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Las Vegas, Nevada, is a city that has multiple ties to Daniel Larson. Daniel left Palmdale, California, on February 13, 2023 on a bus to Las Vegas, Nevada. His reasoning for going to Las Vegas was to gain, "...more popularity," and hoped to win enough money to rent a $3,000 dollar apartment in Beverly Hills, California. Many fans speculated that he would get arrested due to the police in Las Vegas being more strict than in California due to the city's notoriously high crime rate.

February 14

As soon as Daniel arrived in Las Vegas he met a group of people whom he claimed to be his new friends. He posted a multitude of videos of him and his new friends messing around and doing various activities with each other.

On Valentine's Day, 2023, Daniel approached a drunken couple. When the female accidentally dropped her coin purse, resulting in coins spilling out on the ground, Daniel helped pick up the coins and handed the purse back to the young woman. He then attempted to convince the inebriated couple to pay for a room for him to stay the night in. This did not succeed. He eventually, "...lost them," and made multiple videos asking them to meet him in multiple places. It is assumed that they abandoned him.

February 15

On February 15, 2023, at approximately 2:00 AM, Daniel was found in The New York-New York casino bathroom by two security guards. They aggressively began trying to get Daniel off of the toilet in order to remove him from the property. Daniel responded by screaming and told the security guards that they weren't going to do anything as the guards continued to yell at him to leave. Eventually, the guards managed to open the stall door. This prompted Daniel to seemingly lunge at the guard at the stall door. The guard told him that he needed to calm down and asked if he was acting stupid. Daniel fought with the guards the entire way out, repeating that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Daniel was left extremely distraught by the incident. He posted many videos of himself visibly distraught along and hitting himself. At one point, a park guard asks what was going on, causing Daniel to explain that the hotel staff had, "...sexually tried to harass me." The park guard explains to Daniel that the area was closed and that he must leave. Daniel does not, however, and continues to ramble nearly incomprehensibly to the man.[1] Later in the day at another casino, Daniel was reported to have trespassed, which escalated into him being banned. The security guard explained that Daniel was caught sleeping three times, which Daniel denied. At this point, Daniel came very close to being arrested, but eventually he gave up and left on his own terms, stating that the security guards were, "...lying about everything."

After this, A group of people on the Daniel Larson World Discord server found Daniel's location using his TikTok videos. A member named "Stoney" confronts Daniel and tells him "not to talk to the kids" nearby, Stoney and others then confront the security about Daniel's pedophilia resulting in Daniel getting kicked out of the establishment. Stoney later claimed security told him Daniel is banned from all MGM properties and will be arrested on sight if seen at one again.

Gone Missing

Following a very eventful February 15 morning, Daniel posted a TikTok around 6:00 PM (TikTok epoch: 1676515770) stating that if he was able to get a motel room that night, he would do a two-hour livestream.[2] However, that livestream never ended up happening, and it became the last post Daniel made before going missing for a little while.

Potential Sightings

While Daniel was missing, there were some claims of sightings and interactions with varying degrees of validity.


TikTok user "trudyparker1" uploaded a video of someone they claim is Daniel Larson, and much of the community seems to agree. The description of the video says: "Daniel larson 12:24 PM PST Feb 16 2023 Vegas outlets". Trudyparker1 is very adamant that he saw Daniel's face, thus confirming it was him.


On February 22, 2023, a Reddit user named "Ill_Editor1804" made a post claiming to have witnessed Daniel being kicked off a bus for refusing to pay the fare.[3] The user uploaded a video that they captured shortly after the interaction. The man in the video is wearing the same clothing that Daniel was last seen in, which adds to the credibility of the sighting. Notably, he also appears to be bald and is seen with Daniel's comically large nose. It is very widely believed that this was, in fact, Daniel.

Still from Ill_Editor1804's video

The user made an update to the post, claiming that this sighting had occurred on Sahara Ave. after the westbound freeway entrance (coordinates appear to be: 36.14426, -115.1823), and that Daniel had a phone in his hand, which was either dead or broken. The user also mentioned that Daniel sounded very upset and frantic, "almost like something did happen".

The Return

On February 23, 2023, at approximately 4:30 PM PST, Daniel returned to TikTok on a new account named "DanielLarsonLV." He uploaded a series of videos explaining his absence, claiming it was due to an attack by two "fans." According to Daniel, these two fans approached him at a casino, offered to buy him food, which they did. While walking with Daniel, offering to buy him a hotel room, one of the fans struck him from behind, then pushed him to the ground. The two then ran off with Daniel's phone. The altercation resulted in Daniel receiving a fractured skull, which would take three-to-six months to heal. This diagnosis occurred during a hospital visit, which seems to verify claims of people seeing Daniel getting into an ambulance. Following this, Daniel contacted the authorities and pressed charges against the two, stating that one seemed more complicit than the other.

In addition to his return, Daniel claimed that he was receiving $380 in food stamps per month and had secured housing through a company called Sober Homes. Both of these services are based in Nevada, indicating that Daniel had no plans to return to LA at the time. Despite this, Daniel later continued the Travel Arc and never returned to Nevada as of October 2023.

The Identity of the attackers is unknown, Daniel described one of them as a long-haired African American male with dreads, and a small Hispanic male who was the person whom he believed had taken his phone. There are currently accusations on the /r/daniellarson subreddit pointing out various members involved in the community. However, no claim has been validated.

Suspects of the February 23, 2023 Attack



Daniel claimed that Grace VanderWaal's ex was responsible for attacking him. He further alleged that an African-American male with long dreads attacked him. Members of the community named him Tyrone after Daniel Larson called him this on his social media.

Past Management / Fans

Some members of the fan base believe that this attack was planned by either Daniel Larson's old 'management' or by disgruntled fans. Most speculate and agree with the latter.

Homeless Again

On February 27, 2023, at 11:14 PST, Daniel posted a video to his TikTok account saying that Sober Homes (or as he pronounces it, Sober Homies) had kicked him out of their service, due to Daniel not having enough money to pay for his rent. Earlier in the day, Daniel had stated that he would be homeless for another few months. This resulted in the February 27 situation, during which Daniel uploaded over 50 videos in one day (see Timeline for more information).

Later that same day, Daniel dine and dashed at a Dave and Buster's. Daniel made a few TikToks talking about his bank account while sitting at a booth inside the Dave & Busters, before making another one asking for a $30 donation to pay his bill. Around an hour later, he posted a video of him walking outside of a building, explaining that there was an issue with his credit card, and that he was banned from the shopping center that the Dave & Busters is located at. A bit after that video, he posted another video in which he claims that the February 23 attack happened on Fremont Street.

On February 28, Daniel privated his TikTok account after his phone number had been leaked. The leak may be related to him giving his phone number to somebody pretending to be Grace VanderWaal. Later that night, Daniel was encouraged to go live, which he did. He spent the entire livestream asking for Grace or Dave to join. Since his account was private however, it was hard for some fans to watch it if they had not been following him already. The livestream ended swiftly, and mostly uneventfully.

The Firework Threat

The situation started while Daniel was inside a restaurant, uploading videos. Around this time, Daniel posted a video in which he said, "Where is the nearest firework shop?" and then, "I have an idea," while smiling at the camera. Some fans were alarmed by this, for example "@_may_tricks_" on tiktok commented, "...what are you planning, Daniel?"

The situation escalated ten minutes later, when Daniel uploaded another video. He had left the restaurant and was walking outside. In this first alarming video, Daniel said, "Ok folks, get ready, for the biggest incident of all of Daniel Larson history so far, let's do this." A few videos later, Daniel posted the most concerning one, in which he claimed he was going to go into a casino with a firework then, "...I can see how real firing works," before laughing at the camera. Both videos are shown below.

Daniel also went live shorty after posting the videos. The videos resulted in the TikTok account 'daniellarsonlv' to be banned The ban can be seen while he is live in the video below (provided by u/NoBoss6864).

The Aftermath

Shortly after 'daniellarsonlv' was banned, Daniel created a new account on tiktok called 'lovedaniellarsonforever.'

After making this account, Daniel uploaded three videos, but the next posts he made after that would only be on his YouTube. On Daniel's channel 'danielarson2023' he uploaded a video using the YouTube Shorts feature in which he said that the 'lovedaniellarsonforever' account had been banned. Strangely, the TikTok account was still up, as well as the three videos that were on it. Many people in the comments pointed this out, but Daniel never responded to any of them.

Then, after that, Daniel made a new TikTok account 'daniellarsonnyc.' In the first of many videos of this account, a red wall with holes can be seen behind Daniel. Daniel discusses a wide variety of topics in the beginning of this account, such as a possible collaboration with Snoop Dog, a guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's show, and requests for his fans to spread this new account to the subreddit and the Daniel Larson Wiki. Daniel made several other videos at this location, one in which he said that his livestream for that night was 'cancelled' because he did not have enough followers.

The next day, March 2, fans in the subreddit noticed that Daniel had not uploaded anything new that day. They made theories, such as Daniel getting on a bus back to Denver to find Bob. Their questions were answered when multiple redditors (this person and this person seem to be the first) say that they spoke with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and casino security, confirming that Daniel had been arrested for trespassing at a Casino.

There was an immediate reaction in the subreddit, with some members saying that he would get hurt in prison, others glad he was arrested, and some asking for security camera footage of the arrest. Most people seemed to agree that he would probably get out soon, as it was only a misdemeanor. Some fans wanted to keep him in prison, and decided to send the video of the firework threat to the police department to possibly get Daniel in more trouble.

Mental Hospital

Between March 2 and 14, 2023, Daniel did not post to any of his social media accounts and claimed to have been in a mental hospital in Las Vegas. Daniel claimed that one of the psychiatric doctors didn't want to release Daniel due to his online presence, and that, "....they said that it was ugly." Daniel claimed that he had been put there due to another attack at The STRAT Hotel, which resulted in him being banned for life.

End of the Arc

On March 17, Daniel posted a video in which he stated, "Okay, my bus ticket is now booked from Las Vegas to Phoenix," Later, Daniel uploaded 11 videos of himself on the Las Vegas monorail. He also uploaded a screenshot of Phoenix Arizona on Google Images, and a picture he took of himself with a sausage in his mouth. Around six hours later, he uploaded another video saying, "On my way to Phoenix, baby." He documented his five hour journey through several videos in which he is on a bus. In these videos, he recorded himself or the landscape as the bus passed it by.

Eventually, he made it to Phoenix. He made several videos thanking people for Cash App donations, as well as mentioning he was not taking his Latuda medication because it was, "...making my speech slurred and it was making me more confused to where I couldn't think."