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This article will act as an explanation of what kind of misinformation, misconceptions, or unproven claims are commonly believed about an article's subject, or just in general.

Daniel Larson

  • Contrary to popular belief, Daniel is not confirmed to have been abused as a child. While it is extremely likely given the Tennyson Center news report and testimony from his grandmother, evidence points to Daniel being the abuser himself. It is also believed that Daniel was possibly molested and/or raped as a child. The only proof of this comes from a question he asked on his Quora regarding if a mother sexually stimulating her son was normal, and a commenter on Facebook claiming to know Daniel. While both are possible, confirmation on this matter is inconclusive.
  • It is common for people to try and attempt to diagnose Daniel as having more mental and/or physical disorders than the ones he is diagnosed with, speculating what other types of disabilities or disorders he may have.
  • Daniel has never been sexually assaulted and/or raped. Daniel has claimed multiple times that individuals he knew had assaulted him, and at one point claimed that he had been “fully raped”, yet there is no evidence that points to this ever happening.
  • Daniel's parents were never married. In a post to her Facebook, Elisabeth describes his father as a "boyfriend", opposed to her husband.


  • Despite what many documentaries and sources may claim, Flexburger was not Daniel's first manager. After sleuthing from editors of this wiki, the earliest known manager of Daniel can be pinpointed as either Roach Records or Fine Dining Records. While Flexburger is an extremely influential character in the lore of Daniel, he was not the first. He only started coming into Daniel's life in major ways after the First Dark Age, between 2020-2021.
  • Flexburger did not leak Daniel's Pinterest account. Flexburger was only responsible for supplying clips of Daniel speaking about children in incriminating ways. In fact, it is a mystery as to who did in the first place. It is stated that TikToker @HottieLarson or @Diper_911 leaked his Pinterest account, but ultimately, it is unknown.


  • In the wake of the Second Jail Arc, it was stated that many members of Daniel's past management would be facing legal action due to their association with Daniel, with the reason often being stated as coercing Daniel into making threats. No member of Daniel's management would be arrested, as obviously, Daniel has his own free will and made threats of his own volition, even after being repeatedly told to stop.
  • It is believed by some that managers are solely trolls that want to harm Daniel. While these may be in the majority, multiple people have attempted to help Daniel get help. However good their intentions may have been, these attempts are most always fruitless.

Bob Proctor

  • Bob had been in contact with Daniel post-Christmas Day Meltdown, which was most likely a one-off moment where Bob did not want to speak to Daniel.
  • Bob and Daniel have never been in a romantic or sexual relationship.

Nancy Shimer

  • It is often stated that Nancy gave Bob access to a trust fund for Daniel, though there is no sign this is true, and there are no sources to prove this. There is no evidence pointing to Nancy leaving money for Daniel after her death.


  • Just like the rest of his management prior to the Second Jail Arc, Clark did not face any legal repercussions following Daniel's arrest.

Elisabeth Shimer