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Daniel Larson has admitted to, and was to proven to have, owned, a Pinterest account where he saved images of children, maps of the United States that listed the age of consent in each state, and images of Grace VanderWaal. As of September 2023, his new Pinterest account has been found, filled with images of little girls. Nobody was aware of this account until he leaked it himself.[1]

Exposure and Admission

Flexburger, who was Daniel's manager at the time, leaked a Pinterest account owned by Daniel after witnessing its shocking contents. Daniel would deny he ever owned the Pinterest account, at one point pretending that he didn't know what it was, but he eventually admitted to owning it.[2]


The claim that the pinterest account is his is actually quite controversial in the Daniel Larson community. It is claimed that Flexburger added the photos in the short amount of time that he controlled it. However, Daniel has been confirmed to be a pedophile and Flexburger owned the account for an extremely short amount of time, which makes the claim that Flexburger faked the story harder to believe.

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