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Quandale Dingle is an internet meme popular on TikTok in late 2021 and early 2022. Quandale Dingle memes were mostly abstract and simple, which allowed TikTok users to spread it easily. The simplicity and saturation of Quandale Dingle eventually killed the meme, however it did play a notable part in the life of Daniel Larson.

An example of a Quandale Dingle meme.

Daniel’s relationship with TikTok

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Throughout the years, Daniel has violated TikTok community guidelines several times, which has caused multiple accounts of his to be banned. Many of his accounts were banned due to his attempts at satisfying his trolls or managers. As things often go on the internet, vulnerable people such as Daniel attract many trolls including an anonymous user who pretended to be Quandale Dingle.

The TikTok

The troll got a hold of Daniel’s phone number and started messaging Daniel. Instead of blocking him, Daniel decided to respond to and post about him on one of his many TikTok accounts, @daniellarsontoday, which has since been deleted. Daniel posted several TikToks in which he demanded that the troll stop texting him. One of these posts would become one of the most viral TikTok's that he has ever posted. In this TikTok, Daniel addressed Quandale and said the phrase which arguably brought him the most amount of attention: “Quandale Dingle better be good at running.” It is unknown if Daniel was aware that the account was a troll. Regardless, the TikTok blew up racking over 4 million views and 1.5 million likes before the account was banned.

Other Videos

"Message to Quandale Dingle" is one of the most popular Daniel Larson clips in all of Danderson history. This video, made on April 7th, 2022 on his @daniellarsonfans YouTube account, features a seemingly dazed Daniel staring at the camera. This was made in response to a troll who got his phone number and started spam calling him while posing as Quandale Dingle.

This is a message to Quandale Dingle.

Please stop messaging me.

*bzzt bzzt*

Go to hell.

Quandale Dingle, please step down. The F.B.I. is going to your house, they are on route to your house, please step down you bitch ass hoe.