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Daniel has repeatedly shown through his actions and words that he has no idea how to handle money or manage his own finances. Between his impulse spending, unwillingness to save or budget, and massive sense of entitlement, Daniel demonstrates incompetence in managing finances.

When Nancy Shimer died, she left her money to Daniel in a trust fund managed by Bob Proctor, though we do not know how much money was in Daniel's trust fund. Daniel will sometimes post updates on his finances via an app on his smartphone, but these screenshots are completely unreliable, with Daniel, at one point claiming to have enough debt to constitute the entire GDP of a small country.

Daniel, despite being given this money to spend on housing, medicine, food, and water, often spends it on gambling and tech items he will inevitably destroy. Even when he's penniless, Daniel often uses Dine and Dashing to enjoy copious amounts of food at no cost.

Daniel also spends a significant amount of money on his collection of sex toys to satisfy his fantasies.

Daniel's sources of income

Daniel has had several sources of income throughout his life. These range from the relatively mundane, like Nancy Shimer's trust fund, to the risky, like gambling. His most common method, however, is e-begging, hoping financial enablers pay for whatever he needs or wants.


Daniel will frequently post his CashApp on his Youtube and TikTok in an effort to get financial enablers to donate to him, particularly when he needs to pay for food (which he often refuses to do, instead Dine and Dashing.)


Main article: Cameo Arc

On May 31st, 2023, Daniel would create a Cameo account, which would allow financial enablers to pay for video messages from Daniel. The videos fluctuated widely in price, at one point increasing in price by over 20x, and showed that Daniel had no concept of "paying for a service" as Daniel would oftentimes not even do or say what the users asked him to while taking their money and spending it. He was banned on August 16th, 2023.


Main article: Daniel Larson's Gambling

While it is definitely not a major source of income for Daniel, Daniel has been known to occasionally gamble, and hitting the jackpot occasionally would explain purchases that Daniel otherwise wouldn't be able to afford, such as the headset worn throughout the Headset Arc and the electronics destroyed during the July 2022 Electronic Destruction Spree.

However, information on Daniel's gambling is rather sparse, and according to known details he has lost about $12.79 doing so, so he is highly unlikely to be doing so successfully. He has also been banned from several casinos in Las Vegas, one of which he threatened to set off fireworks in leading to a mental hospitalization.

Prison Commissary

On April 30th, 2024, Daniel would be arrested and incarcerated without bond, possibly for the rest of his life as he faces a 65-year sentence. Prisons have a commissary system that allows individuals within the prison to purchase a limited set of items, such as snack food and hygiene supplies using an account held by the prison, to which people who have been given the prisoner’s commissary number (usually family or close friends) can donate to fund the inmate’s commissary expenses. Daniel has not yet had any commissary expenses or his commissary number leaked, and given Daniel is unlikely to write letters and commissary accounts are not publicly accessible, it is somewhat unlikely that this will happen.

Dine and Dashing

Main article: Dine and Dashing

While Daniel was homeless, he would oftentimes dine and dash in order to eat whatever he wanted despite not be able to afford it. These bills would oftentimes go up to $50, which is far more than the average homeless person is able to spend. Daniel would often post his receipts on TikTok in an attempt to get financial enablers to pay for his meals, and would also regularly state that his mentor, Bob Proctor, or another person in a caretaker position over Daniel would pay for the meal.

Daniel has been banned from 12 restaurants due to this, though all except for two declined to press charges or have him arrested, those being the Hard Rock Café at the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado, and a Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim, CA.

On January 31st 2024, Daniel admitted to dine and dashing on TikTok, claiming to have defrauded $50,000 from restaurants over the span of four years, dine and dashing three times daily. This is likely not the actual amount of money lost by the restaurants given his poor math skills, and it is likely Daniel would be banned from every restaurant in the area were he to dine and dish three times a day, every day for four years, as this would be over 4,000 meals.