The Shower Incident

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As a part of the May 2023 Flexburger Leaks, Flexburger released a prior unknown video of Daniel Larson sending a nude video of himself to (what appears to be) his mother Elisabeth Shimer.

The video contains Daniel using a towel on himself, then flashing his genitals to the camera and pretending that he took a shower, despite being visually dry. The video ends with Daniel saying "Not sure if you could see that well" and noting that the "screen is a little foggy" .

Later the video cuts to a message screenshot of (what appears to be) Elisabeth expressing being disappointed in Daniel and questioning why he would send such a thing to his own mother. Daniel then responds with a text saying: "Sorry that was a hacker my phone gets hacked every now and then just to remind you my I get hacked I've never".



The twitter post containing the video can be found here