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For the trolls who claim to be Daniel's business managers, see Management.

A case manager is an occupation that coordinates services on behalf of an individual in different settings such as health care, nursing, rehabilitation, social work, disability insurance, employment, and law.

Not to be confused with the trolls who pretend to manage Daniels music career and his other affairs, Daniel Larson has had many case managers throughout the years. He has hired and fired them due to minor inconveniences, and despite being constantly disrespectful to them, has alleged abuse at the hands of his case managers, most notably Jonas.

Because of this alleged “abuse”, Daniel has effectively stopped working with case managers, instead opting to live on the streets.

List of case managers

Name Hired Fired Notes
Reva Unknown April 2023 or earlier Took away his phone for 6 months
Ian Unknown Unknown Replaced with Reva, and hated by Daniel
Kelly Unknown Unknown
Jodie Unknown Mid 2022
Andrew Unknown July 2022 One of the most notorious case managers, a common scapegoat for Daniel Larson.
Jonas Unknown Late 2021 or Early 2022 Daniel often accused Jonas of hitting him or abusing him in other ways