Daniel Gets Mobbed

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On June 25th, 2022, Daniel uploaded a video where is walking through a crowd of people in which a surprising number of people recognize him. He later uploads a video explaining the situation.


In the video Daniel is pushing his way through a crowd of people, as he walks through he gets recognized by at least five people, takes four selfies while repeating the phrase "oh my" multiple times, claims he's a celebrity, and implies that the mob of people is for him.

Some notable moments include when a man at 1:08 tells Daniel to say "butthole" as he is getting ready to take a selfie with him, to which Daniel gets visibly concerned, and at 1:29 when another man asks Daniel who he is running from, to which Daniel replies with "um, I'm a celebrity" with no hesitation. The man then replies with "I don't think so".

Daniel's Side of the Story

Later that day Daniel uploads a video where he explains the mobbing. He repeatedly tells the viewers that this is his real life and that Andrew, his case manager at the time, does not believe that he needs protection. Daniel somehow links this to his charges of petty theft and destruction of property by saying that this is both the fault of his fame and of Andrew. Daniel also claims he is too popular for the media to ever leave.