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Likee is a Singaporean social media platform similar to TikTok, having live streaming capabilities and being oriented towards the creation and consumption of short-length videos.[1] Daniel Larson used to be active on this app.

Likee ID Account Name Joined Status Bio Sex/Age Location Following Followers Likes
830141777 daniel larson June 2021 Inactive 23 United States 1 771 4.22K
bigdartist Bigdartist July 2021 Inactive I am a singer songwriter actor and fashion model Male/23 Denver, United States 72 385 1.31K
mansinger man July 2021 Inactive I am a singer songwriter actor and fashion model. a public figure Male/23 Aurora, United States 1.27K 355 2.19K
dlrrecords Daniel Larson November 2021 Inactive I'm a celebrity singer-songwriter actor and fashion model and politician Male/23 11 65 126

daniel larson (ID:830141777)

Predictably, the one account he is following belongs to Grace VanderWaal, him making many predatory and creepy videos towards the underage woman.

Infamous Likee Meltdown

On June 25, 2021, Daniel Larson had a meltdown over a man named "JP" threatening to kill him, uploading "personal videos" of Daniel online, not letting him on the VanderWaal team. Larson threatens to kill himself, pleads to the VanderWaal family/team to help him, repeats that he repents, and asks his followers to check out his YouTube channel.