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On December 8 and 9 of 2023, Daniel was convinced by management and impersonators of Grace and Tina VanderWall that he would be meeting up with them at various locations around Denver including a King Soopers,[1] a Regal movie theater, [2] a Dave and Busters [3], and a four seasons hotel[4]. Daniel’s TikTok account was set to private, and he had been on a hiatus from his YouTube community page for about six days when this started on the 8th, making incidents prior to the 9th more difficult to document. However, Daniel uploaded his interaction with police at King Soopers and then live-streamed himself waiting for the “VanderWaal’s” at the various locations on the 9th. This live stream included interactions with security at Dave and Busters.

King Soopers

Filmed on December 8 but uploaded to his YouTube page on December 9 Daniel interacted with Police after customers grew concerned over what Daniel has been saying over the phone and his prolong stay in the store.

Daniel was arrested this day and bonded out shortly after.

Custody Record [5]

Wild goose chase

The next day Daniel was still convinced that he would be meeting with the VanderWaal Family and went to multiple different locations in attempts to see them. Daniel live-streamed these attempts and interactions over the course of a couple of videos.

The chase ensues

Throughout Daniel's trek, he is confused numerous times by VanderWall impersonators about Grace and Tina's supposed locations; impersonators inhabited both his texts and YouTube livestream comments. Entering the movie theater to watch Napoleon, Daniel realizes his lack of a ticket. After being sent a "fake code" by trolls, Daniel shockingly manages to be accepted. [Continue here]

Olive Garden apology

See Olive Garden Incident

The following day, December 10, while sitting inside an Olive Garden, Daniel went live multiple times and apologized to various people. This quickly spirals out of control and leads to the Olive Garden Incident.