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Daniel has stated multiple times, particularly in 2020 and 2021, that he planned on becoming transgender (or as he pronounces it, "trance gender.").

Fans have theorized that Daniel was told to say these things by Management for publicity or just content; in addition, Daniel has never mentioned this after 2021, and has not shown any clear signs of gender dysphoria nor intention to pursue any actual treatment such as hormone therapy.

Headset arc

In this Headset Arc video, Daniel would post his support for the supposedly ongoing Transgender Awareness month. This is despite the fact that the video was posted on May 1, 2021, where as Transgender Awareness Month is in November.

Daniel announces he will be transgender as it is Transgender Awareness Month


Hello, this is Daniel Larson. And, this is, trans, gender, awareness month. Because it is trans, gender awareness month, I am transgender. Please stay tuned. Please help us out. Stay tuned. Thank you.

On the same day, Daniel would duet a video of Joe Biden saying he supports transgender Americans.

Pink room arc

In this Pink room video, Daniel announces he is planning to become transgender and use she/they pronouns.


Daniel asks his fans what they think about him “changing into a female”
Daniel’s message to Travis about his lack of support for his “transition”.

Daniel's "De-Transition"

Daniel made a TikTok saying he isn't going to be transitioning, even though he has not done any transitioning (therapy, hormones etc).

Daniel announces that he decided not to be transgender