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Warren, who Daniel claimed to be his ‘entertainment assistant manager,’ was a mysterious person who Daniel claimed to have been his manager in the summer of 2023.

He was first named around June 18th, 2023, though he was most likely active before then, gaining power over him in equally mysterious ways. Warren seems to have a decent hold on Daniel, lasting longer than most of his other ‘managers’ and surviving through multiple incidents,[1][2] including a stay in a mental health unit. There is speculation that there are at least two Warrens: the original Warren, who distanced himself during the dog arc, and the second Warren, who may be one of the past trolls of Daniel’s.

Daniel naming his manager "Warren"

Initially, Warren was completely anonymous, even to Daniel[3]. This makes it difficult to determine exactly when their story began. Warren does not post on social media and is only mentioned by Daniel. Something about Warren is he is one of the most careful managers Daniel has ever had. Even though attempts were made, Warren has not set himself up to be doxed, or to really have the community understand much about himself. Very little is known about Warren, despite the fact he had been Daniel's manager for almost 6 months during his tenure, with some believing that Warren is an alias of Flexburger.


While Warren has never posted to social media, Daniel frequently mentions him by name on his Community Tab and sometimes in videos.

Warren is a prime example of managers gatekeeping Daniel- at least at first; by encouraging him to do things such as not go live, not share his location, and list fake locations to throw off other people. Incidents were also often gatekept.

Something that supports the theory of there being two Warrens is that shortly after the dog arc, Warren acts much less carefully, cares less about what Dan does, and seems intent on trolling. The hacking of Daniel's instagram and several leaked incidents through Instagram and Twitter have happened under Warren's "care", since the alleged switch.

Warren survives through the hospital stay