Christmas Day Meltdown

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On December 25th, 2023 Daniel has a meltdown on TikTok and his YouTube community comment section. The incident was caused by several factors, including Bob's refusal to make contact with Daniel, the extreme cold that Colorado was experiencing that day,[1] and being denied entry into establishments because of his known erratic behavior. [2]

Prior events

Around noon, Daniel says "Bob Cancelled", and can't get in contact with him. Daniel thinks he's "actually dead", and says something's going on.[3] Daniel also states all plans for Christmas are cancelled [4]. Daniel then called 9-1-1, for a Wellness Check on Bob [7]. The police contacted Daniel, and said that he is alive and that Bob want's nothing to do with Daniel [8].

Bob is "on sight"
Bob is done
Daniel is doing nothing
Zero celebration and on the streets

Daniel post's a TikTok and says "Holy fuck, people want to scream at me out their windows? And say the FBI and CIA are coming? They can go fucking kill themselves."[9]. The TikTok was shortly deleted, and was likely building up Daniel's frustration since Bob did not want to contact Daniel, despite Daniel wanting to.


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Daniel begins posting on his TikTok with multiple videos, centered around the anger he feels towards Bob for "abandoning" him on Christmas Day. The final TikTok posts were made at 6:15 P.M MST, visibly past dark; the entire freakout lasted no longer than half an hour, at which point all the TikTok posts from the afternoon were deleted (presumably by Daniel). As such, there are some gaps in the record of the posts leading up to the freakout, while the majority of the actual freakout itself is covered in the one longer compilation video and 3 individual post videos available below.

Collection of videos
  • Daniel states he had $100 "pretty much taken" because he "got kicked out of the motel tonight".[5] Note that prior to claiming he was ejected from a motel, he stated the place he was ejected from was Red Rocks Community College (which was closed at the time), making the motel story undoubtedly a lie for sympathy/money.[6]
  • Daniel is audibly frustrated, and he states he cannot feel his hands and feet due to the freezing temperatures outside.
  • Daniel states Bob is treating Daniel "like a piece of fucking shit and I want to die" [5].
  • Daniel states Bob stopped answering Daniel's phone calls and his Christmas is ruined because of Bob [5].
  • Daniel begins crying and states he's in pain [5].
  • Daniel claims to be attacked by somebody on the road, and that he hates Bob [5].
  • Daniel is crying and saying that Bob is playing with his emotions, and that he "can't take it"[7].
  • Daniel audibly growls and states he will "fucking murder him [Bob]".
  • For the finale, Daniel states he will have his old nemesis USSS agent Daniel McDougall killed.[8]

Emotions are being played with
Freezing anger
Watch out daniel mcdougal

Daniel shortly after posting on TikTok goes to his YouTube channel, and explains the situation he's in. The comments can be found under his community section [9].

Daniel dec2 blood test.png
Daniel sitting in the hospital as tests are being run on him
Daniel hospital dec 26.png
  • Daniel says that "Clark told himself [Daniel] that LBI Entertainment is planning a Christmas Celebration for the night" [9].
  • Daniel decides to go to the hospital, Daniel get's an EKG because he states he's "having issues with his heart" from Bob stressing himself [Daniel] out [9].
  • At the hospital, Daniel states that the police were called on him [9].
  • Daniel states that "Bob told me Daniel McDougall has ruined his life forever" [9].
  • Daniel states "Everything was perfect until I tried to take Bob to dinner for Christmas" [9].
  • Daniel replies to a comment asking about Danie's current state, he say's "It's not looking good" [9].
  • The hospital staff are unable to give Daniel food until his heart rate is under control [9].
  • The hospital staff takes blood tests and an x-ray [10].
  • Daniel believes in Santa [10].
  • Daniel posted 2 separate pictures at the hospital. He was able to have two meals there and claims Bob is starting to kill him.
  • Daniel continues to post in his community section and is at the hospital as of the next day at noon. He says "get ready for more escalation"

Daniel was discharged about an hour and a half later, he has not mentioned if he was diagnosed with anything or has any further issues.