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Daniel Larson Team and Family Management (DLTFM for short) was a Discord server (or, more accurately, an echo chamber) created, and managed by Clark, Daniel's manager. The contents of the main channel was leaked by Reddit user and whistleblower u/nagging_nagger on January 17th, 2024, to r/daniellarsonfans given they were of the belief that the moderators of the main Subreddit would take their post down.[1][2]

On this server, Clark and his associates (being mostly other trolls and enablers) would engender Daniel's delusions, namely Daniel being in contact with the VanderWaal team/family, his romantic relationship with Grace, and celebrity status. Additionally, they would send Daniel money through PayPal, and even more, would state that they could possibly get content removed and/or posted to the subreddit at will; as some of the users in the Discord server were main moderators in the Daniel Larson Subreddit. Though, it's worth mentioning that this cannot be confirmed, and considering these individual's track record of lying, it's most likely not true until further confirmation.

Multiple of Clark's associates would exploit Daniel's already existing delusions via role-playing as important people and/or celebrities, such as Tina VanderWaal, Grace VanderWaal, Oliver VanderWaal (Grace's "brother"), Preston Dew (the basketball player, for some reason), Aaron Dew, and Daniel's celebrity finance intern.

This server eventually stopped operation after eventually getting raided after the "Subreddit leaked management Discord", although it's questioned as to if this really happened. Clark himself did confirm that the server did stop following the leak but the exact reason was never revealed.

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