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Daniel Larson has had an extensive history regarding alleged pedophilia and pedophilic behavior, which is the sexual attraction to prepubescent children. While Daniel has been manipulated to make admissions of pedophilia and evidence has been faked by past management and trolls. However, evidence has resurfaced that outright confirms Daniel to be a pedophile. While the causes of pedophilia are extremely complex and still widely debated,[1] the cause of Daniel's pedophilia may be due to a range of factors such as his stunted sexual development, intense porn addiction, self-reported childhood sexual trauma, and his delusions.[1]Frankly, it is a miracle that Larson is not in prison for multiple accounts of sexual harassment.

Please note that, according to the National Library of Medicine, a pedophile is somebody who has a sexual attraction to children who are at the age of 10-12, to where hebephilia has attraction typically from ages 11 or 12-14. Ephebophilia is an attraction to young adults, ages 15 to 19.[2][3]

A full list of Daniel's actions can be found here, pinned on the r/DanielLarson subreddit by user KanamoriKamper.

History of Pedophilia and Aberrant Sexual Activity

Daniel has a long and tenuously proven history with pedophilia and aberrant sexual activity, not entirely just from himself.

Alleged Childhood Sexual Abuse

Daniel's question on Quora about his mother.

It is speculated and constantly debated that Daniel's mother sexually assaulted him when he was young since Daniel's Quora page was discovered, with Daniel not knowing if it was abhorrent for a mother to sexually stimulate her child. During the Dog Arc, a person by the name of Michelle Lawrence claimed to have worked with Daniel during his childhood, probably during the time in which he was at the Tennyson Center. She claimed that Daniel had, "...a history of child sexual abuse (to him and by him),"[2] which adds believability the claim that Daniel was possibly molested as a child, but still no actual proof.

Michelle Lawrence's comment on Facebook.

Daniel also alleges that he was abused by a person named "Ryan" when he was around 15 years old, although the validity of Ryan sexually assaulting Daniel is questionable, as information from the Caretaker Call implies that Daniel may have been the one to assault Ryan.

Ryan-Summer Camp abuse allegations.png

This is incredibly important as there has been an incredibly strong link established between childhood abuse and pedophilia,[3][4] as anywhere between 33% to 75% of child sex offenders report being sexually abused as children. According to a Canadian study:

Daniel's pedophilic tendencies could be a response to traumatic events from his childhood. While Daniel being abused as a child is obviously a bad thing, this has good connotations in terms of his ability to recover, as sex offenders who were victims as children are more likely to complete treatment and to not re-offend,[5] although this probably does not apply to Daniel due to Daniel's extreme mental incapability.

Obsession With Child Celebrities

One of the most consistently appearing figures in the Daniel Larson saga is Grace VanderWaal, whom he was obsessed with when she was well under the age of 18.

Liking Videos of Children

Daniel Larson's first signs of pedophilia were him liking, bookmarking, and watching videos of children. His usual subjects are celebrities such as Grace Vanderwaal and Darci Lynne, but also with random children, which most disturbingly, were as young as infants. As Daniel was caught by a reddit user liking photos of their infant child.[6]

Camera Roll

On an unknown date, Daniel accidentally exposed his camera roll to his camera, which displayed possibly hundred of saved photos of children on his phone, some of them containing explicitly illegal photos of child nudity.[7][Censored, of course]

Pinterest Leak

See Pinterest

Daniel's Pinterest account was one of the first definitive leaks that proved Daniel to be a pedophile. During 2021, Flexburger, one of Daniel's former management, released Daniel's Pinterest account to the public. The account had a large amount of disturbing imagery on it, including photos of underage girls, most notably of Grace VanderWaal and other underage celebrities he is known to be attracted to, grouped into different collages such as "age and sexual activity", "masturbation", and a map of the age of legal consent in each state, which he presumably would have used with disturbing intentions.

Daniel immediately opted to saying that the Pinterest account hadn't belonged to him, and at one point, pretended that he hadn't even know what Pinterest even was.[8] Following this, Daniel was pulled into a Zoom meeting where he was questioned by multiple people about his Pinterest account. Daniel claimed to have been hacked at multiple points in time, made excuses, or brought up things that were entirely unrelated to the situation. This meeting only showed that Daniel was feeling guilty and knew about the Pinterest account.

After the Zoom meeting, Daniel admitted to owning the Pinterest account. However, soon after the meeting Daniel went back to acting as if the Pinterest account was not his and had been tampered with, presumably by Flexburger.

During January 2023, Daniel once again admitted to owning the Pinterest account. Daniel did this completely unprompted while walking aimlessly, with absolutely no one asking him to say this. The remainder of the video just being Daniel walking around all night with no place to stay, rambling off as the night went by.

Almost three months after this, taking place on April 5th, 2023, Daniel admitted to owning the Pinterest account while sitting at a table at a restaurant with someone. Daniel claims that he only created the Pinterest account as a means to go "viral".

Second Pinterest

Daniel Larson’s Screenshot
The screenshot Daniel uploaded, with his profile photo circled.

In September 2023, Daniel’s second Pinterest was exposed by a Reddit user. The account was found when Daniel uploaded a screenshot which included his profile photo and an account he followed. His account, “Joy King” or comfortablecop12, was found by looking through J Gummysmile’s following list.

The account included several photos of Grace Vanderwaal and other child stars in bikinis alongside articles on masturbation, like his first Pinterest.

Once this account was exposed on the subreddit, he attempted to delete it. He claimed he has never used Pinterest before (despite posting several Pinterest screenshots the night before being exposed) and reported the subreddit.

Quora Leak

See Quora

Daniel's Quora account, leaked some time after August of 2022 by Flexburger, featured even more admissions of pedophilia from Daniel, with quotes as blatant as:

"Why do I have strange thoughts involving children?"

"How do pedophiles pick up a girl?"

"How did your daughter's body react to her first orgasm?"

Daniel, despite denying this account was his, accidentally showed him having the Quora app and a Quora account on multiple occassions.[9][10][11]

Kik Sting

Several trolls impersonated 14-year-old actor Issy Simpson in order to catfish Daniel Larson on Kik, a messaging app. Daniel's conversations with the sting are highly disturbing, featuring Daniel asking extremely disgusting, sexual questions about minors.

Real Interaction

Daniel used to live in a home with a family that had two children, one of them being named Breanna. The son of the two children recorded a highly disturbing video of Daniel Larson pouncing on and trying to kiss Breanna,[12][Extreme content warning] his sister. Daniel admitted to masturbating in front of Breanna and her brother in the "Columbia Records" Discord,[13] admitted to touching her chest,[14] and later making extremely horrible comments about Breanna, calling her an "upcoming pornstar."

Reddit Stings

Several instances showcasing Daniel's pedophilic behavior have been leaked to Reddit. Many of them are cited above, below are three others that were not mentioned. All are compilations of leaked direct messages between Daniel and trolls.

Ten pages of proof

May 23rd Leak

July 25th Leak

Sexual Deviance and Understanding

Daniel's skewed understanding of sex leads him to exhibit several signs of sexual deviance, such as having various paraphilias, namely being aroused by urine and feces.[15]


On January 16, 2023, Daniel went live after talking with a fake Grace VanderWaal who had convinced him to admit to both being a pedophile, and to having struck Bob Proctor on multiple occasions. User Zealousideal-Hand-2 on r/Daniellarson claimed to have been at least one of the "Graces" involved in extracting this admission.[16]

On July 28, 2023, Daniel posted a video to his Youtube account after being "told by the FBI" to admit to his pedophilic action. Daniel admitted to sending nude pictures to minors, masturbating in public spaces, and shoving a water bottle into his rectum.

On October 8, 2023, Daniel admits to saving nude pictures of a child onto his phone and keeping it for an extended period of time. these were supposedly sent to him by an unknown troll pretending to be Grace Vanderwaal as "video verification".

Daniel has admitted to, or has been manipulated into admitting that he is a pedophile in the past and present on multiple occasions, the video above being what is believed to be the first 'admission' (keep in mind that Daniel has been possibly manipulated into his admissions). Here are some quotes from some of his various admissions:

"I admit... that I am a pedophile..." "...the reason being... is that I... growing up I didn't have anybody that, really, cared about me and I didn't have anybody that supported me."[17]

"In the past, I used to... uhm... use pictures of girls, uhm, and uhm, masturbate to them. Unfortunately, that was over, uhh... that was a long time ago, to be honest... and I am no longer that person, and I reached out for help and uhm, and, it just so happened that, since I gained popularity on the media, uhm, people found out about my past."[18]

"I am sorry, Dave, for looking up CP and for looking up kids wetting the bed... I am so fucking sorry."[19]

"I am sorry for having 500 megabytes of child p*rn [whispering]"[20]

"I repent! That I am sorry for... masturbating to, pictures of children and Grace. I am sorry!"[21]

While there is the possibility of manipulation, it is only a suspicion rather than an actual fact.


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