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Nancy Shimer as seen in the Tennyson Center Video, 2012

Nancy Shimer (née Kiswiney, April 2, 1947 – July 24, 2019) was Daniel’s (adoptive) maternal grandmother and legal guardian.

Born in Michigan to parents Saleen Kiswiney and Rameses Kallie (Kiswiney), she married Daniel William Shimer (1943–2015) on November 28, 1970.[1] They had two biological daughters, Sarah and Rachel, and one adoptive daughter, Elizabeth Shimer, who is Daniel Larson's mother. The couple divorced on September 1, 2005.[2]

According to the Tennyson Center Video, Nancy moved from her home in California to Colorado to accompany Daniel during his stay at said Center and to take guardianship of him to prevent him from being moved into a foster home.[3] Daniel was later confirmed to have been living with his grandmother outside the center for an unknown period of time during his youth.

Nancy passed away in Oakland, California, on July 24, 2019,[4] at 77 years of age, of cancer.[5]

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