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The Center in 2012

The Tennyson Center for Children, commonly referred to as just the Tennyson Center, is a healthcare facility in Denver, Colorado that specializes in caring for neglected, abused, and traumatized children.[1] The Tennyson Center used to temporarily house and educate abused children, but after a series of events, such as children running away from their facilities, overdoses, and even a case where a child died while unsupervised, it has closed its residential program.[2]

During his childhood, Daniel lived at the facility for 1 1/2 years, and attended their programs for 3 after suffering alleged neglect by his mother (and to a lesser extent, his father). He would stop living at Tennyson after his grandma got word of his situation, who moved from California to Denver in order to become his guardian.

Flexburger has stated that, according to Daniel, the Tennyson Center was "really good for him" and that he liked it a lot.[3] Daniel has said that he took "basic" classes there such as "third grade math, fourth grade science, like, the normal...", which is called into question given that he was a teenager during the time he attended, and these are not the classes someone of that age should be taking.[4]

As of 2021, the Tennyson Center closed its residential program after an extreme amount of controversy after multiple drug overdoses and runaways, sexual misconduct scandals, and the death of one of their patients.[5] This has extreme implications as to what happened to Daniel in the Center, and, knowing that Daniel may have been abused in the background, makes the following news report about the Tennyson Center extremely ominous and uncomfortable.


In December 2012 a local news channel reported on the Tennyson Center, featuring a 14-year-old Daniel Larson and his grandmother Nancy Shimer sharing their experience at the center. This video is the first known instance of Daniel mentioning his passion for acting, specifically mentioning that he wanted to chase storms on the news.


In a 2023 AMA, Flexburger said that he found the Tennyson Center video after "lots and lots of digging", following Daniel revealing to him that he was on the news as a child.[3] However, it was not found (or "leaked") by the community for a while.

Fan Videos

As the Tennyson Center and accompanying news video were one of the only looks into young Daniel's life, they have become the subject of many memorable fan videos and edits, mostly on TikTok. These mostly revolve around how bad Daniel's life has become, in contrast to his youthful optimism displayed in the video. Some "fans" have also stated that the American mental health system had failed Daniel and, had he received proper treatment, could have had a much better life.[6]

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