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Daniel Larson has a history of political activism that spans several years, during which he has expressed a range of opinions on various issues. While some of these opinions are conflicting or not well-thought-out, they nevertheless reflect Larson's engagement with political issues and his efforts to voice his views.


Be a lem.jpg

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a loosely organized political and social activism campaign that sought to combat racial inequality in the United States. The campaign has existed since 2013 but gained popularity after the killing of George Floyd in 2020. It is notably the main organizer behind the George Floyd protests.[1] The movement is controversial with right-leaning and non-violent speakers due to it being the face of many destructive riots spurred by the murder of George Floyd and other victims of primarily police brutality.

Support of BLM

Daniel, almost directly after knowledge of the George Floyd incident hit the public, made a video of him doing Jumping Jacks,[2] declaring:

"This is for George Floyd. Rest in peace. Black lives matter."

He would make another video soon after during the Fog era, sending an ominous message stating:

"Rest in peace, George Floyd. The police should be terminated"

It should be noted Daniel is in most cases anti- police due to his several negative interactions with them.


Daniel, despite declaring his approval for this leftist organization meant to combat racism, is a prominent racist himself who has made not only derogatory comments about multiple racial groups but of George Floyd himself, naming one of his cryptic codes after Floyd.[3] It is unclear what lead to a pivot in Daniel’s opinions on Floyd.

Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

Daniel is a constant target of trolling and harassment for a multitude of reasons, such as his pedophilia, his insane and violent actions, and his mental illness which prevents him from responding rationally to trolling. He has stated multiple times that trolls and reddit moderators need to be doxxed and that the r/Daniellarson Subreddit needs to be shut down due to them bullying him, although he has stated that the Daniel Larson Wiki should stay up. He does like certain Daniel subreddits more, such as R/daniellarsonfans and the Discord server Daniel Larson World.

He has stated that he is in support of making trolling and cyberbullying illegal.

Presidential Campaign

Presidential campaign poster

Daniel announced on July 14th, 2020 during the 2020 presidential elections that he would be running for president of the United States.

He has never expressed what party he belongs to or what kind of policies he would instill as president. However, there are some known opinions he has.

His policies are:

His general ideals and political beliefs are:

  • He is in opposition of the Russian government
  • He is both racist and anti-racist in a virtue-signaling kind of way
  • He is a skew leftist, although he has some conservative views
  • He is vaguely libertarian, except in speech
  • He has stated he is against Donald Trump and aligns himself with Kamila Harris and Joe Biden, though this is HIGHLY debatable due to him voicing support for Trump repeatedly in 2023. He seems to change opinions on it frequently, mostly due to whatever ween manipulated in his ill mind.

Various Political Statements

Photo of Brittney

Brittney Griner Deal

On February 17, 2022, Brittney Griner was detained at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia after smuggling 0.5 grams of hash oil into the country, her alleging that it was an accident.

After a short amount of trialing, Griner plead guilty and was given 7 years of imprisonment and a fine of 1 million rubles (~$16,000 USD), even though the sentencing for less than two grams was supposed to be punished by 15 days imprisonment.

Viktor Bout, nicknamed the Merchant of Death, is a notorious Russian arms dealer who supplied multiple militant and terrorist groups, was controversially traded for Griner in a deal with the US government. Viktor would later be released, and so was Griner.[4]

In early December of 2022, Daniel made a video about the deal, him knowing so little about it he thought that Griner was traded for weapons rather than a weapons dealer.[5] He was opposed to the deal, him commenting:

"I think the arms deal with Russia, in exchange for Brittney Griner, was a dangerous move. I wanna know what 'arms' we're talking about, what weapons we're talking about here, because we are ready."


Ukrainian War

The war in Ukraine is an ongoing war occurring between Russia and Ukraine that started in early 2022 and had a long and complex history behind it that Daniel does not understand.

Daniel has voiced support for Ukraine and has voiced opposition to Russia in various, usually naïve ways. He has stated that we need to destroy Russia, charge Russia with murder (if he's referring to the entire Russian population, the Russian government, or Putin himself is unclear), and that Putin should be arrested.

Daniel has also stated interest in going to Ukraine, but these are definitely troll-influenced empty promises.

Age of Consent Laws

Daniel, being a pedophile, has stated that he is in favor of lowering age of consent laws in the United States. He has also stated that CP should be legal with permission of the parent. It is possible that a troll influenced him to say this, though there is no confirmation of this.

Vague mentions

There are many small, possibly troll-influenced things Daniel says in his many, many videos on the internet.

An example of this could be the Larson quote "Free R Kelly". This statement refers to R Kelly, a popular R&B singer, who was arrested and charged with human trafficking, racketeering, statutory rape, and enticement.[6] This was probably influenced by trolls.