Discord Fiasco

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On July 1st, 2022, Daniel began intensifying the amount of and the severity of his posts onto the "/r/DanielLarson 2" Discord (which should be noted is not related to the subreddit) after he had just done a Q&A in the same discord the night before. Brink also joined this discord to have a public discussion about what was best for Daniel and the best ways to help him.

Daniel was constantly convinced to join other discords, and leave previous ones, leaving a mass amount of confusion. At one point Daniel was given all permissions of a discord server, where he promptly started to ban everyone.

Timeline of Events

This timeline is a work in progress, Daniel's movements were hard to track, and people are encouraged to fix any mistakes they see.

  • 6/30/2022
    • Daniel joins "/r/daniellarson 2" (dl2) discord for a Q&A
    • Q&A happens and some people donate to Daniel's cashapp
  • 7/1/2022
    • Daniel texts the dl2 group chat throughout the day about various things.
    • Brink joins the chat and has a public, heated, discussion with the dl2 server owners about what is best for Daniel
    • dl2 server owners do their best to keep up with Daniels ban requests, but sometimes those requests called for server mods
    • Daniel leaves dl2
    • Daniel posts on TikTok another discord
    • This new discord, run by an account named "fring" (fd) is a clone of dl2 because "that's what Daniel wanted"
    • Daniel is granted full power in fring's discord
    • Daniel, once he figures it out, starts banning people
    • Daniel is convinced to leave this server and go back to the dl2 Discord
    • The dl2 Discord gives Daniel full permissions but despite this Daniel leaves again
  • 7/2/2022
    • Daniel, still upset from the night before, posts TikToks about it