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Anti Chloe
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A photo of Chloe.
Name: Chloe Miller
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Time Active: Early 2021
Alignment: Content Creator
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Gender: Female
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Chloe Miller, better known as Anti_Chloe, is a TikToker with over 100k followers.[1] She is most notable for being a victim of a targeted attack led by Daniel Larson and his managers back in 2021. The attack was due to Chloe, "...talking smack." However, there is no evidence of this.

Although being a relatively forgotten figure in the Daniel Larson community, she is the reason behind one of the infamous videos of Daniel saying the n-word. Daniel has also gone on record to dox Chloe, reading out her entire home address on live at one point. Daniel told several people to join her livestreams and spam 'we want peace' in the chat, which caused her doxxing, and ultimately resulted in her withdrawing from the situation for her own safety.

Chloe has made it very clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with Daniel, especially after her doxxing.

Interactions with Daniel

Information on Anti_Chloe is scarce due to a lack of archiving and preservation of content. Despite this, this article will use what little evidence there is in order to piece together the situation.

In early 2021, Chloe had no idea who Daniel was. She only became aware of him due to the comments on her posts, namely one from @daniellarsonmuisc, who had claimed that her and Daniel were dating. At around this same time, Daniel began posting videos about her, namely one claiming that he was going to impregnate her.[2] After seeing some unusual videos on @daniellarsonmuisc, she learned about the account's claims that she was harassing Daniel and exploiting him for money through Cash App. Prior to this, Chloe claimed that she had never heard of Daniel Larson before.[3] This motivated Chloe to look into Daniel in an attempt to help him.[4]

Chloe reached out to Daniel in a TikTok live, offering to help him. However, Daniel's management at the time, presumably Jared, turned it down. They told Daniel that Chloe had malevolent intent. They even accused her of, "..talking smack." Chloe frequently took Daniel into TikTok lives, giving him genuine advice about his situation, and telling him that his delusions were just that. She also revealed to him that most of his 'managers' were just trolls. This is presumed to be the comment that angered Daniel's managers, thus causing them to mislead Daniel into hating Chloe.

Although most of these livestreams are lost to time, what can be inferred from posts on the subreddit is that Daniel would only reply to her advice with, "mhm." obviously not taking anything she said to heart.[5][6][7][8]

In one livestream, Chloe became aware of the pedophillic accusations against Daniel. She did not take these accusations seriously. However, one should take these clips with a grain of salt, as the full livestreams have yet to be found and are presumably lost.[9]

It is believed that Chloe had one of her friends pretend to be Grace Vanderwaal in her livestreams with Daniel. According to Chloe, she was not aware of the extent of his delusions, it was meant to be a joke.[10] Chloe expands upon this in two comments made on the subreddit on an account she then abandoned.

Then inexplicably after this, Daniel started saying he was being attacked by her, saying he’s dating her, claiming that she’s the reason he was sent to the hospital, saying he wants to sleep with her, calling her the N-word, that Anti_Chloe was pretending to be Grace VanderWaal, to making videos of himself screaming and telling his fans to go spam her. Presumably, this was all under his manager's influence, although to this day it still remains unclear.[13][14][15][16][17][18]

Messages with u/ThatGuy8754

On December 13, 2021, a member of the Daniel Larson subreddit conducted an interview with Chloe regarding the current situation with Daniel. Chloe's account of things was similar to other claims from redditors.[3]

Chloe recounting what had happened between her and Daniel.

appreciate [sic] it, if u [sic] can get it to stop thats [sic] great, the story isnt [sic] that excited [sic] being i didnt [sic] know who he was, there was a kid in my live trolling me saying me and daniel larson [sic] were dating 2-3 months ago. that [sic] was the first time i [sic] heard daniels [sic] name bc [sic] he kept repeating it, 3 weeks ago i start [sic] getting larsond comments and i [sic] had no clue what it ment, then people start tagging me in a fake daniel [sic] page i [sic] believe be it was just a black screen [with] text (probably the kid made) writing stuff bout [sic] me and daniel larson, and it kinda blew up the page like 15k from 0 in a week.. i [sic] got it taken down and then a day later im [sic] getting sent the video of actually daniel larson [sic] saying these things and im [sic] in shock be[cause] i [sic] have never talked to him or about him, i [sic] just found out bout [sic] him recently. but i [sic] was with my friend when he posted the video and u [sic] could hear the phone ringing and i [sic] have proof of that [because] he called and texted me [']wya['] while i [sic] was driving to his place and i [sic] showed him the video and he said [']wtf['] so basically i [sic] did nothing i [sic] think someone is acting like me that is messaging or calling, [perhaps it was] the person that said we were dating a couple months ago be idk [sic] how id [sic] get dragged into this. but im [sic] done talking about this be[cause] its [sic] stressing me out when i [sic] did nothing. just [sic] wanted to share to u [sic] just in case you could help[.][19]


Following this, Daniel went on TikTok live, during which he read out Chloe's home address, which ultimately resulted in her being doxxed and having multiple TikTok accounts created with her address as their usernames.

On January 20, 2022, Chloe posted a video calling out fans of Daniel while crying.[20]

After the dox, Chloe completely withdrew from the situation, and as of 2023, she has not discussed Daniel.