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The 3 Days War (also known as the Siege of QnA/Larson Civil War), was an event which occurred between April 1 - April 3 of 2023. This internet conflict took place between two Larson-oriented communities, the Daniel Larson Subreddit r/Daniellarson and the Discord known as "Daniel Larson QnA".

Conflicting Viewpoints


The subreddit r/Daniellarson viewed the Discord server and management as the gatekeepers and worst manipulators of Daniel Larson.

The managers, who maintained control over Daniels whereabouts, activities, and interactions with the community, would begin to host QnA sessions on discord where users would be forced to donate an amount of $5-$20 to ask Daniel Larson a question. Any questions that were perceived as troll questions were removed without refunds, and were often seen as unfair.

Reddit users became extremely frustrated and outraged with this new management, them alleging that Daniel was being limited in his content creation and that he was being enabled to make money on the platform. Reddit users suspected that Daniel would not return to TikTok and other social platforms as long as he was being managed and enabled by the Discord server, with the logic being that Daniel Larson was known to take the path of least resistance, and viewed the Discord as a new and easier way to gain donations with the help of his managers, most notably being his head manager being IWishIHadADad, who was a confirmed child abuser. Reddit users decided it was their time to take action and liberate Daniel from his new management.

Daniel Larson QnA

The managers of Daniel Larson QnA viewed the discord as a way of making new Daniel Larson content and the subreddit as a bunch of trolls who wanted to hold Daniel back.

The Discord server, as its name states, hosted QnA sessions where the owner of the server would allow people to pay them to ask Daniel questions, with a revenue split between him and Daniel, this often seen as an exploitation of Daniel's mental illnesses. Even though the managers never claimed to be gatekeeping Daniel Larson, the Reddit claims they fully understood that they had full control over Daniel and information pertaining to him.

They would spark controversy and infamy as there were claims that they started to work together to ensure that Daniel solely contacted them and that they were the keyholders to anything and everything about Daniel. Although the managers of Daniel would say that they were not seeking clout and or control of Daniel, it was clearly evident that IWishIHadADad had plans.

Driven by his need to be directly in contact with Daniel and their desire to have power over the situation, they intended to counter the subreddit's desire for Daniel content and tried to keep Daniel under their wing. This plan would ultimately fail.

April 1 / Unrest on the Horizon

April 1st marked the first day in which Daniel Larson QnA began operating.

On the night of April 1st we see the server host its first QnA event, where Daniel is brought onto the Discord stage to answer questions from fans. Little to nothing happens during these types of events. In most cases Daniel would get cold feet and leave the stage time and time again after receiving questions that he perceived would dox his location, or when Daniel was in situations that would overstimulate him.

Daniel would continue with his regular antics, using the discord server to tag @everyone constantly and plugging his cashapp, to the point the admins would take it away from him. He also would also use the chat to say ridiculous and random things throughout the servers existence.

Although most of what came out of the Discord QnA server was a huge nothingburger, there were a few notable events.

Fake Plane Ticket

Fake ticket sent by management

On April 1st, users and management attempted to send Daniel a fake plane ticket in hopes that Daniel would arrive to Houston International Airport and go into an airport meltdown.

Three fake tickets were created, with one of the tickets being an extremely poorly faked ticket, edited within what seemed to be snapchat. A discord user by the name of Clowny aided the server in creating two other tickets that seemed extremely realistic.

The management, in a dash of extreme incompetence, decided to send Daniel the poorly faked original ticket. Daniel immediately knew that the ticket was fake, resulting in the plan failing entirely.

Tina & Olivia Vanderwaal

Two trolls by the fake names of Tina and Olivia Vanderwaal worked to trick Daniel into thinking that he was having a conversation with the real members of the VanderWaal family.

Although Daniel was convinced that Olivia Vanderwaal was real, he had his doubts about the authenticity of the Tina Vanderwaal troll, who threw Daniel into a paranoid episode resulting in his exit from the stage. Olivia was able to convince Daniel that she had a fondness for Daniel, and that Daniel should consider a threeway with him, Grace, and Olivia.

Questionable Daniel Comments

Although Daniel would mostly write nonsense into the general chat of the server, Daniel sent a few questionable comments into the general chats of the Discord QnA server. Two of the most notable comments being:

"You can have protected sex with guardian permission in Florida." "Me and Grace are having sex tonight."

Enabled by the server to feed his delusions, Daniel convinced himself once more that his relationship with Grace was real and legitimate.

Operation Liberate Larson

Many reddit users became immediately upset with the entire situation understanding that this new management was up to absolutely no good. Reddit, in cooperation with other smaller lolcow subreddits, began initiating their first attack against the QnA server known as Operation Liberate Larson.

The plan was simple, find any way to report the Discord server to Discord Trust & Safety in hopes that the Discord server would be taken down for not enforcing punishments against users who were not abiding by Discords' Terms of Service. According to sources, over 50 reports were confirmed to have been made to Discord through their website portal.

This entire plan was based on the fact that Discord had recently changed its TOS, enforcing rules and violations on more servers and users in an ironfist fashion. Although this ultimately failed in taking down the server, it was confirmed by third party sources that over 15 users of the QnA server received account bans as a result of the reports.

FTC Debacle

It was discovered that the Daniel Larson QnA server was holding a raffle for Daniels' famous scabies jacket he had during the homeless arc.

The discord server was selling 10 raffle tickets for $3.00 using Discord's subscription feature to sell the tickets. It is unknown how many subscriptions were purchased, but it was estimated that 5-10 subscriptions were purchased, resulting in an income of at least $30 through the Discord. Although the raffle was unsuccessful, redditors who were working to take down the server understood that the QnA server was in direct violation of federal law in regards to raffles and prizes enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

The server had no way of obtaining the jacket, had no ownership of the jacket, and had no plan of actual sending the jacket to the supposed "raffle winner". Although the raffle inevitably never took place, the money was taken by the owner of the server IWishIHadADad.

Reddit users planned to report the owner and the server to the FTC if the raffle officially went through for fraud and a fake prize.


Reddit Rise

Redditors began to post to the subreddit sharing their disgust and hate for the new management, including propaganda being created to inspire redditors to take action collectively against the QnA server.

This plan worked, as almost the entire community reddit began to work together to begin to topple imbalance of power. This marked the first day of the uprising and the beginning of the 3 Days War, as the subreddit, Daniel Larson World discord server, and other small subreddits began to join forces to attack the QnA server.

April 2 / Dox Conflict / The Plane

April 2nd marks the first day in which personal information about manager IWishIHadADad began to be released.

Originally doxxed by a user of the Daniel Larson World Discord, information about the manager began to become widespread information. This attack exposed the manager as a money begging serial Twitter user, a father, and other personal information.

As a result of this information being released, the manager began to get cold feet, saying on a stage press conference that he "may be leaving for a little bit".

Only a few minutes later he would retract this statement by stating "they want to scare me, I am going nowhere". This would ultimately be his worst mistake.

Behind the scenes, an army of information gathering trolls began to gain the information of other admins should this information need to be released. This included the information of administrator Zen98. Although this information was never released, it is confirmed that their information was on hold and to be used if future plans were not to work.

The Plane

Coordinated by manager IWishIHadADad, Daniel sent $115 to the cashapp of his manager. It was at this time that the manager purchased the ticket for Daniel using Daniels' money from donations to purchase a planet ticket from Houston to Newark.

This ticket purchase was confirmed to be real, Daniel’s manager also confirming in front of an audience of 300+ that Daniel also gave IWishIHadADad his debit card information, his email, and other financial details to purchase the ticket, even though they had only known each other for two days.

Reddit users became outraged that this manager was enabling, coddling, and supporting a pedophile. This enraged the reddit and other discord users more, enabling the community to attack much harder.

It was at this point that the resistance against the management became organized. Although a few discord users supported the purchase of the ticket, a large percentage of users did not agree with the situation.

April 3 / The Nuclear Dox / The Final Push / Vanderwaal Welcome

On April 3rd, Daniel was at Houston International Airport awaiting his flight. It was on this day that a Daniel Larson World discord user discoverd the criminal history of IWishIHadADad.

The criminal history included child abuse charges with the detail of "great bodily injury", which in legal terms, explains that the injury to the child was extremely vicious and potentially life threatening. IWish admitted to his child abusing past with no remorse, joking about the child abuse. He went on to say that there is "no reason to explain himself to internet trolls", using his "baby momma" and his use of Xanax as excuses. It was made evidently clear that IWish did not care about his children, family, or really himself.

This information became widespread and spread like wildfire to the reddit. By the end of the day almost every subreddit user understood what IWish was really about, and understood his dark past.

Warned by others before, IWish was not prepared for what would happen to him during his new management "career". This is the first time in management history that a manager has been exposed for such heinous and horrible charges, and the first time that a manager has been researched to such an extent.

With skeletons in his closet, IWish became debatably one of the most hated figures in Daniel Larson lore history, akin to Ox and Flexburger. Some users describe IWishes' dox and exposure much worse and eventful that Oxes and Flexburgers ever was. Guided by ignorance and selfishness, IWish drove himself directly into a brickwall.

Towards the end of April 3, the Discord server was deleted with an astounding Reddit victory. The deletion was due to the owner finally realizing the position he had put himself in, becoming an extremely hated figure and being ridiculed by hundreds for his horrible child beating past.

It has been proven that IWish still has some contact with Daniel as of April 4 2023, but considering Daniel has returned to tiktok and began begging for donations once more, order within the community has finally been restored.

The Vanderwaal Welcome

On April 3rd, Daniel was convinced by trolls in the server, before its deletion, that the Vanderwaal family would be waiting to pickup Daniel after he had landed in Newark.

This was most notably performed by the Olivia and Dave Vanderwaal trolls on the QnA stage. During this QnA, they discuss paparazzi, Tina being in disguise holding a sign with a codeword, and planning what Daniel will do with the Vanderwaal family in New York City. Daniel falls for this and makes his way to New York anticipating the Vanderwaals.

Notable Reddit Resistance Figures / "Larson Purists"

  • Clowny
  • JustinJust-In
  • u/cumfart6_
  • u/Astro
  • u/HairyPussyQueefs
  • Bobbybacala
  • Alex Jones

Notable QnA Members