Roaring Thunder

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Roaring Thunder is a song by Daniel Larson. The song was released on July 15, 2021, and was the first professionally recorded song released by him.

The song is one of the most well-known parts of Daniel Larson's internet career, being surface-level knowledge for any Daniel Larson fan. "Roaring Thunder" is easily Daniel Larson's most popular song, with over 600,000 streams on Spotify.


It is not known exactly when "Roaring Thunder" was recorded, outside of it being in or before July 2021. Given that Roaring Thunder clearly had a higher production value than any other of Daniel's songs at the time, it was immediately clear that the song was recorded in a professional studio. This was paid for by Bob Proctor. Confirmed by Flexburger[1], as well as according to multiple other r/Daniellarson members[2], "Roaring Thunder" was written and produced by Tom Capek of Colorado Sound.

Of course, Daniel claims to have written the song himself, but this would be almost impossible; Daniel is nearly illiterate and obviously does not possess the capabilities to write such lyrics. Instead, it has all but been confirmed that Bob purchased the rights to a pre-written song (or multiple songs.) This would cover all tasks such as mixing and mastering, such that all Daniel would need to do is record vocals in the studio, and recieve the final song.

The price to produce "Roaring Thunder" is completely unknown. At the low end, this would probably still cost a couple thousand dollars, while at the high end, Bob could have paid for a multi-song package (where "Something More" and "Merry Go Round" were also recorded) and paid over ten thousand dollars. It's safe to assume the latter, considering the skill needed to fix Daniel's vocals.

Live performances

Daniel has "performed" Roaring Thunder multiple times since release, and almost every time he sings it in the wrong key and tempo.

He attempted to sing it on December 7, 2022, completely botching the flow and key of the song.[3]

In a desolate live stream, Daniel sang a portion of "Roaring Thunder" to around 98 viewers on December 31, 2022, while hiding from the rain in a port-a-potty at a park.[4]


"Roaring Thunder" is the subject of polarized opinions. Many fans, especially on TikTok, consider it to be his greatest song and constantly praise it. However, other fans take a more unbiased approach and have panned the song for being generic, overproduced garbage.[5]


Daniel breaks down the meaning of "Roaring Thunder"s lyrics in this video, though one could argue he is clearly making up things on the spot. He also claims the song took "about three months to write" then backtracks and says it took five minutes. Daniel says that "Roaring Thunder" was made during a "hard situation" in his life, where that friends & family didn't believe in his career.