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On May 22nd, 2023, in his home state of Colorado, Daniel had an interaction with individuals claiming to be from his security team. Daniel remains adamant that they are not part of his security team and insists that they leave. Despite this, the so-called 'security team' continues to try and convince him otherwise. This event is somewhat unique as it was captured by both parties.

Daniel's Perspective

During the incident Daniel uploaded one YouTube short and two YouTube videos documenting what was happening.

YouTube Short

Daniel: Please, Please! Leave! You are not security!

"Security": I'm security Daniel!

Daniel: No you're not! I will.. I will literally have my security press charges on you

"Security": Daniel, I'm security...

Daniel: You're not security!

"Security": I am security!

Daniel: You're not security!

"Security": I am security!

Daniel: No you're not.

"Security": Daniel, they just hired me.

Daniel: No you're not!

"Security": I swear to god they hired me Daniel...on tha..on God.

Daniel: Okay! Alright! What's your name, then? What's your badge number?

"Security": My badge number is 5236.

Daniel: Okay! We'll look it up. Please leave for now.

"Security": All right, Daniel. We'll be back.

YouTube Videos

Daniel: I need you guys to leave, okay?

"Security 1": We're just standing. We're allowed to stand here. haha.

Daniel: Please! when I say leave, that doesn't mean follow me.

"Security 2": Alright we won't follow you.

"Security 1": Do you own this place?

Daniel: Well, I'm also a celebrity and it's illegal for you guys to just follow me around, let alone have me on video without my consent.

"Security 1/2" *indistinguishable*

"Security 2": I'm a famous DJ, bro.

Daniel: What's your name?

"Security 1": Excision.

"Security 2": Daft Punk.

"Security 1": Daft Punk.

"Security 2": He's Excision, I'm Daft Punk

"Security 1": True.

"Security 2": Have you ever heard of Daft Punk before?

"Security 1": You know Daft Punk?

Daniel: Wa..What's your Spotify? What's your IHeartRadio?

"Security 2": Daft Punk. D-A-F-T-P-U-N-K. I'll get you in the studio if you want! I'll get you in the stute bro

Daniel: I already got the studio booked, by management

"Security 2": Yeah but its not Daft Punk's studio

"Security 1": By Michael Quinn? Michael Quinn got you a studio?

Daniel: No! My Record Label.

"Security 1": Damn...How come Michael Quinn couldn't do it?

Daniel: Michael Quinn I cut ties with

"Security 1": Really?

"Security 2": Ooh, man, that's good.

"Security 1": Ahh, good, fuck Michael Quinn right?

"Security 2": Michael Quinn's a rapist huh?

Daniel: Okay, I need you to stop. I need you guys to just leave. All you guys want to do is troll, okay?

"Security 1": No, I'm not a troll. I swear Daniel.

One of the longer videos that Daniel posted during the interaction. In the video Daniel continues his attempts at dispelling the two individuals, however they remain adamant that they are security sent by "John Summit", stating that they were paid $30,000 to be there. They even call "John Summit" on the phone giving him a voice. Once the two individuals find out that Daniel is late for meeting Bob, they let him go.

Daniel: Literally.. There's two fucking guys walking that go to a goddamn college, okay?

"Security 1": vape naysh

"Security 2": Daniel we have no idea what you are talking about

Daniel: I've asked you guys to fucking leave!

"Security 1": We're just standing here

Daniel: Were contacting the police!

"Security 2": We're just standing here

"Security 1": Is it illegal to stand?

"Security 2": We're just trying to get to our destination.

Daniel: It's illegal to follow somebody around and harass the living fuck out of them!

"Security 2": Daniel John Summit sent us here

"Security 1": John Summit sent us

Daniel: John Summons is a fake

"Security 2": No he's not

Daniel: Yes he is, send me, show me, show me, show me the picture

"Security 2": Show him, show him the photo

"Security 1": Let me show you the picture

"Security 2": Show it to the camera so everyone knows, on TikTok

"Security 1": Look, John Summit. He sent us.

Daniel: That's so fake dude.

"Security 1": No that is John Summit!

Daniel: Okay, but where, okay what is your badge number?

"Security 1": My badge number?

Daniel: for security

"Security 1": uh, RL0193645 I gotchu dude

Daniel: What company?

"Security 1": I just told you! John Summit Incorporated

"Security 2": John Summit Incorporated

Daniel: Okay and what is your badge number?

"Security 2": 52378RL91

Daniel: Okay, and what's the website?

"Security 1": JohnSummit.com

"Security 2": JohnSummit.com

"Security 1": JohnSummitSecurity.com

"Security 2": Dude, call up, call up the boss

"Security 1": Here hold on let me call up..

Daniel: Yeah call!

"Security 1": ..You wanna talk to him? Do you want to talk to John Summit?

Daniel: We're sending out police

"Security 1": Alright John Summit is here to save you Daniel

Daniel: If you could please put it on FaceTime that would be great

"Security 1": Here listen.. FaceTime? Well I can't cause' he has an Android. I can't android, you know what I mean?... You know what I mean? Listen though this is John Summit, say hi to John Summit

Daniel: Uh, hello? This is Daniel

"John": Yes this is John

Daniel: Can I ask why you are sending people to my location?

"John": We're here to protect you Daniel, we're giving you a presidential escort

Daniel: Okay my management and my record label is asking that you guys do, you guys stop

"Security 1": Oh my god, holy shit, I'm not gonna lie bro you smell like shit. God bro, oh my god

Daniel: Okay, we're asking that you guys stop, okay? We..me..my..my management has called out the police, they're on their way

"Security 1": Holy shit that smell though

Daniel: They will check and make sure there is a website and there is a legal contract that you guys have

"Security 1": There is. You're are the one who hired us aren't you? You asked for security. That's why John Summit sent us

"John": *indistinguishable*… against you

"Security 1": My bad, my bad he's talking to you

Daniel: I can hear, but I don't have a contract with him at all.

"Security 1": Then who made the contract with us?

"Security 2": Yeah we have a contract, we already got paid, I got paid $30,000 for this Daniel

"Security 1": So are we good?

Daniel: Send proof! Were were were is your proof?

"Security 2": Show him the contact.

"Security 1": Show him the contact? Nah I can't right now I don't have it on me, its paper

"Security 2": It was a paper contract, did you take a photo of it?

"Security 1": nah I didn't

Daniel: If you guy literally got paid that much money

"Security 2": yeah it was 30 grand

Daniel: 30 grand?

"Security 1": John Summit is a rich man, yeah how do you think he got those?

"Security 2": how do you think I got these? I just bought them with my money, 30 grand

Daniel: ge.. that's like a $30 pair of pants

"Security 2": It was $85 bro

Daniel: $85?...Okay but still...but still

"Security 2": I could have hung out with my family but I got paid 30 grand to come help you, what do you want me to do?

"Security 1": They are trying to turn the media against you, John Summit knows inside info, listen to him Daniel...here tell him John

"Security 2": He's being paying us a lot of money to do this

"John": Keep your legacy secure

Daniel: Listen to New York City and I went to Sony music entertainment. I went to their office I have a contract with them. They're asking that you guys step down

"John": Yup but we have new information

Daniel: We are also aware of the trolls that are involved okay, and we are we are pressing charges on them. We are also aware of the trolls that are involved okay, and we are we are pressing charges on them

"Security 1": Well cause' we have to guard you, that's what we got paid to do. That's like my job you know what I mean? I have to pay for my kids

"John": Daniel we have new information, we need you to see this to believe it

Daniel: Okay, what is it!? you have you have you have 30 seconds

"John": Well, I will not be there in 30 seconds, you need to give it time and we will be there, for sure

Daniel: No, I'm meeting up with Bob I'm literally late to meet up with him.

"John": Okay but...

"Security 1": Do you need to meet him right now?

Daniel: Yes!

"Security 1": Alright, alright, we'll let you go

Daniel: Alright, thank you

"Security 1": Let us know though, if anything happens, okay? "John Summit security" give us one call

Daniel: I will look you up on google and I will call, Okay? but until then I ask you guys to leave

"Security 1": You saw how good we protected you though don't lie though. You are safe, you are safe at all times

Daniel: but until then I But just to let you know Bob will...

"Security 1": That's a 30 thousand dollar gets you

Daniel: Bob will...

"Security 1": That's what 30 thousand...

Daniel: hold on, hold on, stop interrupting me! Okay, Bob will literally call the police on you. He is a lot more strict than I am.

"Security 1": Tell him to hire us

Daniel: he actually works with the government

"Security 2": Put in a good word for us

"Security 1": So you don't know John Summit at all?

Daniel: No! He's in contact like Bob is in contact with the DA's office to Colorado DZ

"Security 1": *hard to tell*

Daniel: No, that is a fucking public defenders office and the shut up just get out of here... Holy fuck! I need fucking arm security for goddamn motherfucking shit. I will be pressing charges.

"Security Team" Perspective

Reddit user LunchAccomplished817 uploaded this video, which was filmed by the 'security team' claiming to have obtained it from Discord, where it was said to be of a friend.