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The Classic Arc encompasses Daniel Larson's journey from the inception of his TikTok account, @daniellarsonfans, to his substantial growth and following on the platform. This period spans from around March 2020 to late 2021, ending during the beginning of the Homeless Era. During this period, especially during video's in 2020, Daniel's videos were notably more tame compared to his current content, likely due to his medication, housing, and lack of trolls. It can be argued that during this era, Daniel was significantly less mentally ill compared to his behavior following this.[clarify?]

Arcs that corresponded with the Classic Era were the Fog Arc, Headset Arc, and First Housing Arc.

During this era, significant events would happen which ultimately shaped Daniel's future internet fame. First garnering a following for being making strange posts, eventually his Pinterest account would be found, which he was reported to the FBI due to its contents. Not too long after this, the first ever Dark Age would occur for about 3 months from December 2020 to March 2021. After Daniel's return, he would continue making strange posts, begin floating the idea of being transgender, and eventually be led into auditioning for an adult film live on TikTok, a turning point in Daniel's internet infamy.


The classic profile picture, always used up until Daniel's termination.

The Beginning

While not his first account, the Classic Era would begin with the creation of Daniel's most notable TikTok account, @daniellarsonfans, in March 2020. The first video uploaded to this account was footage of the neighborhood surrounding his then disability housing, fipping the camera to him wearing a mask.[1] Not much else is known about Daniel's other very early videos.

By March 25th, Daniel would be under the effects of a stay-at-home order in Colorado due to the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic, which surely increased his social media use.[2]

One of Daniel's most popular videos was of him wearing a green shirt, saying, "Good night everyone", and thanking his followers for their support.[3] This is considered to be the point in time in which Daniel developed the cult following seen even today. This was due to his unorthodox appearance and strange mannerisms, which would soon push him into the spotlight. Daniel would post a variety of content, such as his disability housing, him singing, and posting about his aspirations to be a singer-songwriter and a celebrity.

Daniel would begin posting increasingly popular videos on his TikTok pages from May 2020 onwards. This month is notable, as it took place during the recent George Floyd protests (or to Daniel, riots), where he'd start voicing his opinions on the matter. He first posted about it on the 28th of May, on Twitter, where he stated that the situation was unfair because, in Daniel's words, "we are all equal."[4] He would also do jumping jacks as a tribute to George Floyd. While specific numbers are hard to guage, the DanielLarsonFans account had close to 30k followers during its peak.

During May, it appears as though Daniel was staying in a disability housing arrangement where he had access to a child. While this child's name is not known, Daniel had taken several videos of this child and posted it to @daniellarsonfans.[5] It should be noted that this would not be Daniel's last time interacting with children at disability housing. Unbeknownst to Daniel's followers, this was probably not a good idea.

Presidential Campaign

Sometime in July, during the 2020 presidential election, Daniel announced that he would be running for President of the United States. While it is unknown when the first video announcing this was made, a post from the 10th of July from his Twitter account can be found regarding this topic.[6] Despite not stating what political party he belonged to or what kind of policies he'd instill, people began to ironically encourage him, calling him "Mr. President" as they played along. In his TikToks from this time, Daniel called for a Coronavirus vaccine to be made by Halloween of that year, exhibiting his presidential powers before even being elected.[7]

He's got my vote.

Beginning in August, Daniel would begin to be contacted by several false management "companies" and record labels, who sought to exploit his desire to be famous. Though, this appears to have begun as early as July, as a post on Reddit claims that during July 2020, the band, Rectus Abdominus, attempted to sign Daniel to a company named Graduate Records after his phone number was leaked. This appears to have been a legitimate record label, evidenced by the fact that it had shut its doors in 2022 after producing multiple songs, such as Heart Shaped Lakes' debut album, Good Grief: A Violent Dream. After their conversation, Daniel was not interested in signing to the label as he claimed it was "not big enough", proceeding to then sign on to Fine Dining Records.

These management companies would initially not have any malicious intent. Presumably, they then discovered that Daniel was a very easy person to manipulate, realizing the potential that Daniel held.

Daniel would continue to accumulate tens of thousands of followers, prompting the creation of r/Daniellarson in October 2020. During the same month, Daniel released his first song, Fake News, on the 31st. While this was not studio recorded, this would set the groundwork for his future musical works.

Management's manipulation would spiral into convincing him to say several degrading and controversial things, most notably a video wherein Daniel apologizes for being in the possession of CP.[8] Most notable were factitious birthday messages Daniel would send out to individuals such as Ted Bundy, "Mike Hunt", and "Gabe itch", even being made to say racial slurs at times. Even more, Daniel was made to strip nude by these record companies, which is evidenced by a now-lost Zoom meeting organized by "Titan.Co", another fake management company.[9][10] In this meeting, Daniel is noted to have exposed himself in front of over 20 minors. While extremely plausible, this is unconfirmed.

Even given these disturbing actions, management would have Daniel do tamer actions, such as placing tape over his phone camera to imitate fog.

During late 2020, Daniel lived in disability housing that was hosted by a woman named "Dawn".[11] While living in this housing arrangement, Daniel was frequently in contact with her two kids, Breanna, and her unnamed brother. Daniel took several photos and videos of them, most notably one where he is seen pushing Breanna onto a bed.[12] During October 23rd, Daniel would make live streams with the two. It should be noted that Daniel demands for these children to refer to him as their brother. This would be a sign of things to come.

Pinterest Leak

On November 17th, 2020, Daniel's Pinterest account was found and leaked. According to now-banned user @diper_911, the account was found through an email associated with his Twitter account.[13] The account had albums filled with images of children, most notably celebrity Grace VanderWaal, who was 16 at the time of it being found. However, it should be noted that the pictures saved to his Pinterest were photos of her from when she was even younger. Additionally, the Pinterest account contained maps of the United States which listed the age of consent for each state, and photos of his various underage celebrity crushes. While archival of information from around this time is sparse, it is said that now-banned TikToker @hottielarson discovered it.

After this, Daniel immediately opted to saying that the Pinterest account hadn't belonged to him, and at one point, pretended that he hadn't even know what Pinterest even was.[14] However, this account dated back far before Daniel ever became popular on TikTok, and well before management stepped into his life.[15] Keep in mind that this was all in between Daniel admitting to owning it, right before going back to saying he was forced into making it.

On November 19th, Daniel's then management, Roach Records, would pull him into a Zoom Meeting with TikToker @diper_911 to confront him about the Pinterest account. Following this, Daniel was pulled into a Zoom meeting where he was questioned by multiple people about his Pinterest account. When asked questions, he claimed to have been hacked at multiple times, made excuses, or brought up things that were entirely unrelated to the situation.

The leaking of his Pinterest account also recontextualized several videos he'd made on TikTok where he'd duet videos of underage girls (which Daniel said he was hacked into making), as well as videos with the children he lived with at the time.[16] In the end, Daniel was found guilty of owning the Pinterest account, even though he adamantly denied it.

After the Zoom meeting concluded, Daniel would delete his Pinterest account on November 20th, at around 2:50 PM CST.[17] On November 21st, which can be ascertained from duets made on his TikTok,[18] Daniel posted his first of many apologies, in which he admitted that he had "...used pictures of girls and masturbate[d] to them."[citation needed]Only a day later, Daniel went into lockdown mode. He not only disabled comments, but he also deleted and/or set his videos to private, especially ones about Grace VanderWaal, as well as setting his liked videos to private.[19] He even went as far as to temporarily deactivate his TikTok account starting from the 24th,[20] coming back to the platform sometime in December.

In December, Daniel would be interviewed by The Delegation Podcast on the 6th regarding his Pinterest account and his general views on things such as duetting videos of children, as well as his relationship with Breanna and the other child he was living with. Daniel claimed that Breanna was his "half-sister", and he had no intention of doing any sexual to her. Additionally, Daniel claims to have been blackmailed by record labels he was a part of to say several incriminating things regarding children, as well as saying that the reason he had photos of children saved to his phone was because of his career as a fashion model. While the former was true for certain videos, the latter was harder to beleive.

After this, the Delegation Podcast would take it upon themselves to report Daniel to the police under the suspicion that he was in the possession of CSEM.

The First Dark Age

Further reading: The Dark Ages

On December the 12th, the afformentioned Delegation Podcast would report Daniel to the FBI in the wake of the allegations against him following the leaking of his Pinterest account. Ironically, on the same day, Daniel would resurface, claiming that there was proof of Roach Records being in charge of the Pinterest account.[21]

The Podcast hosts would create a live stream where they would show off more proof of Daniel's pedophilia, including saved searches from Daniel's Instagram account which contained severely underaged girls. After showing off the evidence, the hosts would begin a phone call, reporting Daniel to the FBI as they were under the assumption that he was in the possession of illegal images of minors.

Afterwards, Daniel claimed to be suing "The Diligent Broadcast" for blackmail and teaming up with Roach Records, purportedly ganging up against Daniel. This video was directed at The Delegation Podcast, though this obviously would never happen.[22] While video's from this time are hard to find, It is noted that Daniel made a post where he informed his followers that his phone calls and messages are being monitored by the Denver police following the call made to the FBI.[23] On the 17th, Daniel would make his final post, claiming himself to be auditioning for America's Got Talent. Despite him telling his audience to, "Please stay tuned", he would not post again after this.[24]

While it is unknown what the circumstances surrounding his disappearence are, it is most likely due to the several calls to FBI that resulted in him losing access to social media, especially given the fact that Daniel lived around children during the time. It was unknown if anything ever came of the FBI report, yet it would not be the last time the FBI heard of Daniel.

This would be the first of many dark ages.

Headset Arc

Main article: Headset Arc

The Return, and war with Flexburger

Daniel's activity over the months would be notably sparse. He would entrust his manager at the time, Flexburger, to post videos of him while he was under investigation. Daniel almost exclusively used a flip phone during this time due to him being disallowed from being online. Flexburger created a TikTok account under the name of @daniellarson_fans, where he'd post videos of Daniel acquired from his flip phone. Most of the videos from his account are from the Green Room, and are notable for mostly being lost.

I sure hope he doesn't!

On February 22, 2021, a YouTube account under the name "Daniel Larson" would be created presumably by Flexburger to share videos of Daniel.[25] The first upload of this channel is called "The allegations are not true. Join Daniel Larson in fighting against these allegations", where Daniel speaks about being under investigation by the FBI due to the "allegations" (most likely alluding to the leaking of his Pinterest account, and that he would be back very soon.

In March of 2021, Daniel would come back to TikTok after nearly three-and-a-half months of inactivity. While the TikToks from after he resurfaced are unavailable, it is claimed that the first TikTok's after coming back were black screens coupled with audio of Daniel talking about how the FBI was watching him, and due to this he was unable to show his face. This is most likely referring to the fact that he was reported to the FBI following the leaking of his Pinterest account. In one of these TikTok's, he is seen saying, "At the end of the day, I am still friends with Roach Records and the Delegation Broadcast. They are great people.. I just feel like they didn't really know the manipulation that was going on between all the companies," which lends to Daniel's belief that he was manipulated into creating the Pinterest account.[26]

Even though he said that he was unable to show his face, Daniel would soon start showing his face once more, and started uploading videos to TikTok as normal. In one of his videos uploaded to YouTube, he said that he had been "cleared" by the FBI, and that he was safe. However, Daniel would soon begin to be managed by an individual known as Flexburger, who operated under the fake management labels Party House Records, and Interscope Records. Flexburger was someone who hadn't at all forgotten about the allegations of pedophilia against Daniel, and wished to expose him once more, so people would finally see him for who he really was.

On Flexburger's now deleted TikTok account, he posted several screenshots and videos of Daniel engaging in pedophilic behaviour, most notably audio wherein he expressed sexual interest in Skye Brown, a child celebrity, and footage from a zoom call where he told the participants that he'd legalize child molestation if he were president.[27] Flexburger also exposed Daniels search history, which contained several Google searches of topics such as children wetting the bed, and “teens fingering.”[28]

Daniel, wearing the namesake of this arc.

After these videos and photos were leaked, Daniel declared "war" on Flexburger whilst wearing a comically large headset. Daniel asked his followers to harass him for hacking his accounts, additionally threatening to call the police on him.[citation needed] Flexburger, now managing Daniel through his own fake record company Partyhouse Records, as well as under the guise of a man named "Josh", who posed as a worker at Interscope, would continue to troll Daniel whilst he was ranting about Flexburger, completely unaware that the person who was managing him was the man who he detested so much.[29]

As this situation subsided, "Josh" managed to convince Daniel that he woud be starting a career in adult films. Daniel fell for this easily, as he'd begin to announce that he would be auditioning for an "adult film" at 7PM MST on TikTok Live, unaware this was in complete violation of these rules. In this live stream, Daniel exposed his genitals to hundreds of people, before he was shortly banned by TikTok moderation.

This would come to be known as the May 6th Incident, the first Incident in Larson history.

Although Daniel had experienced controversy before his disappearance, this would mark a turning point for his internet career. The incident would gain virality, revitalizing interest in Daniel and introducing him to new audiences.

A day later, he would resurface on the account @itsmedaniellarson, asking for all of his past followers to follow his new account. In a TikTok, he would state that the reason behind the live stream from the previous day was due to him being "hacked", and that he was "under attack".[30]

Even so, Daniel would soon be convinced into partaking into another adult film "audition" on May 7th, where he would once again expose his genitals to his followers before being banned by TikTok staff once again.[31] This would become the albeit lesser known May 7th Incident.

On May 10th, Daniel was noted to have posted an image of his penis to his YouTube community tab during the early morning. Of course, this was swiftly taken down, and after being questioned, his reasoning was due to him being "hacked."

Pink room

Sometime after the events mentioned above, Daniel moved to a different home around July to August, during which his content reached new levels of abnormality. This escalation led to Daniel having intense tantrums, resulting in him punching multiple holes in the pink walls and blaming his care providers for allegedly calling him a liar. The manipulation would also increase, with Daniel making peculiar statements related to race and, as fans would discover much later, being coerced into recording NSFW videos for no apparent reason.

Hype House Arc

Daniel would then move to a new home, living with a new caretaker Jonas, his wife, and a housemate named Gavin in a chaotic household where frequent outbursts and conflicts, including Daniel's paranoia and accusations of abuse and racism, led to his eventual departure around December 13th, 2021.

Beginning of Homeless Era

Sometime from late November to December 2021, Daniel fled from his disability housing in pursuit of fame, fortune, and celebrity status. Daniel has stated that his music "career" led him to be homeless,[32] as, apparently, his caretakers were "holding him back".[citation needed]

Daniel Larson was now officially homeless, and thus, what we now know as the Classic Era had indisputably ended.

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