Compulsive Lying

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Daniel Larson is known to make up unbelievable lies and stories to make himself look better to others. Daniel lies about multiple subject matters around his life, most notably about his level of fame/popularity and sometimes his financial situation.

He even went as far as to once lie on an application form when he got Music, a German Shepard, stating that he lived in an RV in order to adopt her. This is because the shelter Daniel visited did not allow for the homeless to adopt.

This page is to archive all of Daniel Larson's biggest lies.

(There is still a lot missing here so if you find anything noteworthy, please add to the list.)

List of Daniel's Lies

Lies told by Daniel
Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Link Notes
2023-09-08 please check out my new song merry-go-round on Amazon music ❤️ Starting at 9:39.

Daniel claims that he made $80-100k in 2022. He also mentions that he did not pay his taxes because Bob told him he didn't need to.

2023-09-10 Community post September 10th 2023 Daniel asserts that he does not "give 100 fucks" about online harassment. Highly doubtable judging from past actions.
2023-09-12 Cash App "hacked" September 12th 2023 Daniel tells us his Cash App was hacked, minutes later claiming he in fact made $5000 from it.