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KOK Records was a record label that existed in late 2020, and it was a fictitious record label ran by a group of teenagers. They were known for being a malicious record label who were known to doxx other individuals throughout the community, including Juicebox Records.

KOK Records is notable for releasing Daniel's song Gang Life, which was released on the 10th of November 2020.

KOK Records tenure

Sometime in November of 2020, a Zoom meeting was held where members of KOK Records had offered a virtual contract to have Daniel be signed to to the label.

During this time, Platinum Elite Records had also signed Daniel to their label, causing a tension within the management of Daniel.

Post-KOK Records

In 2023, Daniel made his latest mention of KOK Records, referring to it as "cock records", and claiming that the record label was based out of Japan.