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CEEL Team 6 is a fan-made term, which references the real-world Seal Team 6, that caught Daniel's attention. The term "CEEL" is an acronym that originated from when Daniel seemingly randomly texted Jared, his then-management, the word.[citation needed] Jared thought it was hilarious, and created an acronym based around it, "Care, Empathize, Elect Larson" for Daniel's presidential campaign.[citation needed]

Ceel Team 6 was spread around other fans. Daniel has assumed by the military-influenced name that it was a hostile organization and showed it little affection.

However, a group of teenagers led by Luke, who had taken on the role of "Ceel Team 6", started helping Daniel with food and clothing, and even filmed a full interview with Daniel in real life, which led to Daniel warming up to the group.[citation needed]Ceel Team 6 would eventually be the name for a discord server that was dedicated to saving Zola from Daniel.

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