March 23rd Meltdown

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On March 23rd, 2024, Daniel had a meltdown while on TikTok Live, and soon after, on his YouTube Community Tab. It is unclear of what caused the meltdown, however, he was chased by trolls, which may have triggered it. During the meltdown, he hits himself in the head, and he also threatens to bomb (and kill) the FBI, as well as bomb Tina and Grace VanderWaal. These threats caused TikTok to end the stream and suspend his account from going live.

The video on the right was the last video posted in relation to this "incident". In the video, Daniel is still running away from his pursuers while repeating the phrase, "shots fired!". In a strange twist, "What You Know Bout Love" by Pop Smoke was chosen as the audio for this TikTok. This choice was probably unintentional due to him hastily uploading it but provides a humorous touch to its frantic nature.

The Incident

The livestream of the March 23rd incident.
The video posted after the TikTok live of him running away.
Transcript for the live

[Daniel hits his head, then heavily breathes, making an exaggerated Angry Tongue face]]

“Fuck, here they come” (starts running, then panting, runs more, stops)

“The FBI can go ahead and press legal charges on me, I will just kill their ass. I'm being chased by a group of about, ten... 10 teenagers that go to CU University, the same, or one of the groups that attacked me a couple days ago. They're tryna-” [video ends]