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Daniel speaking to police outside an Olive Garden
Photo taken after the incident by u/ariniv

The Olive Garden Incident was an incident that occurred on December 10, 2023 whilst Daniel was livestreaming on YouTube live at a Denver Olive Garden. Daniel, under a manager-fed delusion, attempted to get him and Grace VanderWaal a reservation at said Olive Garden, but was subsequently trespassed and kicked out of the restaurant after repeatedly being told not to film inside, demanding a table for eight people, causing a scene inside the restaurant when confronted, yelling expletives at the staff, attempting to perform a citizens arrest on everyone inside, and most notably, alleging the manager was printing out his nudes as well as pulling the fire alarm at the prompt of his chat which caused the fire department to come and deal with his antics.

Coincidentally, this incident occurred on the one-year anniversary of one of Daniel’s most infamous meltdowns. More interestingly, This incident gained viral TikTok attention, as Noah Glenn Carter (a TikToker with 8 million followers) made a TikTok video about it.[1]

This incident was the matter of the March 19 and April 2 arrests. Many speculated that Daniel's arrest on the 30th of April was in regard to missing a court date that pertained to this incident. However, it was unrelated to the charges he got for that arrest.




[Daniel is in the lobby of Olive Garden]

Daniel: Yep, I can confirm. Okay, yep, FBI vehicles are here. I see them outside, alright.

[video cuts to later, he flips the camera]

Daniel: OK, now the managers and everybody came back out. They have three managers on duty.

[Manager 1 comes up]

Manager 1: Someone was on the phone...

Daniel: Yep

Manager 1: ...that says they're your uncle and that they want to send you, uh, money for your Cash App.

Daniel: I don't have Cash App, so I don't know if that's true or not.

Manager 1: OK, so I'm just gonna tell them no.

Daniel: Yeah, just tell them no. Thank you.

[Camera flips to Daniel]

Daniel: I've been in here numerous of times, okay? Um, I am dating another celebrity, okay, they have a management, they have a security team, they are already here, okay? So, they're already here. They're out in the parking lot. I have an FBI investigator, I work for the Secret Service, they're investigating as well. Um, they're investigating my entire fanbase to make sure that like, I am safe and I don't get cold anywhere I go. And...

Manager 2: Were they coming to eat here? Or...

Daniel: They- they are outside being- and apparently they're being like, straight up harassed by your employees.

Manager 2: (unintelligible) voices back here.

Daniel: Um, they are saying it's out back where your kitchen is.

[cuts to later]

Daniel: We have reason to believe that the, uh, documents that the, uh, manager was printing off is nude photos of me from, um, a online, um, troll website. The... OK, I just got sent a picture of the police holding Grace to a car outside.

[cuts again]

Daniel: I have, I have full- yep, I have full proof of Grace being assaulted coming in pictures and everything. OK, let me- give me one more second, that's happening outside somewhere. (gets up and walks to the host's desk) I'm performing a citizen's arrest, so the FBI is outside, we have- I have more than enough photos coming in, OK.

Manager 2: Who are you arresting?

Daniel: I'm arresting every single person here. I'm arresting ALL employees.

Manager 1: I thought you were telling me that you're a celebrity?

Daniel: Yes.

Manager 1: OK, do people take pictures of celebrities, right?

Daniel: Right, but you were back in back...

Manager 1: Yes.

Daniel: ...printing off documents.

Manager 1: I was?

Daniel: Y- you, you have- you said that and it's on video.

Manager 1: I- that I was printing off documents?

Daniel: Yes.

Manager 1: You're- OK, so here's the, here's the deal. I'm gonna ask you to come over here, actually. Over here. We've been very nice. Like, that's what I'm going to tell you. You're not filming me, correct?

Daniel: I am legally required to.

Manager 1: Nope! You can actually just leave now.

Daniel: I don't have to leave. I am- the FBI is here. I have fucking photos!

Manager 1: Okay, sir, this is what I'm gonna tell you. (voice becomes firmer) You're gonna calm down right now.

Daniel: You-

Manager 1: You're gonna stop filming me or I'm gonna call the police and they're gonna remove you from here. I know that's what you want, I know that's what you're famous for on tell tok (TikTok), but we are not doing this.

Daniel: That, that's...

Manager 1: You're gonna curse at me again, or you're going to leave.

Daniel: I never cursed.

Manager 1: Okay, sir. What I'm gonna tell you right now is you're gonna stop filming, and you're going to leave, or I'm going to call the police right now.

Daniel: Go ahead and call the police.

Manager 1: Thank you. (walks away, to Manager 2) We're done.

Daniel: I just got sent pictures and photos of Grace being assaulted. I'm not gonna just sit here and call those photos fake. I got sent them from the fucking FBI.

Manager 1: (on phone with police) I'm gonna ask you again not to curse. There's children in here. I'm gonna ask you again..

Daniel: (raises voice a bit) I have, I have photos...

Manager 1: Shhh! I need you to lower your voice. (to dispatcher) Hi, 7655 W Alameda-

[video cuts]

Manager 1: ...families right in here. Um, he's accusing us of printing off documents and telling us he's gonna have to get my entire staff arrested, and at this point I would just like him out of the building. His name is Daniel Larson, he has uh, 22,000 followers on TikTok. It's a whole thing which we were trying to not... but at this point, we're done. My name is (manager gives out name, spells last name).

Employee: Any kids plates?

Daniel: I just got word from the FBI, and uh, Rick Yorn, LBI Entertainment that you are being sued.

[video cuts]

Daniel: I just got notified that um, Rick Yorn at LBI Entertainment, who is the CEO has called the head manager and the CEO of all Olive Gardens, and you're fired. They- they're working on firing you.

Manager 1: Um, they might be on their way, yeah.

Daniel: They might be on their way, but don't know yet. Wow. So, in other words, um, the police are also trolling along with you! So, wow! That's a bunch of information now that I needed! Wow, thank you!

Manager 1: (sarcastically) You're... so welcome!

Daniel: The police are now trolling as well. (chuckles) The police MIGHT show up, they don't even know. Hmmm, OK.

[cuts to later]

Daniel: I also, also the guy with the curly hair, the guy with the curly hair that was sitting next to me here, he's undercover. So, we have more than enough proof. The guy with the curly hair that was sitting right next to me here was undercover. Emergency, we need you... um... yeah I guess I...

[Daniel gets up, goes to the entrance to the fire alarm pull station, tries to pull it]

Manager 3: Hey, hey, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! No sir!!

[Daniel pulls the fire alarm, alarm subsequently sounds, strobes flashing]

Employee: Oh my god, my fucking god! (to Manager 3) Huh? We've got... can you just (unintelligible) (to customers) Everyone, it's fine. It's just a false alarm. (some customers say "OK")

[Manager 1 can be seen at the fire alarm panel deactivating the alarm, however the strobes are flashing]

Manager 3: Call 911, that guy obviously needs help.

Daniel: They're calling 911 again. They're calling 911 again, and now, now they're joking that that was actually funny. Now the managers are joking that that was funny. The managers are the ones escalating this.


Daniel: They are saying, [fire alarms go off again] "Daniel, we have been advised that you need to run."

Manager 1: Oh my god! Jesus! [shuts off the fire alarm]

Daniel: Nice job TROLLING!! That's pretty funny!! I have proof that you guys were back in the back printing off my nudes off of a website. I have the Federal Bureau of Investigation in contact with me. I have an investigation going on.

Manager 3: I'm still talking to you, bud.

Daniel: I don't have to.

Manager 3: No you don't. No you don't, you're just looking at me.

[scene cuts]

Employee: Daniel's being ridiculous at this point!

[fire alarms go off yet again, Manager 1 shuts it off again]

[cuts again, firefighters are on scene]

Manager 2: Just silenced it, and it just goes back into alarm.

Firefighter: How are we doing?

Daniel: Um, I'm waiting for the police to show up.

Firefighter: OK, what's going on tonight?

Daniel: I will not say until the police show up. I'm filing for a citizen's arrest.

Firefighter: OK. Do you need any medical attention?

Daniel: I don't, I don't.

Firefighter: Nope?

Daniel: No.

[cuts to later]

Officer: What's going on man?

Daniel: Hi, I...

Officer: Daniel?

Daniel: Um, yes I do. I have information, um, that is extremely important with the managers here. I am, my name is Daniel Larson. Um, I'm a upcoming celebrity, I'm dating another singer-songwriter named Grace VanderWaal. I'm in contact with HER management, LBI Entertainment and the CEO of LBI Entertainment, Rick Yorn.

Officer: Mhm.

Daniel: Ok, I am also in contact with Grace's, uh, Grace VanderWaal's, because that's a celebrity I'm dating. I'm in contact with her security and her parents, okay? Now, I have proof from her security, okay... um, which is based out of California, that the managers here were- I have a subreddit called the Daniel Larson Subreddit, and the managers here who actually know me, I've been coming here for months, ok, were leaking my nude photos from one platform to the subreddit, and then I started getting notified from Grace VanderWaal's security, um, we were trying to get a reservation for tonight, and they- the manager here wouldn't let us book the reservation and I was already getting my meal, everything, I was waiting for them to show up, if that makes sense.

[cuts to later, Daniel is now outside and camera is facing him]

Daniel: And uh, we were supposed to have dinner here, um, and I was supposed to meet up with them, and um, then we were trying to book the reservation and then it was clear that the managers were like "Well, you can book a reservation, but we're not gonna get the food."

Officer: Interesting.

Daniel: And then it slowly went downhill...

Officer: Yeah.

Daniel: And then, um, I got word that they leaked my location, the managers leaked my location and then started posting stuff to like, the subreddit. So my location is fully doxxed publicly. Um, give me one second I'm gonna...

[video ends]

The Incident

In the beginning of the live stream, Daniel is seen seated at a table in a Denver, Colorado Olive Garden, where the subsequent incident would take place. Daniel came to the Olive Garden in the hopes of meeting up with his long-time victim of stalking, Grace VanderWaal, her family, Daniel McDougal, and other supposed celebrities. It is important to know that before this, trolls pretending to be Grace VanderWaal and her mother Tina VanderWaal had repeatedly attempted to arrange meetings with Daniel to troll him, this being another one of these attempts.

When inside, Daniel even went as far as to ask for a table for eight, which he surprisingly managed to obtain without any issue. According to a worker who posted to the r/Daniellarson Subreddit, even though Daniel got his tables, the staff was not happy as it caused a loss in revenue for the restaurant.[2]

Even though Daniel was seated, he refused to order any food until Grace, or anyone else, came to meet him. When a waiter came to tend to Daniel, he immediately started to ask if the Olive Garden had steak, showing a complete lack of knowledge of money management at all, which he exhibited in the past. It is also plausible that Daniel expected them to pay, which is highly likely. However, when told he could only have a side order of it, he said to the waiter, "Um… give me a second, let me make a phone call and let me double-check, and we'll go from there", referring to the trolls pretending to be Grace and her family. Every so often, Daniel is approached by workers at the Olive Garden, being politely asked to stop filming, however, Daniel claimed he could not stop because LBI Entertainment did not want him to stop.

The employee then makes Daniel aware that "...they're blowing our phones up", and that the Olive Garden he was staying at had been receiving multiple phone calls, with people on the other line, claiming that Daniel was breaking objects, along with warnings that that Daniel was going to dine and dash, leaving without paying his tab. Daniel was then asked to stop filming again, being told that the restaurant he was staying at was, "...not a public place, but a private place," where filming was not permitted unless permission was given, and additionally stating that they would not allow him to buy any more food unless there was proof of people showing up, as there was none.

Even when told this, Daniel refused to stop filming, following up by saying that the FBI was here and coming to dinner with him, and was coming to sort out the situation. The manager proceeded to leave, presumably after realizing she could not talk any type of sense into Daniel.

The hilariously fake photo Daniel received. It is one of the first search results for "blonde woman arrested," and actually portrays a completely unrelated arrest from 2020 in Queensland, Australia.[3]

Over the course of the live stream, after receiving several texts from trolls, Daniel began to claim that members of his security team, Tina VanderWaal and Rick Yorn, alerted him that the workers there were "compromised" and might put their hands onto him, and more importantly, that the manager of that Olive Garden had leaked his location and was printing out his nude photos that she'd found on a, quote, "troll website." In a fit of hysteria, Daniel then claimed that Grace VanderWaal was in the parking lot of the Olive Garden being arrested, although this was soon found out to a photo that was, in fact, not Grace, but a photo from Google Images, taken years ago, and in Australia.[4][5] It begs the question as to why Daniel never went into the parking lot to see Grace, the girl he apparently loves, in person, but we will never receive an answer to this.

In the heat of the moment, Daniel then confronted an employee about his suspicions, claiming that the FBI was is in the parking lot, and was working with the Olive Garden company to fire the head manager.

The employee encourages Daniel to have the FBI come in, as another employee attempted to convince Daniel that there is no manager committing a cyberattack on Daniel, however the attempt is unsuccessful and Daniel continues to mouth off at the staff inside.

Daniel then proceeds to sit at a table for over a half an hour, waiting for the FBI, while not purchasing any food and holding up a table anyone else waiting could potentially use. Daniel then claims that his management is sending images of the police attacking Grace. He proceeds to run to the lobby of the building, where he confronts multiple employees, to which he is told to calm down, mainly on account of the fact that Daniel was yelling expletives at the staff, and yelling about nude photographs of himself being printed where children were eating with their families.

During the confrontation, Daniel attempts to perform a citizen's arrest on all the staff members, with the intention of holding every single staff member at the Olive Garden there, up until the FBI and/or police arrived. Daniel then singles out an employee, alleging that she was the so-called manager culprit who had been "cyber-attacking" him.

The manager of the Olive Garden once again told him to stop filming, to calm down, and more importantly, threatened to call the police if Daniel did not leave that very moment, which she had to do when Daniel told her to call the police. The manager, while dialing 911, details that there was, "...a man harassing employees at the Olive Garden", and when asked if Daniel had any weapons, Daniel confirms that he does not have any weapons on him. Daniel then tells the employee that she has been fired, and LBI entertainment was going to sue her following this.

Daniel begins harassing the employee about the legitimacy of the police. After loitering in the lobby for a few more minutes, Daniel dashes towards the fire alarm, and pulls it. An employee attempted to stop Daniel, but Daniel was successful in setting off the alarm. In the same Reddit post made by an employee of the Olive Garden, they state that, if anything, everyone was just merely confused as to why the fire alarm went off.

He then returns to the lobby, where multiple people can be seen exiting. He complains that the staff is calling 911 again. The live ends with the Olive Garden employees struggling to disable the alarm as Daniel shouts at them that they are a bunch of trolls for supposedly printing out his nudes. The live stream proceeded to end when the fire department went into the Olive Garden, proceeding to question Daniel as to why he pulled the fire alarm.


Photo taken by Olive Garden employee.[6]

Shortly after the live stream ended, Reddit user u/airniv uploaded an image to r/Daniellarson of Daniel talking to a police officer in a parking lot. Daniel went live again in a stream titled "Daniel Larson filling out a police report at Olive garden" in the stream, a police officer gives Daniel a trespass notice for Olive Garden for a year as well as a criminal charge for pulling the fire alarm. Daniel was given a court date for February 14th, 2024 Jefferson County for this outburst. Due to Daniel’s eventual arrest, he was unable to attend his Jefferson County court date. It was postponed to March 27, and Daniel ended up being very late to the arraignment and missed it. He was arrested again on April 2, 2024 regarding this case. [7]

Olive Garden Employees speaks out

An employee of the Olive Garden posted a photo of him on /r/daniellarson while he was talking with police officers inside. In the comment thread under the photo, the employee revealed that Daniel was able to obtain a table for eight, and that even though he should be, Daniel was not banned from entering that Olive Garden.[8][9]

Old Chicago

The following day, December 11, Daniel was convinced that he was "training for LBI entertainment and the Vanderwaal management team" which included needing to thank customer service workers for their service. Daniel chose to do so at an Old Chicago chain. Eventually Daniel was approached by restaurant staff, including the line cook guy. Daniel was escorted out by police officers after being repeatedly asked by staff to leave. Outside Daniel and the officers discussed the previous night at Olive Garden and how he can try and prevent running into the law in the future, He proceeded to call the cops again due to him spotting a red car. Unlike the videos from Olive Garden, these videos were removed from YouTube. They have been archived below.

Partially archived. Missing interaction with the line cook