January 26th Hospital Incident

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On January 26, Daniel Larson checked himself into a hospital, feigning illness so he could seek shelter from the cold Denver weather. After being discharged, he was found sleeping in the lobby of the hospital, which he was subsequently kicked out of, and was almost arrested by a police officer for refusing to get off of the property.

After being kicked out, Daniel, while livestreaming, angrily threatened to commit a mass shooting at the hospital. This threat specifically was used against Daniel during the Jail Arc, when the officers who arrested him questioned Daniel regarding this threat.


In the recording of the livestream that captures the events, Daniel is arguing arguing with an employee at the hospital. This employee is asking Daniel to leave, which Daniel referred to as the cafeteria. Daniel continues to argue with her, saying that he does not want to leave the hospital because he does not want to, "... wait 45 minutes in the rain," outside. It is of note that the hospital had shelters for this exact purpose outside.

Daniel asked the employee to call the police for trespassing. Eventually, a police officer arrived and offered Daniel an ultimatum; to either leave or be arrested. Daniel, after fussing and almost being arrested, concedes to leave, but not before asking the officer for his name and badge number. In response, the officer gave Daniel his card.

Begrudgingly, Daniel left the hospital, cursing out the staff under his breath. On his way out, Daniel claimed that he would commit, "a mass shooting on the place." Daniel then went on a tangent about people lying about him, before reading off the full name and badge number of the officer.

Daniel then starts talking about Daniel MacDougall, a Secret Service agent supposedly interrogating him about making bomb threats, "... because he was famous," right before eventually threatening to shoot up and bomb Bob afterward.

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