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Here's a list of rules you (and others) should not violate. Violating these rules may result in a ban, although some of these are highly contextual.

Policies and Rules

Explicit Content Policy

Images / Videos

Uploading explicit videos/images, such as images containing gore or nudity, is strictly disallowed. Linking to NSFW content is acceptable, on the condition that:

  1. You have a reason to link to it, and it is appropriate in the given the context it is linked in (An example being the Pencil Incident, or May 6th Incident, as it is a part of the Daniel Larson lore)
  2. The content is not illegal, or extremely grotesque.
  3. The website it is linked to does not also host illegal/ grotesque content, viruses, or sketchy links

Keep in mind that uploading potentially offensive or disturbing things (such as chat logs of Daniel talking to people he believes to be minors) are not explicitly disallowed. In the end, just use your brain. If you cannot tell by these rules given that your content is acceptable to upload/link, you probably shouldn't link it.

Profanity / Slurs

Cursing is acceptable in articles, but is to be completely avoided to be used if it is not necessary. Do not use uncensored slurs in articles, unless you are quoting another person or in a transcript


If you start advertising your own projects, even if Daniel related, it will be deleted. If found doing this, you’ll be given a strict warning. If you're seen doing this multiple times, you'll subsequently be blocked. Supporting fellow creators is good, but this is not the place to do so, especially when time advertising can be used editing articles.

Vandalism / Spamming

Signing up to start editing the wiki solely to blank pages, vandalize user pages, or type nonsense/gibberish into articles will result in you being blocked indefinitely from editing on the website.

Often times, people will fabricate news about Daniel vandalizing the DL Wiki. Don't try to vandalize under Daniel's name, it won't work, we will know it's you.


It is not permitted to threaten people with things such as doxing, violence, etc. This is often tied with vandalism, namely vandalizing a user page with harassing remarks or insults. If you need to contact a user about an issue, or to have it resolved, you should direct yourself to the unofficial DL Wiki Discord, or their respective contacts.

Inappropriate Usernames

Creating an account with a username that has things such as hate speech, slurs, or harassing language in it is not tolerated, as well as impersonating other people (especially Daniel). You will be promptly banned if you violate these rules. Additionally, please do not create multiple accounts, too, unless you have a reason. (Ex: Forgetting your password, etc.)

Appealing a ban

If you believe you were falsely or unfairly banned or that your ban should be lifted, please consult the Wiki Admin, daniellarsonwiki, in the DLW Discord server to request an appeal. If they feel that it is worth their time, you'll be let back in. Please note that this purely depends on your ability to explain yourself, and the offense that got you banned in the first place.