The Bottle Incident

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The Bottle Incident is an incident that occurred while Flexburger managed Daniel Larson. It took place in the pink room.

The Incident

The video shows Daniel naked, then lying down and trying to put a water bottle into his anus. Flexburger had said it would be the next part of the May 2023 Flexburger Leaks, and that the video would be leaked on Friday, May 19, 2023. This tweet stating this can be found here. Despite these claims, Flex later backed out and said he would do it later, then began releasing snippets of Daniel's unreleased music on a TikTok page. With that being said, he later actually did release it, a little under a week late.

As of May 25, 2023 the video has been released publicly with a message saying "Part I: The Calm Before The Storm" implying that there are either more videos about Daniel and waterbottles or that there is a longer version of the video that was released.

The tweet including the video can be found here (NSFW!).