Todd Baysinger

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Todd Baysinger
Name: Todd Baysinger
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Alignment: A-Log
DOB: Unknown (Age 56)
Gender: Male
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Todd Baysinger is a 56-year-old Grace VanderWaal fan, or "Fanderwaal", from Iowa who has made a name for himself by commenting in Grace's YouTube channel over 1000 times, owning creepy memorabilia of her such as necklaces, having an extremely racist and antisemitic roommate,[1] and somehow being an A-logger and an enabler of Daniel at the same time.

Todd is one of Grace's most devoted white-knights, telling off people who so much as call her adorable and/or cute[2], and going as far as trying to get the FBI to arrest Daniel (of which, his wishes were eventually fulfilled.). He frequently replies to Daniel's spamming of Grace's channel, threatening Daniel, telling him to back off, and telling Daniel to get help despite also clearly needing it himself.

Todd's ultimate goal is to get Daniel behind bars, going even as far as to email Daniel MacDougall, the FBI agent watching him, over "harassment" he'd supposedly received.

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