, but according to Daniel, Music refused to eat which in most cases is a sign of stress. Additionally, in every video of Music that Daniel had posted, she was seen audibly whimpering with her ears down, which is a sign of nervousness and stress in most animals. The only other 'food' Daniel claimed to get Music was a, "puppacino," which is essentially a small cup of whipped cream.[7] In a YouTube comment, Daniel replied to someone detailing the food he had given to Music at the moment, along with contemplating giving Music nachos, which is incredibly dangerous given how Nachos may contain ingredients such as jalapeños and onions, which are known to be harmful or even fatal to dogs. Daniel fully admitted to possibly harming Music, which is very telling of what his behavior would be if he had kept her any longer.[8]

I got a large puppuccino

I'm thinking about going to the dog brewery later tonight doing some karaoke with the howling wolf's

I'm trying to get her to eat but she is still slow on that

I'm thinking nachos would help

Despite all of this, Daniel remained adamant that he was able to support a dog.

Rescue Attempts[edit | edit source]

Ox[edit | edit source]

Soon after it was discovered that Daniel had in fact gotten a dog, Ox posted on Reddit asking for Daniel's location so that he could rescue the dog, stating that he would get to Colorado by motorcycle.[9] He posted this July 9 at 10:00PM Larson Time (Mountain Daylight Time).

Daniel should not have a dog whatsoever. I am not sure how he got it.

I am worried about what sick little fucks may get him to do to the dog or what he may do during a crisis, like beat it.

I’ll go over there as the stars have seemingly aligned again. I am traveling back across country in the rv and had some shit go down about 45 mins from Denver.


The next day, at 7:37AM, Ox made another post stating that he was charging his bike and that he would be leaving soon. Additionally, he asked the community not to berate the rescue as some of the subreddit members started to do so.

Charging up my bike [right now]. Got it off the rack and [it] seems I left the key in too long getting it on there. Should be good to go in a bit. Might see some rain here as well so seeing how things go. Hopefully [I] can leave soon.

Please do not harm the rep[utation] of the [Longmont Humane Society], this will harm the chances for the dogs they are trying to save. Letting dan [sic] walk out with that dog is wild though and [I suspect that] someone [may have] assisted him. If someone makes contact, see what can be done to return the dog.


At 10:25AM, Ox posted that he had, "...touched down," in Colorado and was now looking for Daniel, asking the subreddit for his approximate location.[10]

A little over an hour later, at 11:49AM, Ox posted that he was unable to locate Daniel, saying that he was calling off his search for him and that he had to return to LA. This post was heavily downvoted unlike the previous posts.[11]

In another post from Ox at 2:13PM, "Dan is gone. I have someone helping, he is headed to Denver to see bob [sic]. Took the train I think it’s why he’s silent. Yes, I am here." along with a photo of his bike on a street in Longmont, Colorado.[12] In the comments of the post, Ox stated that he would try again either tomorrow (July 11) or the day after (July 12) indicating that it was difficult to pinpoint Daniel's exact location.

I’m [going to] try again tomorrow or the next day. I need a good spotting or exact location next time. Can’t blow it. I drove all over today.-YungDaddyOx

But despite these attempts, Ox remained unsuccessful and never caught Daniel.

KeanuReeveswithagun[edit | edit source]

After Ox's post regarding the end of his search for Daniel, KeanuReeveswithagun left a comment on the post.

It's ok. I will pickup [sic] your failure. I live close to Longmont and I will find him. -KeanuReeveswithagun

The Reddit user posted a couple of additional posts attempting to locate Daniel and an 'En Route' post with a picture of a Longmont road sign at around 1:38PM.[13] After Ox's 'Dan is gone' post, they posted a final update at 2:52PM where they admit that they missed Daniel, and hoped someone could possibly confront him in Denver.

I'm sorry to report that we missed him. We made it to Longmont but we just missed him. I'm hoping that someone can confront him in Denver. Sorry guys. -KeanuReeveswithagun

Goated Mines[edit | edit source]

On July 10, 2023, a YouTuber called Goated Mines (GoatedPiston on Reddit) uploaded a video titled, "Daniel Larson Got a Dog... We need to save it...” in which he states that he had contacted animal control and the Longmont Humane Society. He also announced a reward of $100 for anyone who could get Music away from Daniel.

On the same day, Goated Mines made a post on the subreddit discussing Longmont Humane Society’s response to him.

Zola's Rescue[edit | edit source]

Leaked image of "Ceel Team 6" members after performing the Music rescue operation

On July 10, a group calling themselves, 'Ceel Team Six,' led by Goated Mines, would track down and save Music. The team spent two days locating and pinpointing Daniel's location, initially finding a bridge that Daniel had filmed a music video at, and then the park he spent the night in. Ultimately, Daniel's love for nachos would be his downfall.

On July 11, 2023, WeenWeenmusic, also known as Ween, was able to rescue Music by finding the restaurant Dan was loitering at. Ween was able to get the dog by asking Daniel if he had permission to make sure that she was okay, pretending to be a vet. Not long after, he simply walked away and put her in their car.[14] Soon after, Ween started a voice call in the Ceel Team discord server, and just a moment after, Goated Mines posted an image of Music[15] on Reddit with a caption saying, "MUSIC IS SAFE." After requests for more proof, he later posted a video of Music. Ween himself also posted an update to Reddit explaining what they would do with any donations that were sent their way as well as some more photos of Music.

[H]ello! [I']m ween lol [I']m the [M]usic snatcher!! [S]he's doing great and [I] understand why people are questioning donations and stuff for me but it was originally so [I] could get up to [L]ongmont but [I']m hoping to spoil her and have a lot of things that she can take to her forever family. [S]he's an amazing dog and thank you all for helping her[.] -loverofmoms69 (ween)

Goated Mines posted another update stating that Zola (Music) was on her way back to Longmont with one of the animal caretakers.[16] This post was followed by another post once she made it.[17]

Daniel’s Reaction & Following Incidents[edit | edit source]

Daniel's intense reaction to Music being taken led to what most suspect was a psychiatric hold. It is reported that he entered a Walmart and began destroying things, prompting customers to restrain him until the police arrived. After being released, Daniel made multiple 911 calls in an attempt to "get some security out here", which ultimately led to a visit from EMTs who transported him to the hospital. Many refer to this as the July 11th incident or the 7/11 incident.

About seven Hours after Goated Mine's, "MUSIC IS SAFE," post, Daniel became active on his YouTube community page, claiming that he had just gotten out of police custody and that he had received new criminal charges.[18][19] [20] He asked the community to help him get Music back,[21] and alleged that World of T-Shirts was somehow connected to, "the dognapping situation"[22][23]

"My current injuries from after the dog napping at Walmart when the police were called"

Daniel explained that he was injured both due to "self-injurious behaviors" which is implied to be from him hitting himself repeatedly, along with Walmart security guards taking him down.

A combination of self-injurious behavior and the Walmart security throwing me to the ground I hit my head pretty hard on the ground at the Walmart by security and they were sitting right on my knee so when they pin me down the guy pin basically put his me on my head not my neck or anything but on my head self and one other guy was on my knee pinning that like basically my kneecap pinning that to the Walmart floor -@DanielLarson-ob2jw (Daniel Larson)

A few minutes after this post, Daniel began to tell his side of the story. He repeated many parts of the story multiple times, meaning that much of the text is convoluted and at times almost indiscernible due to the lack of punctuation, and Daniel using speech-to-text to write out the posts. Additionally, it is seemingly out of order. Below is an attempt at putting the most relevant pieces in order.

Somewhere along the line I got spotted with the dog and then I left the PetSmart after buying the $50 harness I then fit it on the dog and I went across the street to then get water once again this was around 11 am.

After sitting down for about 2 minutes, the same lady with the athletic pants and they were shorts she's got tattoos on her arms and legs shows up and starts talking to me hey I haven't seen you in a while I have a friend that is working here at the good times and I came to see them but they're not here yet.

She then asks me how my days going starts coughing and then she tells me she is sick and I woke up very sick this morning she then threw up like legitimately this is no joke she would she actually threw up on the f****** ground.

And then starts talking about how she's a veterinarian and then she starts talking about how my dog is breathing and saying that my dog can't breathe because she's skipping beats like heartbeats pretty much which at the time I knew that that was somewhat false.

She asks me if my dog is dehydrated and if my dog wants water I said I already got water I just came to the good times to actually get a cup of water and she then takes the dog leash from my hand she walks around in a circle around the table and she says see how and then she's also pointing at the stomach of the dog see how it's beating that's not normal.

That's what she said and then she says here I'm going to do it one more time and I'm going to show you again and then she grabs pretty much just completely kind of by that time the dog is already kind of just used to her if you know what I mean and then she just snatches the dog up and puts her in the car and just goes off after the dog was already kind of thing you know somewhat if if you know what I mean felt safe. That's what she said and then she says here I'm going to do it one more time and I'm going to show you again and then she grabs pretty much just completely kind of by that time the dog is already kind of just used to her if you know what I mean and then she just snatches the dog up and puts her in the car and just goes off after the dog was already kind of thing you know somewhat if if you know what I mean felt safe.

She's also been following on purpose like stalking she's done that before some allergic to what Ivan's done she's been stalking it is a female like I said with glasses and a tattoos on her arms and legs and she just like I said keeps following me around I have a feeling she was at the location last night that's why I texted you for security.

And when she drove off I basically started freaking out I started panicking I started hyperventilating to where I felt like I couldn't breathe because I was hyperventilating so much that like literally I just couldn't speak.

And I eat my phone was also dead at the time so I couldn't call security I couldn't call you or anything so then what I did was I all I could think about was trying to go to across the parking lot to where the Walmart was and I walk in there of course hyperventilating saying my dog got dog napped that's a security dog is what I said and I'm at that point of time then the security asks me to leave I then refuse and I say call the police at that point it starts like I said creating a scene about 50% of people in the checkout area I'll start rushing over to where I am and start crawling me pretty much and I at that point lash out that's a long story short of what happened I don't know if anybody got anything on camera because of my popularity the police said that there was no physical assault involved other than just reaction like I said out of fear after checking cameras and I had more than the right because I did nothing and yet they were instigating the situation so I had right to protect myself.

At that point the Walmart stupid Walmart like I said before decides that they're going to press charges of $2,000 of criminal mischief pretty much just two on purpose because they know I'm a celebrity they want all of my f****** money so they took it as high as they could go pretty much.

And they put me in basically I guess you would call protected custody at the time and instead of going to I guess the jail what they did is they take me to the hospital because I had injuries at that time.

Charges were pressed on the person that was the dognapper.

Phone Call[edit | edit source]


After the flurry of posts attempting to describe what happened, he stopped to call someone. That person put Daniel on speakerphone and played it through a Discord call, where Goated Mines was able to record it. The recorded call was later posted on YouTube. Goated Mines provided a very brief description in a Reddit post.

He threw a fit and destroyed shit in the Walmart. A motorcyclist pinned him down after they removed him from the Walmart [...] He said he was punching something related to water. He also destroyed the gift card section.[24]

Discord call with Daniel After the incident. Goated Mines is not the one speaking with Daniel

Videos[edit | edit source]

While still posting on his YouTube community page, Daniel also uploaded some videos regarding the situation. He started by demanding, under the threat of murder, that Bob needed to make a social media account, go live, and, "put it out there, right fucking now, that I am not lying"

Okay. I ain't fucking lying about shit! Bob, I need you to go live right now, I need you to go a make a social media account and put it out there, right fucking now, that I am not lying or I will kill you as well. My life is in danger right now.

Daniel then uploaded a video stating that he is taking this to the Supreme Court (presumably he meant the federal-level Supreme Court) and that security companies refuse to work with Daniel as they don't believe what he tells them.

My entire family is in danger, and no one believes what we are saying. My entire family is now famous, all of our houses have been doxxed, we are homeless, and my fans are doxxing, getting criminal charges on us that are all false. We will take this all the way to fucking Supreme Court. We are not playing around. We have contacted security companies and they've all refused to work with us because they don't believe what we are saying about our popularity. I am done, and I will not stop until the White House is blown up.

Daniel calls 9-1-1 multiple times, on one of the calls, he claimed to have screamed that he had a bomb and hung up, he believed this would help him get his story heard.

Okay so I just called 9-1-1 and I just literally just screamed I have a bomb on the 9-1-1 number and randomly hung up in hopes to get this situation heard and to get my family the rights that they deserve and the security and protection I'm sick and tired of fans assaulting harassing beating up my family injuring people stealing dogs doxxing and stealing money fraudulent shit blaming it on me and my family and then to make everything worse say that it's my fault I'm done I'm sick and tired of this and I will like I said take it all the way until this gets heard and if charges will be pressed I will sue the entire US government and Supreme Court

So I just called 9-1-1 again. I'm trying to still get security services or something since I'm being spotted by fans on almost every single corner and I'm being followed and I got attacked earlier today and the issues that have been going on that people are posting to social media. I'm sick and tired of people saying is fake because it's really happening. So it's not virtual reality. It's not bullshit. It's really actually happening and it's serious. I just called 9-1-1 for a second time in under an hour and they still don't believe what I'm saying. This is bullshit for Colorado and I'm about to literally try to take this to Supreme Court or it's going to go down at the fucking hospital because I am done.

Livestream[edit | edit source]

(Transcript: Video:Daniel Larson calls for security)

Daniel's last video for the night was a YouTube live. He filmed himself talking with EMTs about how his popularity was out of control and that he feared for his life. He explained multiple times that the reason for his behavior and multiple 9-1-1 calls was to have his story heard.

During the interaction, he was also charged for damage to a wall at the School of Mines for $500. The live ended as he arrived at the hospital, preparing for a visit to the mental health unit and possibly to speak to social service workers. Daniel is not allowed a phone in the unit, creating a new 'dark age.'

Mental Hospital Voicemail[edit | edit source]

On July 13, a very medicated sounding Daniel leaves a voicemail from the mental hospital for an unknown party (presumed to be his manager Warren) giving an update on his overall status and in particular the progress of his discharge. This voicemail is leaked to the subreddit via Flexburger.[25] Besides the obvious effects of the medication on the timbre of his voice and pacing of his speech, this call is perhaps most notable for Daniel's correct pronunciation of the word of the word "request", a word he usually pronounces as "recrest", showing the benefits of proper medication on his overall state.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Daniel claiming to have chipped Music.

On July 19, 2023, eight days after the livestream, Daniel was finally released from the mental health unit. Not long after, Daniel quickly stated that he still needed to find his dog [26] and that he had also filed charges against the dog napper.[27] Daniel also made a post claiming that the mental health hospital didn't put him on any medication [28] He later uploads a video entitled "proof Daniel Larson can take care of a dog" which was only a video of Daniel giving the dog some water.[29] But no matter how much Daniel tried to say that he was going to get Music back, this was all for naught, as he would most likely never adopt any type of animal in the Longmont, and possibly in Colorado ever again.

"I just bought another dog"

Daniel made additional posts claiming that he'd bought another dog, and asked if he should buy a cat as well.[30] however, it is clear from videos uploaded after the fact that this was not true. Following this event, animal shelters or any place for adopting pets in Daniel’s area had been made aware to not give him any type of animal, so the likelihood of there being a sequel to this arc is most likely impossible.

References[edit | edit source]

  23. Note: Michael Quinn claimed that Daniel could be a "super dog dad" and that having a dog could benefit his mental health.