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Andrew was one of Daniel's case managers, known most notoriously for being the scapegoat of Daniel's issues during his Homeless Arc. After leaving care under Jonas, due to Daniel's developmental disabilities and homelessness, Daniel was assigned a case manager by the state government of Colorado.

Daniel's relationship with Andrew

Daniel's developmental disabilities and online manipulation cause him to think that he is extremely famous. Due to the nature of Daniel's care, Andrew was often blamed by Daniel for stealing money, destroying his career, as well as making his life difficult. In many of Daniel's TikToks, Daniel shows disregard and contempt for Andrew, often cursing at and threatening Andrew. On several occasions, Daniel has also tried making Andrew pay for his meals.

During the final week of June 2022, Daniel increasingly shared feelings of malice, aggression, and resentment towards Andrew. As Daniel fled into the woods (to run away from 'police' searching for him), he posted a series of rants onto his TikTok. In these posts, Daniel struck himself, saying that Andrew was stressing him (and Bob) out so much that they had to hurt themselves. Additionally, Daniel said he would "find and kill" Andrew, and claimed that Andrew is responsible for Daniel being “financially ruined”. During one of these rants, Daniel called Andrew the N-Word.

As of July 7th, 2022, Andrew is no longer Daniel's case manager.[1]

There is reason to believe that Andrew is not actually responsible for Daniel's accusations. Daniel has claimed that he spoken over the phone with Andrew, who said that Daniel did not "need to go to court, regardless of what the warrants" said. This was clear evidence that Daniel purposely used Andrew as a scapegoat for any problem that occurred in his life. There is no possibility that Andrew, a state employee, had told Daniel not to appear in court. Instead, Daniel saw an opportunity to avoid going to court (as well as any further “failure to appear” fines) by a utilizing a baseless claim that his disability case manager said he was not required to attend.