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There are largely two types of trolls in the Daniel Larson community. Successful trolls, and Weens (a term borrowed from the CWC community),

Successful Trolls

Successful trolls of Daniel tend to take a more long-term approach. The build-up to a successful trolling of Dan often takes weeks, if not months, of preparation. The below are examples of trolls who have successfully manipulated Dan long term.


Res2b Is a friend is Murk, other renowned troll, who was known to send fake "pipe bombs" to Daniel Larson's mail. This subsequently followed of which where Daniel filed a restraining order on Res2b, where the two have since yet to communicate in person. However, due to a recent 1v1 wager on the popular game "Rainbow Six Siege", Daniel Larson was forced to de-abolish the restraining order, meaning that Res2b could now send fake pipe bombs again. Shortly after this altercation, the now popularly known pencil incident was brought to light due to Res2b's shenanigans.


Murk is a teenage troll and potential friend of Textkill who trolled and manipulated Daniel by impersonating people like Grace VanderWaal, and is allegedly the holder for the pencil incident video. He was doxxed and gave up trolling around the same time as Jix.


Jix, also known as Jasper, is an underage former troll of Daniel who was doxxed after fighting for control over Daniel. Jasper created the second DLR Discord, which was a discord dedicated to trolling Daniel. The discord went heads-up after mounting criticism for being intensely toxic and excessive, and he was eventually doxxed and quit trolling.


In early 2021, FlexBurger began their operation posing as a manager for Daniel under the name of "Zift". In the beginning, things were good, but things soon escalated as FlexBurger convinced and persuaded Daniel to comply with many crazy requests, including posing nude during the May 6th incident. Through working with Daniel, however, FlexBurger discovered that he was harboring a dark secret: his attraction to underage girls. FlexBurger shifted their focus to exposing Daniel, posing as an underage child and soliciting lewd messages and pornographic images. In May 2021, FlexBurger uploaded a video (see attached) that exposed Daniel as the sick pedo that he is, showing his search history and camera roll.

Daniel was not happy about this development, and told his care providers to call the police as a result of him being "hacked". Daniel later responded by putting his community on lockdown, denouncing FlexBurger and saying everything was faked, and eventually declaring war on all Hackers. Eventually, FlexBurger ceased all operations as a result of being "exposed" by the Soundcloud Rapper. Occult.14 At the time, FlexBurger was largely denounced by the Larsonian community, but has seen more positive reception as of late due to him being one of the first people to expose Daniel's truly insidious nature.

FlexBurger's Magnus Opus can be found here


Ox (also known as Oxis or Ivan) is a troll and former manager of Daniel who managed to get the ire of the entire Daniel Larson community for the nuclear attack prank, raiding r/Daniellarson, doxxing children, exploiting Daniel for money, and attempting to monopolize Daniel.



TikTok user and Phi Kappa Tau member TwentyTwoDope (also known as Nathan) is a troll who may or may not be responsible for convincing Daniel that he was enrolled at CU Boulder, and certainly responsible for keeping Daniel on campus. On September 12th, 2023, videos were first posted to both Nathan and Daniel's TikTok accounts, as well as Daniel's YouTube channel, showing some of their activities.


Weening or failtrolling is the act of attempting to troll someone, but ultimately failing at it the whole way through, and not receiving any significant results, typically due to inexperience or just plain stupidity. Many Weens have popped up in Daniel's online experience, to the effect of doing almost nothing. Weens tend to act more on impulse. While a ween might be able to get Daniel to do something, or troll him, for a moment - they're ultimately short lived, misguided, and often very unfunny.

Dan is manipulated by "Grace Vanderwaal" who later goes on to be one of the important members of the "DLR" discord (Chuck).

DLR Discord

Created in the aftermath of the original DLR Discord ran by Jix, a new discord was created. The new DLR Discord immediately began trying to troll Daniel by having one of their insiders pretend to be Grace VanderWaal, and coercing Daniel to send nude videos of himself. This proved unsuccessful, and as of late, no nude video has surfaced.

The DLR discord spent the next day attempting to get Daniel into the server, reaching out to him via his old Discord, email, stream; Daniel ignored all efforts. Ultimately, they never get Daniel into the Discord, and began claiming that getting Daniel to join the server was never the purpose of the server in the first place. They deleted their Discord page and began a collaborative process of finding Daniel's location wherever he went.

Throughout the entire existence of this Discord, the chat was characterized by intense toxicity. People poked fun at the owners of the Discord, maligning their attempts to get Daniel to join, purportedly leading to their pivot to claiming that they never wanted Daniel to join. The Discord started as a no-ban server (outside of spreading doxes, which was common at this time). However, with the DLR server owners facing more criticism, they began banning more and more people, finishing with a blanket ban of anyone in the Daniel Larson Live (Ox's) discord.

The Dan-tracking lasted for several (allegedly one or two) nights where the server members attempted to call every business Daniel visited to make employees aware of Daniel's activities and attempt to get him kicked out. The server members were successful in the endeavor, causing Daniel to become frustrated as he was unable to stay at any one place for an extended period of time. Daniel's tracking ended once Daniel began hanging out at Downtown Disney, the shopping district located in Anaheim, California.

Dan is unable to give the video to the trolls as he claims it's too large. The trolls give him various phone numbers and emails to attempt to get a hold of it. It is unknown if they did.

By coincidence, one of the moderators of the DLR Discord happened to have two friends who were at Disney on January 17th, 2023. The friends were contacted by the DLR Discord, resulting in the moderators obtaining photos of the pair with Larson which were taken earlier in the day. The DLR Discord claimed responsibility for a Disneyland ticket purchased for Daniel on that day. Purportedly, the two friends were not intending to troll Dan. Rather, they are claimed to have had pity for him and bought Daniel the tickets themselves. It was only later that the DLR Discord attempted to frame the purchase as a trolling attempt. It should also be noted that the two individuals were not aware of the climate in the Daniel Larson community. The image was shared without a full understanding of what might result from claiming to have participated in a public trolling of Daniel (at that point, doxing, trolling, and other forms of harassment); the picture was likely shared in without the two having full knowledge of the situation.

Screenshot of DLR Discord moderators sharing a photo they obtained of from one of their friends who had met Dan earlier that day.

The subreddit's reaction to the two buying Daniel a ticket to Disney was overwhelmingly negative. Accusations were levied of enabling Daniel's pedophilia through access to a large child population, as well as generally excusing Daniel's well-known pedophilloic tendencies and endangering the public health; at this time, Daniel was still an active carrier of scabies. The Reddit community quickly turned against the DLR Discord. The next day, multiple admins of the Discord - specifically, "President Zelensky" (seen in above picture) were doxed. Reports indicate that the leaders of the Discord were unprepared for mass-doxxing and immediately began to panic. "Threats of mother calling are flung" [unknown what this statement references] and by 4:00 PM CST, the DLR discord was gone, a victim to the cycle of trolling and doxing in the DLR community.


(Left community after being doxed less than 48 hours after appearing, friend of jix)


Combotter was an underage troll of Daniel Larson and was one of Daniel's earliest trolls between 2020-2021. Many of his acts included making Daniel commit suicide as well as making him get naked and record himself. He was considered to be a de-facto manager, and had tried to maintain his presence within the community through the creation of alternative accounts under new aliases. During his time as a troll, he had attempted to expose Daniel for his Pedophilia through numerous reddit posts. Since then, he has been doxxed and ceased all his activity on the internet, including deletion of numerous accounts.