May 17th Incident

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On May 17, 2023, Daniel Larson had an autistic meltdown as a result of several upsetting factors. This page aims to provide an accurate view of what happened and why it happened.

The Incident

Daniel Larson, after saving up an estimated $200, bought a bus ticket to Orlando. His plan was to generate income at Disney, then head back to Denver and make a new studio album. However, Daniel missed the bus, all while recording a video of himself running.

Daniel running to try and catch the bus

This set off a chain reaction, causing an autistic meltdown. Daniel started by destroying the pair of headphones he was wearing, stomping on them and then throwing them into the Hudson River.

Headphones into the Hudson!

After this, he recorded a flurry of now deleted videos on @daniellarsonnyc13, complaining, yelling, and expressing his newfound desires to find a gun. After the incident, he continued (and STILL continues as of the next day, other than a 2 hour break to sleep) freaking out on both his TikTok and YouTube, begging for donations, posting tens of crying emojis, and even blaming Michael Quinn and Worldoftshirts.


The factor that truly set this off was that Daniel missed his bus. However, there are other factors that are partially responsible for such an explosive reaction.

Mental health

Daniel is both autistic and bipolar. One common symptom of autism is a poor processing of emotions[1], and this may have caused the meltdown, while the bipolar likely only worsened what happened.

Sleep deprivation

Daniel Larson has a terrible sleep schedule as a homeless person. Considering the fact he currently sleeps in either subway stations or on benches. Such evidence for this can be found scattered all over Daniel's social media, including of the NIGHT OF THE INCIDENT showing he only slept for 2 hours. A symptom of lack of sleep is explosiveness and meltdowns[2], so the lack of sleep most likely contributed to the meltdown.


The missing of this bus signified a delay of what he believed would get him income and fame. Daniel has described that he plans to generate income at Disney, which the bus would've helped him get to. Though it is unclear how he plans to do so, this is a delay for a resource he desperately wants. Daniel believes he is and wants to be a famous singer, and his plan was to record a new studio album once he reaches Denver. Though it has appeared in the past that Bob cut ties with Daniel, Daniel posted on the 17th that Bob would finance at least another two songs if Daniel could get a record deal. With the bus delaying both of his plans, this probably contributed to the worsening and start of the meltdown.