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Tina VanderWaal is the mother of the 20-year-old singer (and Daniel's crush) Grace VanderWaal, whom Daniel Larson was stalking and harassing. Daniel messaged her only to find that Tina wanted nothing to do with him, to stop harassing Grace, and advised him to seek mental help, to which Daniel threatened suicide.

Daniel would mention Tina in the video call on February 13, hoping Clark would talk to her about bailing him out.

Prior Events

Sometime in December 2021, Grace's brother Jakob VanderWaal had messaged Daniel, confronting him to stop talking about her. [1] Daniel, who was in the hospital after seeing these messages, began to have a meltdown and hit his head. [2]

Photo posted by BrainTheLarsonist from the Daniel Larson World Discord

DMs with Daniel

In July 2022, Daniel would message Tina multiple times about him dating Grace VanderWaal, who were all actually catfishes made up by trolls.

Daniel asked Tina to reply as soon as possible. She responded firmly the next morning, saying:

"Stop saying my daughters name. Stop saying you are in a relationship with her. You are scaring her and our family. Everything you have said and done has been in your own mind. You need to access some mental health support and stop harassing my daughter. I have contacted the authorities and will continue to press the issue of you don't stop making disturbing videos. You followers have harassed my daughter long enough. STOP. "

Daniel would respond idiotically, saying:

"I understand

I'm ending my life tonight

Everyone has messed up everything.

I understand what you and your family-"

The rest of his message is cut off.

Daniel would mention this comment in the first call during Jail Arc 2.

YouTube Comment

On August 13th, 2022 the YouTube account "Waal Studio" left a comment on a live stream VOD titled "Daniel Larson Live Update / Grace Vanderwaal". The account only had a single video uploaded a year ago, however, user ThiccWalrus79 on Reddit was able to match objects in the room with Instagram posts made by Tina. Frustrated, she warns Daniel once again to stop mentioning Grace (and her family), stating that the other accounts under her name are trolls.

"God Daniel….. do you think I’m watching your lives? whoever just contacted you claiming to be me was not me. I have no idea who Ox even is. I don’t want you to talk about Grace or our family anymore. I have only replied to you once when you DM’d me a couple of weeks ago - then I told you to stop saying Grace’s name but clearly you refuse to listen. Stop all of this. Everyone communicating with you are trolls trying to get you to do crazy things. Please STOP."

This comment also mentions the previous incident where Tina replied to one of many of Daniel's texts. Daniel replied to this comment 28 times over the course of a couple of hours begging for forgiveness and help. Tina only responded once more, to Daniel's first reply, asking:

"Ok I understand. I have a important question if you don't mind?"

Tina's response is far from unpredictable.

"I do mind. Stop everything to do with our family ESPECIALLY my daughter. You are making me reply publicly so you can’t censor what I’m actually saying to you. I’ve spoken to DDRC as well as the Denver police and Denver FBI. Do you really want to continue this? Again, just stop. Your reality is not real."

Later, Daniel would continue to reply dozens more times. They were ignored by Tina.

"I understand I just want to say I'm sorry and I can explain everything and help. Everything got messed up because of my past friendships. I'm sorry miss understude. I fucked up! And I want to help in any way to show you who I really am. I really do have your entire family and your daughter in best interest. It hurts me too to see this like this. I just really care and I am a fighter and with no support I got confused

I am willing to keep trying but I would have to start new. I hope you understand

I am so sorry for everything"

Second YouTube Video

On March 26, 2023, 7 months after Tina's last response, Daniel Larson NYC posted a short titled "the vanderwaal's told me that I am safe from all legal trouble if I stay in contact with them." He says that Tina and Dave told him he was safe from the FBI and police if he stays in contact with them. However, Tina, using the Waal Studio account, is clearly angry, and tells him to stop talking about them once again with the threat of being arrested. [3]

"Great!!!! Stop talking about Grace and all of us.

Now you’re going to be safe…… I have talked to the FBI Daniel, this is truly not a joke and you are moving in the direction of being arrested for a very serious offense."

Daniel would reply 10 times, begging her for a second chance. These were ignored.

"Please help I really really am trying. Please just understand this is serious and I just want you to understand what I am going through. Please give me a chance. I turned of my TikTok comments. I can't stop crying today"

YouTube Community Tab Posts

First Interaction

On March 27, 2023, Daniel Larson NYC posted on his community tab to help donate, with a Cash App link. [4]Tina, using the Waal Studio account from above, warned his followers that they are assisting in committing a crime, assuming the Cash App was to help him get to Grace:

"Anyone that contributes to this cash app and helps Daniel get to my daughter is assisting in committing a crime. I hope you know that. It is a recorded record and you will be held accountable. This is serious. Stop thinking people’s lives are a joke."

Daniel would reply dozens of times, ignoring the severity of the situation. Tina ignored them. He would make similar posts later that day.

"Thank you Tina I'm on your side. The fans don't listen to me at all and everything about me is not true I need your help. I don't know what to do I'm becoming very very upset. Tina how can I help right now this is extremely serious and is ruining everything in my life? Tina I am extremely sorry you are grace have to put up with this. Waal Studio I don't think you understand. I've tried to contact you but Ivan told me that you were a troll. This is serious you don't even know anything about me yet"

Second Interaction

On the same day, Daniel posted, "I gave Waal studios my phone number". [5]Tina would respond, annoyed and in disbelief. This is also the last message Tina has sent to Daniel as of 2024.

"No Daniel you didn’t. I’m never going to get through to you am I? It is mind boggling to me how you can rationalize anything and everything."

Daniel did not reply to her comment.

Despite Tina's warnings, Daniel never acknowledged them due to his delusions. He still continues to mention Tina and Grace frequently, and even talked about trying to get them to help him bail him out during the Jail Arc. However, the messages she sent to Daniel are very clear that Tina, along with Grace want absolutely no involvement with him at all.

DO NOT contact Tina (or any of the VanderWaals) about Daniel Larson under any circumstances.