March 30th Incident

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March 30th of 2023 marks the first day of Daniel Larson's chaotic stay in Houston, TX.

Bus station

On the morning of March 30th, Daniel began his day with an argument at Greyhound Bus Station between him and the employees/security of the bus station over a bus ticket. Daniel posted a TikTok video in which we see Daniel talking about the transfer of a ticket and stating that he would leave the bus station once the transfer was complete.

At this time Daniel did not have a ticket for any of the busses, so he was being asked to vacate the premises. Within this video, we can audibly hear the employees ask Daniel to leave the station because he did not have a ticket. To this, Daniel replies:

"I'm not gonna leave."


"Okay, call the fucking police, I'm not playing games" in response to the employees when they threatened to call the police.

In this video we also hear Daniel say that he called the police, allegedly because someone was threatening to kill him. With this information, we can assume that Daniel is talking about the ongoing doxing of his location.

Restaurant 1

Later, we see that Daniel is located at a restaurant in Downtown Houston.

This ordeal begins with Daniel asking for cash app donations on his TikTok, in the amount of $1. Daniel proceeds to claim that his bank and debit card are compromised and under attack.

Soon enough, his location is discovered by trolls who promptly started calling the business to get Daniel kicked out. Daniel is asked to leave the premises by employees after the owner of the establishment receives a phone call about Daniels presence. It is unknown exactly what was said concerning Daniel to the owner of the establishment, but according to Daniel Larson the impersonator/troll made various bomb threats.

Daniel proceeds to leave the restaurant and eventually go live on his TikTok account, DanielLarsonNYC. Daniel claims that the restaurant and various other establishments were evacuated because of the threats, although he goes on to say that employees remained within the location after the alleged threats were made.

Minutes later on Daniels' live, he can be seen standing with who we presume to be an employee of the restaurant, waiting with Daniel for the police to arrive. Houston PD arrives and begins to speak with Daniel. The officer gathers Daniel's information, and begins to question Daniel about where he is going and what he does for a living.

Daniel begins to describe himself as a multi-talented singer and songwriter who is on a business trip. During this conversation, Daniel tells the officer that he is making his way to Florida where he will stay for the duration of 1 week, and then proceed to make his way to New York City.

The topic of doxing is brought forth, with Daniel claiming that an unspecified individual has made it their life's goal to get him banned from every establishment he visits. The encounter is quite cordial and ends with Daniel being told that there are more restaurants east of downtown Houston. He is escorted from the property and is told not to return.

Restaurant 2

Daniel makes his way to the SoDo on Main Apartment Complex located at 1625 Main St, Houston, TX 77002.

It is here at the Southern Tower on the corner of Main St and Jefferson St, where Daniel enters his 2nd restaurant of the day. This restaurant is Mademoiselle Louise, located in the South Tower of SoDo on the first floor of Main Apartment Complex.

Daniel enters the property and sits down. The exact same thing happens as before, where Daniel is located by trolls, the trolls call the restaurant he is at, and he is asked to leave the property and not return by employees. Daniel refuses to leave, and the police are called and arrive.

Daniel then proceeds to get into a heated argument with two Houston PD officers. Daniel posts a TikTok where we see the end of the conversation, where Daniel is attempting to explain the doxing and trolling situation.

The police eventually, having enough of Daniels' antics, walk away towards their bicycles. Daniel begins to scream "Call fucking dispatch!" at them, the police ignoring this provocation and proceeding to mount their bikes. One officer can be heard saying "If we have to come back it's criminal trespass". Daniel is outraged by this and proceeds to walk in the same direction that the officers rode off in.

In a separate, now deleted TikTok, Daniel can be heard screaming slurs in the general direction of the bike cops, and turning back towards the area where the altercation originally occurred.

Exhausted from this ordeal, Daniel stands on the corner of the South Tower at the SoDo on Main apartments. In one of his last TikToks posted on the day, Daniel discusses "pressing charges" against the police department and his trolls. He also claims that the police said he was "acting crazy" on social media.

Restaurant 3

Using his best judgment, Daniel decides to re-enter the establishment that he was just escorted from, sitting down in the lobby of the restaurant Mademoiselle Louise. Daniel says he will be calling the police and pressing charges on the police. The last TikTok posted as of March 30th is a picture, showing an African-American man (presumably an employee of Mademoiselle Louise), standing in front of Daniel with crossed arms.

It is unknown at this point in time whether Daniel was arrested, detained and released, and/or left the property before police arrived. It is unconfirmed at this time as the TikToks depicting this incident were deleted.


Daniel: I just have like, a serious question that I do need to ask. Okay?

Officer: Go ahead.

Daniel: So recently I gained a bunch of popularity over social-

Officer: Alright, we're done here.

Other officer: Yeah, we don't have time for that.

Daniel: Okay, but-

Officer: Can you leave?

Daniel: Somebody has been doxing my lo- somebo- okay.

The officers start leaving and Daniel turns his camera around to film them

Daniel: -phone in to the police department that you guys are not cooperating. Call fucking dispatch! Call fucking dispatch!

Officer: If we have to come back it's criminal trespassing.

Daniel: Okay, you're putting me in physical danger! BITCH! I TOLD YOU THAT I WAS GETTING DOXED!