August 31st Incident

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Motel footage of Daniel getting run over! The audacity of Bob.

On August 31, 2023, Daniel and Bob Proctor were involved in a physical altercation while in Bob's car following a verbal argument which resulted after Bob asked Daniel to not use his phone whilst in his presence. This later resulted in an interaction with the police, and Daniel claiming that Bob "ran him over" with his car.

The Incident

The video starts with Daniel arguing with Bob after Bob told him that he did not want Daniel to use his phone in his presence, which is most likely due to the many overwhelming issues that come from it. Daniel then claims it is his legal right to bring his phone to dinner after Bob told him to not bring his phone inside, just before (ironically) calling Bob crazy, before commenting that Bob is "never helpful anymore" and always "causes issues".

Following this, Bob calmly asks Daniel to turn off his phone and put it in the car's console, to which Daniel replies that he will not be doing so, and will be perfectly happy to keep his phone on his person while turned off. Because of Daniel being upset with Bob asking him to put away his phone, Daniel states his reasoning for filming, claiming it is for his own protection, before commenting that the situation was "ridiculous" and that Bob is "so stubborn".

Daniel asks Bob if he will take him to dinner, guilt-tripping him with the prospect of Daniel starving if they didn't up going out. Bob, clearly having enough of Daniel, raises his voice and asks Daniel to get out of his car, while Daniel refuses. This escalates to a point where Bob starts yelling at Daniel to "Get the fuck out of my car!". Bob presumably grabs Daniel by his arm, while Daniel yells back at him to not grab him, with Bob replying via threatening to break his arm. Daniel shrieks, "If you break my arm-", yelling out expletives and asking Bob to let go of him. This is following by him then exclaiming, "Holy fuck, where did my phone go!?" after his phone presumably fell into a crevice between his seat, although this is unknown.


Daniel and Bob then begin hitting each other, causing Bob, to again, yell for Daniel to get out of his car while Daniel shrieks and yells that he has a right to defend himself. Bob continues to reiterate this while Daniel searches for his phone, before Daniel finds it again. The video ends with Bob pushing Daniel out of his car, then speeding off. Daniel also starts to yell that Bob had run over him. Some people believe that Bob might've run over Daniel's toes in his haste to leave. However, Daniel is an unreliable narrator, so we cannot be certain about this. Dan violently swears and yells slurs, most notably the n-word, at Bob shortly before the camera turns off and the video ends.



[camera shows the coin pocket in the car door]

Daniel: So I wasn't going to film, but since YOU have a problem with me bringing my phone in the car, okay? Now I'm going to film because that's my legal right. OK? So, you're causing this issue to yourself. You are literally causing this issue to yourself, and I guess I will go without fucking dinner now, because you have a problem with me even bringing my phone with me... which is my fucking legal right. You are crazy. You are never helpful anymore. All you do is cause issues. You told me not to be on the phone in the car, I wasn't.

Bob: I said, turn off your phone and put it in the console, and you said yes.

Daniel: I'm not gonna put in the console, but I will be more than happy to stay off my phone and turn it off. You had a problem with me, like literally having it on my seat. the phone was literally turned off, OK? I just turned it on to film this because you had a problem with that. I'm now filming for my protection. This is ridiculous. You are so stubborn, like I was saying before. So, are we going to get dinner? Or are you taking me back to the motel and I'm just gonna not have anything for dinner, and I'm not gonna eat today at all. And I guess I'll starve tonight. So what is it?

Bob: *raises voice a bit* Get out.

Daniel: I'm not gonna do it. Because I had my phone-

Bob: *yells even louder* GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY CAR!!! (grabs Daniel, things begin to get aggressive) *through gritted teeth* GOD DAMN YOU!

Daniel: Ok, don't fucking grab me!

Bob: Want me to break your fucking arm?!

Daniel: If you break my arm...

[camera goes black]

Bob: Then get the fuck out of my car!

Daniel: Okay, then let go of me fucker! (things escalate, phone falls off seat) If you fucking hit me nigger! Holy fuck, where did my phone go?! Where did my fucking phone go?! Oh, you are hitting me!

Bob: You're hitting me! God, Daniel!

Daniel: *yelling* You hit me first bitch!!

Bob: Get out of my car!

Daniel: You hit me first! I'm not playing these games with you! Holy fucking hell, bitch! Don't grab me like that! Don't fucking grab me!

Bob: Quit hitting me!

Daniel: *screaming* YOU HIT ME! You hit-

Bob: No! You hit me repeatedly! Don't-

Daniel: Then let go of me!

Bob: Get out of my car!

Daniel: FUCKER!

(Bob and Daniel are still fighting)

Bob: Quit hitting me!



Daniel: FUCKER!!

(things stop)

Bob: Get out of my car!


Bob: Get u- open then door and you'll find it! Get out of my car!!

(Daniel starts attacking Bob again)

Bob: OWW!! God damn you! I'm gonna call the cops now!

Daniel: No, because you hit me!

Bob: Get the hell out of my car!

Daniel: You hi- you hit me!! Fucker!! Now where did it go!?! Fucker! (heavy breathing)

Bob: You better find it!

Daniel: (hits himself five times, voice becomes weak) Where did it go? Where did the fuck did it go? Where the fuck did it go?

[Daniel retrieves his phone, still heavily breathing]

Daniel: OWW! FUCKIN'!

Bob: GET AWAY FROM MY CAR!! (drives off)



Following this, he makes a community post where he says that he's going to be calling 911. Not long after, Daniel would film another video having a meltdown. In this video, Daniel is seen punching and kicking the walls, along with slamming his head into them, all occurring at the motel he was staying at, whilst sobbing and breathing very heavily, reiterating "Bob just ran me over with his fucking car" while calling Bob a bitch, and the n-word once more, while continuing to hit things.


[Daniel is in the motel, visibly distressed, heavily breathing and whining, pacing around the motel room]

Daniel: *crying, moaning while doing the Angry Tongue* Bob... Bob just ran me over with his fucking car. Bob just fucking ran me over with his fucking car! (hits a wall) Bob just ran me over with his car! (kicks another wall) Bob just ran me over! Bob just ran me over! Bob just ran me over with his car! My fucking foot hurts (grunts, makes weird vocalizations as he kicks the bathroom walls twice, bashes his head into the wall, then sobbing) Bob just ran me over with his car! Bob just ran me over with car! Fucking bitch! (whines as he bashes his head into the doorframe, still sobbing) Bob just ran me over, fucker! (Angry Tongue, punches the wall once more) Fucking bitch n****r! Fucking bitch! Bob is a bitch! Bob is a bitch! Bob is a bitch! (sobs) He hurt me! He fucking hurt me! (cries)

After this, Daniel would make more posts to his community tab wherein he claimed Bob had run him over with his car and that he was terrified of him, how he wanted justice, and that he was currently filing a restraining order against Bob. This was followed up by more posts of Daniel claiming that he was going back to the same mental hospital that had put him on medication, presumably the one he was sent to during the aftermath of the Dog Arc, that he only hit Bob back in self-defense, and how he only wished for peace and "everything to be ok". Daniel also claims that his "rights were violated by Bob", although exactly how is not explained. A few minutes after, Daniel says that police are on his way, and additionally stating that "a person who would care would never run me over with their car". After this, the community posts stop as the police eventually arrive to the motel.[1]

That evening, Dan would stream a conversation with the police as he tells the cops what he claims to have happened during the altercation. While speaking to them, Daniel continues to falsely claim that it was his right not to put his phone in the glove compartment and that he was only putting his hands on Bob out of self-defense. Dan actually lies several times, but mostly gives a truthful statement about the encounter. It is unknown if any charges were ever filed against Bob. Although, it appears that none were, despite Daniel actually filing a police report.