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Name: Flexburger
Aliases: Josh, LarsonLeak, u/smokesomuch2
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Alignment: Management
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Gender: Male
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Flexburger, also known as Josh, was one of the original managers of Daniel Larson.[1][2] In the beginning of his management, Flexburger heavily manipulated Daniel and was the cause of the May 6th incident. According to Flexburger, he was Daniel's manager from March to August of 2021. Following his doxxing, Flexburger retired from his managerial role. Despite his brief tenure, Flexburger has been one of the most significant figures in Daniel's life.

Post-Management Activities

Known post-management encounters

In late September 2023, during the College Arc, Daniel and a friend encountered someone claiming to be Flexburger near the University of Colorado Boulder campus. There is a recording of the encounter. Daniel is heard in the beginning of the clip saying, "So this is Flexburger..." This caused 'Flexburger' to turn around and flip Daniel off, while exclaiming "Fuck you Daniel! Fuck you!"

It has never been confirmed if this was truly Flexburger and, if it was, why he would approach Daniel at all.

Reddit AMA

On May 6, 2023, to celebrate the anniversary of the May 6th Incident, Flexburger returned and hosted a Reddit AMA under the username "smokesomuch2." To kick off this 'celebration,' Flexburger leaked some never-before-seen lore, and also promoted his new X account, @flexburgerr.

Below are some excerpts from the AMA.

How did you manage to get him to do the "May 6th" AFTER he declared war on you? Did you go by another name [in order to conceal your identity]? - Grodbert

I went by the name “Josh” as his manager. I told him that Flexburger was this evil guy hacking all of his accounts [and] exposing him. He had no clue that it was me. When he was making all of those videos with the headset on talking about me, I was on the phone with him. He had no clue that [I was Flexburger] the whole time, pretty funny stuff.

based [sic] on your communications with Daniel, do you think he could potentially be LGBTQ+? - mikey2exclusive

100%. I think most people are forgetting that he was thinking about becoming transgender. He posted many videos like this explaining.

That whole era where he was interested in becoming transgender got shut down after he called his dad, Travis. Travis said he was not supportive and would never talk to Daniel again if he transitioned.

He’d also seem interested in some guys that were celebrities and said he’d be interested in having sex with them. At least when I was his manager, he seemed very bi-curious

What’s your opinion on people like ox that overlook [Daniel's] pedo tendencies[?] - Few_Replacement_4860

[I'm not going to comment on] Ox.

As for the people on TikTok that defend him constantly it drives me insane. I’m not sure if a lot of people know this, but this subreddit was actually mostly pro-daniel around up until about a year ago or so.

When I was [Daniel's] manager, I tried telling everyone that Daniel was a horrible person but no one believed me. People like Papa Gut would defend him just because he has a mental disability.

Never seen someone get away with this much. I’m glad the majority of the general public is finally coming to an agreement that Daniel’s [sic] a creep. Took far too long.

Do you think the “Ryan ruhruhruhraped me” was real or he just had gay sex with another retard in services. [sic] What’s your take? - tawnypunani

No, daniels [sic] never had sex or been raped before. I remember the day he made that lie up was the day he made all those holes in the walls in the pink room.

He all of a sudden started lying to me trying to make me feel bad and said he was a victim of “sexual salt”. [sic] I asked more about the story, since he had never told me it before, and things were not lining up at all and you could clearly tell he was lying.

Let’s as a community stop drawing attention to that lie [sic]. Him lying about being sexually assaulted for attention pisses me off so bad [sic]

How often would Daniel text you through out [sic] the day - lanetrain71

24/7, never ending. I [would be sitting in class, and Daniel would just be] spamming me saying there was an “emergency” and if I didn’t answer he would fire me.

The “emergency” was that Big Bank Records called him the N-word [sic] and was “harassing him”. [sic]

Daniel ended up calling 911 and the police showed up. As expected, police [sic] were confused and didn’t give two shits [sic]

[Does Daniel have any unreleased music]? Who produced these songs? How much did it cost? - BigBonesMilk

Not much. He’s a liar when he says “lots of new music coming soon in 2023”. [sic] I don’t actually believe there’s anymore full, completed songs left.

Tom Capek at Colorado Sound produced everything and was the genius behind Roaring Thunder amongst others.

I’m not sure exactly how much they paid, but I know it was a lot and way too fucking much [sic]. Thousands of dollars are not worth it for a couple songs like that 😭 [sic]

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