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Rolf Jacob Sartorius
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Name: Rolf Jacob Sartorius
Aliases: Big Dick Muscle Man, Sagittarius
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Alignment: Obsession of Daniel
DOB: October 2, 2002
Gender: Male
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Nationality: American
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Rolf Jacob Sartorius (Born October 2, 2002; Also known as Big Dick Muscle Man) is an American social media personality and singer[1] whom Daniel believed was actively harassing him and trying to ruin his life. According to Daniel, he was under the assumption (fed by trolls and manipulators) that Jacob is getting in the way of his love with Grace VanderWaal, his go-to obsession, and victim of his stalking. This is ironic, considering Jacob has gone on record to say that he has never contacted her or even know who she is up until this point. Daniel has convinced himself that Jacob is his enemy and has gone out of his way to publically denounce himself.

Officials say Daniel is the prime suspect in the Jacob Sartorius attack!

What is interesting is that unlike Grace, Jacob has directly acknowledged Daniel on multiple occasions. Even so, it's worth mentioning that Jacob does not truly understand what Daniel wants or who he is, describing him as, "…someone who calls me out in all of their videos" and at one time, mistaking Daniel as a fan of him.[2] However, Jacob tries to not comment on Daniel whenever he's brought up, actively ignoring such topics as he "…only has love for him".[3] This is the closest Daniel has ever gotten to a legitimate celebrity recognizing him.


As stated before, Daniel genuinely believes (most likely due to delusions) that Jacob has been having sexual relations with Grace VanderWaal, and is actively trying to spite him by doing so. Daniel has convinced himself that Grace moved on to Jacob because they were "…moving too slow", although it is unclear where this delusion initially came from.[4] Starting on June 27th, 2023, Daniel's posting about Jacob would begin. It is presumed that a troll pretending to be Jacob was messaging Daniel at this time, although Daniel has not yet shown any of these messages.

On July 24th, Daniel would have frequent meltdowns over faked screenshots of tweets made by a multitude of famous people, one of these individuals being Jacob Sartorius. This sparked Daniel's hatred for him once more, as he was sent multiple fabricated tweets of Jacob admitting to having sex with Grace, asking for Daniel to be locked up, calling him a pedophile, and even saying that he ordered the assassination of Grace VanderWaal by the infamous Tyrone's request.[5][6][7][8] Ironically, just a few days before this, Daniel made a community post saying that Jacob apparently wanted him dead. This would ultimately be a sign of things to come.[9] On July 28th, Daniel would upload a video onto his YouTube, desperately asking for Jacob to stop harassing Grace as he just had sex with her. Daniel seems to be under the delusion that Grace is simultaneously having sex with Jacob and is pregnant with his baby, whilst he's dating her at the same time.

After being sent these, Daniel claimed in his own words that he was being "...hurassed",[10] seeking to take Grace away from Jacob and presumably hurt him. These delusions progressed to the point that Daniel believed that Olivia VanderWaal, one of Grace's relatives, was also sleeping with Jacob.[11] Daniel even texted his mentor, Bob Proctor, about the situation, although Bob did not respond to his schizophrenic ramblings.[12] On July 28th, Daniel would upload a video onto his YouTube, desperately asking for Jacob to stop harassing Grace as he just had sex with her.[13] And on August 1st, Daniel would make another video on YouTube, wherein he said Jacob Sartorius looked like a tortoise, which is ironic of him to say.[14]

"Jacob Sartorius destroyed my life"

However, on August 4th, Daniel would change his tune, as he soon invited Jacob to his so-called "Hollywood Sex Party" as one of the guests, alongside Grace VanderWaal. On August 15th, 2023, Daniel was seen throwing his Panda Express order into a lake because he was mad at what he perceived Jacob was doing to Grace.[15] This caused anger in the community as Daniel had actively wasted the food he'd bought with money he'd begged for, as most homeless people don't even get as many meals as Daniel does. On this same day, Daniel was contacted by another troll, who had told him that he had been in contact with his then manager, Warren, who'd advised Jacob to tell that Daniel that he needed to go to Thailand, where Grace was presumably staying at the time.[16]

Daniel's community posts about Jacob "stealing" Grace.

On August 18th, Daniel would claim that Jacob was actively doxxing, or "leaking" his current location, although this is obviously untrue.[17] A few days later on August 19th, Daniel stated that he needed Grace to cure his life, that he had to depression, and finally, Jacob had somehow destroyed his life. How Jacob "destroyed his life" exactly is unknown.

On August 23rd, Daniel posted a video begging Jacob for his forgiveness after what Daniel had said about him, although there is an 100% chance Jacob will never respond.[18]

On August 29th, Daniel posted a video wherein Daniel is given the opportunity by Grace to become Jacob's cuck. Daniel struggles with pronouncing cuck, saying "cook" and "cock" in its place. [19]

On April 14th-15th, 2024, an AI video of Jacob was sent to Daniel, where Jacob admits to perpetrating the Red Robin food poisoning incident to kill Daniel and steal Grace from him. Daniel went live, taking the video at face value and believing that Jacob was indeed responsible for the incident. [20]

"Big Dick Muscle Man"

On July 29th, Daniel had a meltdown, which would ultimately culminate into an argument with Bob Proctor while riding in his car. While ranting to Bob about having a "small dick", among other egregious things, Bob would soon refer to Jacob as "Big dick muscle man", and "Sagittarius", which is most likely a misinterpretation or misremembering of Jacob's last name, Sartorius.[21] This has become a very memed upon phrase in the community, as at most times, Jacob is referred to as "Big dick muscle man" instead of his actual name.

Contact & Mentions

While Daniel has most likely spoken to only trolls pretending to be Jacob, Jacob has gone on to mention Daniel a handful of times, mostly in live streams when he's asked by the person he's with or responding to people in the comments.

During the first live stream, occurring on July 19th, 2023, Jacob is asked by TikToker Gemajae about Daniel, to which he is very obviously unsure of who Daniel even is, describing as "..I think that's like a TikToker pretty much", showing a very lackluster understanding of him, as he even calls him his "fan" at one point.[22]

On August 1st, Jacob mentioned Daniel once more, saying "…I have nothing against Daniel", and "…I will not be fighting him" after someone commented that in the said live stream. What's important to note is that Jacob says that "... It's all love on my end", having a very positive approach when he comes to Daniel, unlike many other people in the Daniel Larson story.[23]

In the third live stream, happening on August 3rd, 2023, Jacob is asked once more about Daniel, saying "...I don't know what problem he has with me", and even at one point stating, "…I don't have any beef with him, it's all love at my end", having a very laid-back approach to Daniel constant mentioning of him.[24]

And on August 16th, 2023, in the fourth, and final mention of Daniel, Jacob reads a comment from his live stream reading "Daniel Larson is obsessed with you", where he simply replies that she probably shouldn't have read said comment out loud and ending it with "no comment".[25] Overall, Jacob shows a very poor understanding of who Daniel is, which is most likely the best course of action. This is most likely how it will stay, given how much Jacob tries to ignore people who ask him about Daniel.

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