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Daniel is very visibly unhygienic, with oily and dead skin all over his face. As a result of his hatred for showers and overall lack of care, Daniel's health has been severely impacted by his hygiene. Such examples include Daniel's trench foot, dental issues, and scabies.

Daniel's hatred of showers

A possible explanation for Daniel’s hatred of showers is because of how they feel. The most common symptom of autism is sensory issues, which makes certain textures or sensations feel uncomfortable or sometimes painful for autistic individuals, but most make an effort to clean themselves. However, he will tolerate his skin feeling sticky as a result of the dirt, sweat, and oil he refuses to rinse off, as well as a smell if he really hasn't for a while. This goes against this explanation of being hypersensitive simply due to the fact that the sensations caused by his hygiene (or lack there of) must be worse if he was that hypersensitive.

While out with Brink and Brink's friends, Daniel was asked if he wanted to try and shower to which Daniel replied "I'm good". Brink and friends told him that it's so that he could get his hair cut, implying that his hair is so "well worn" that they don't dare bring him into a barbershop. Daniel gets visibly uncomfortable during the questioning.

Another reason is simply pure laziness or not being taught the importance of hygiene growing up, as Daniel doesn’t see much of a problem with not cleaning himself for extended periods of times. He fails to see the problems with poor hygiene.


Another thing that has a detriment against his hygiene is his homelessness. Anything to look after yourself can be hard to find/get for someone living in the streets, obviously. But thanks to how Daniel views the importance of hygiene as an afterthought, he doesn’t do his hygiene much of a service, not even doing the bare minimum, not buying/doing anything that could help his hygiene.


To the surprise of nobody, having a terrible hygiene can lead to serious health related issues. For Daniel, his teeth are of noticeably extremely poor condition. On top of that, his hygiene can be blamed for causing his scabies.

First shower

After not having showered since living with Jonas, Daniel was finally convinced to do so by Brink on July 7th, 2022. Along with the shower Brink also helped Daniel purchase some "new" clothes.

On May 23rd, 2023, Daniel was asked on his YouTube community tab when he last bathed, which he revealed he hasn’t showered since 2022.

Shower Stream

On November 17th, Daniel hosted a 55 minute long livestream on his YouTube account where he pretended to take a shower for some reason, most likely for pity or donations. However, it is blatantly obvious that he instead placed his phone camera-down near a tap running at full blast. [1]

From around 42:50, Daniel can be heard talking to a man, who he alleged was Bob. In the minutes after talking to "Bob", he can be heard reading the messages on the chat, many of which were insulting to Daniel.