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First appearance of Gavin

Gavin (nicknamed "Hal Stewart") was one of the other "clients" in one of Daniel's housing services. Gavin was shown in a lot of Daniel's videos during the Jonas and Gavin arc. He was most notably known for having meltdowns, which Daniel recorded and posted on Tiktok. Daniel would often blame the breaking of items and holes in the walls on Gavin and his meltdowns. Although this may or may not be true, many can assume who is to blame. As mentioned earlier, Gavin was sometimes nicknamed "Hal Stewart" in Daniel's Tiktok comments as a reference to the similar looks of the character in Mega Mind because of his facial structure and hair cut.

Tragically, since Daniel quit his housing/disability services, it is highly unlikely that we will ever see Gavin or aforementioned Jonas ever again.

Gavin is best known for a few incidents that occurred during his reign over the Larson household:

  1. November 29th (2021) Incident - During one of Daniel's last streams before he got kicked out of his housing service, Gavin would have the cops called on him by caretaker Jones due to Gavin supposedly slapping him. During this altercation, Gavin proceeded to have a meltdown. Loud noises could be heard in the background, which many can assume is Gavin damaging walls and breaking items. In his fit of rage and the cops being present which scared Gavin further, he yelled his mother's phone number, which could be heard on Daniel's live, which had around 7000 viewers.
  2. Touching Incident - During the latter period of the Jones and Gavin arc, Daniel would get into a verbal altercation with Gavin. Daniel recorded Gavin as he tried to touch him, with Daniel shrieking at him to get away. Gavin had trapped Daniel in the living room before finally leaving.
  3. Virgin Discussion - In one of the more humorous videos, Gavin makes one of his first appearances in Daniel's stream. Daniel was enjoying a few slices of pizza when he mentioned that he wanted to have sex with Rhianna. This started a discussion with Gavin, which caused him to repeat himself, saying that he was a virgin. Daniel would also mention that Gavin should train with Dwayne Johnson to get in shape. Gavin replied, saying he wanted to get in shape to have sex and be a "real man".
  4. Boyfriend - In the first video that showed Gavin's face, it was an encounter with Daniel discussing whether he wants to be his boyfriend. Gavin agreed to be Daniels' boyfriend in the short video.
  5. Stand Down - Daniel got into an argument with Miranda about being woken up at 7 in the morning, which caused Gavin to tell Daniel to "stand down." Daniel immediately kicked a hole into the kitchen wall, before following Miranda up the stairs to further yell at her. The aftermath of the situation can be found here, where Daniel creates lies about the situation.